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Unit 1 Will people have robots?

一 一般将来时态 构成: will / be going to +动词原形

1.用be going to do表示将来:一是表示“意图”,即打算在最近的将来或将来进行某事。

Are you going to post that letter?

另一意义是表示“预见”,即现在已有迹象表明将要发生或即将发生某种情况。 It’s going to rain.

2、用will/ shall do表示将来:You will feel better after taking this medicine

She won’t come to have class tomorrow.

总结一般将来时的结构为: 1、助动词will+动词原形 ,2、变一般疑问句,直接把will提到句首。


1.People will live to be 200 years old.(改为否定句)

2.They will study at home on computers this Saturday.(改为一般疑问句)

二、There be结构表示: (某处有某物或某人)

1. there be 结构中的be是可以运用各种时态的。

There is going to be a meeting tonight. There was a knock at the door. There will be rainy soon.

2. 动词be单复数形式要跟there be之后的真正的主语一致。并且要根据就近一致原则来变换be的单复


如There is a book on the desk. 课桌上有一本书。

There is a pen and two books on the desk. (课桌上有一个钢笔和两本书)。

There are two books and a pen on the desk. (课桌上有两本书和一个钢笔)。

3、there be 将来时结构 There will be more people in the future.

三、more ,less,fewer用法

many/much 许多 比较级more ,后跟可数名词复数,或者不可数名词

little 几乎没有,比较级,less, 后跟不可数名词 few 几乎没有,比较级fewer 后跟可数名词。


1. —Will people live to be 300 years old? —_________.

A. No, they aren't B. No, they won't C. No, they don't D. No, they can't

2. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year.

A. fewer B. much C. less D. many

Ⅱ. 句子转换1.I think there will be robots in their homes. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

2.Kids will go to school in 100 years. (改为否定句)

Choose the right answer.

1.I _____ rockets to the moon when I grow up. A. will put B. will fly C. will take

2.If there are ________ trees, the air in our city will be ________ cleaner.

A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much

3.I predict he will be an engineer ________ ten years because he is so interested in making things.

A. in B. after C. later

4.There were many famous predictions that never ________A. come true B. came real C. came true

5.“The work of Picasso will never be ________ anything, ”someone said.

A. cost B. worth C. spend

四、学习巩固。Choose the right answers. 单项选择填空。

1.The next time you see Nikos, he ______ sixteen years old. A. will be B. is C.will

3.In ten years, John ________ an astronaut. A. is B. will be C. was D. will

4.How many people ________ there fifty years ago. A. will B. were C. are D. will be

5.There is ________ meat but ________ cakes on the plate. Please have one.

A. a little; a few B. a few; a little C. few; little D. little; a few


1.There won’t be any ______ ______ (钞票). Everybody will have a ______ ______ (信用卡).

2.The students hope teachers will give them ________ (少) homework than last term.

3.That house is very expensive, but I think it’s ________ (值)the money.

4.Mr Brown came to China last year and he soon ____ _____ _____ _____ (喜欢上)this great country.

5.We have successfully sent many ________ (火箭)into space.

短语1. science fiction movie 科幻电影 2. in the future将来 3. help with帮助 4. hundreds of成百上千5. the same as 与。。。相似 6.look like 看上午像 7. wake up 醒来

8.over and over 反复9. look for 寻找

四、练习 Exercise:

1. Are you ____ your winter holiday next week?A. going to have B. will have C. had D. have

2. Do you often ______ from your parents? A. heard B. hears C. to hear D. hear

3. _____ Lucy _________ her homework in her room now?

A. Is, doing B. Does, do C. Do, do D. Did, do

4. She dances better than Mary _______.A. is B. has C. does D. dance

5. Mary usually _______ up at five o’clock. A. will get B. got C. get D. gets 6 There will____a football game in our school next week A have B be C

7. A bird can ______ but I can’t. A. flies B. flying C. flew D. fly

8. They _______ to see me yesterday evening.

A. will come B. comes C. are coming D. came

9. We’re moving to a different town ___________.

A. the day before yesterday B. last Sunday C. the day after tomorrow

10. Look! The monkeys _________ the tree. A. climb B. are climbing C. is climbing

11. When _____ you ______ to Australia? Next Monday.

A. did, fly B. will, fly C. are, fly D. do, fly

12. Which team ________ the next football match? A. wins B. won C. will win doing

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