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Starter Unit 2 What's this in English Period 1

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Starter Unit 2 What’s this in English?

The First Period (1a-2e)

I Teaching Aims:

1. Knowledge Objects

(1) Function: Identify things; Spell words.

(2) Key vocabulary: what, is, this, English, it, a/an, map, orange, that, jacket, key, cup, ruler, pen, quilt.

(3) Target language:

① What’s this in English?

② It’s an orange.

③ It’s a jacket.

(4) Structure: Letters I-R; Pronunciation of letters A, E, I, O; What questions

2. Ability Objects:

① Teach the method and tips of spelling words

② Develop the ability to have a conversation of asking how to express something in English

3. Moral Objects:

Develop students’ interest in learning English

II. Teaching Key Points

1. Vocabulary and expressions

2. Grammar focus:

(1) What’s this in English?

(2) It’s an orange/ a jacket.

III. Teaching Difficult Points:

(1) Remember the words representing various things

(2) Identify the usage of an/a

IV. Teaching Methods

Situation teaching method

Encourage students to speak English as often as possible.

A: What’s this in English?

B: It’s an orange.

V. Teaching Aids:

A tape recorder

VI: Teaching Procedures:

Step 1: Revision and warm up

1. Greeting and let students read the letters and words they learned in the last class.

2. Ask students to finish 1a and check the answers with the whole class.

Step 2: Lead-in

1. Ask students look at the picture in 1a, then ask them what they can see in this room.

2. Let some students answer the question. Some students may not know

the English names of some things, at this time, the teacher may lead in the target language:

---what’s this in English?

---It’s an orange.

Step 3: Presentation

Present the English names of the things that students list on the blackboard.

Step 4: Listen and repeat

1. Have students listen to the tape and ask them to pay attention to the pronunciation and tune.

3. Ask students to read after the tape and try to imitate the correct pronunciation and tune.

4. Ask some students to read the words ,teacher check their pronunciation and tune.

Step 5: Pair work

1. Let students practice the conversation in the picture with their partner in 2 minutes.

2. Ask students to make their own conversations and have a presentation in front of the whole class.

Step 5 Listen and repeat

1. Students listen to the tape carefully and then read after the tape loudly.

2. Let some students read the letters, then read them together.

Step 6 Listen and number the letters you hear

1. Students listen to the tape carefully and then write down the number according to the tape.

2. Check the answers.

Step 7 2c and 2d: Look and copy

1. Students look and watch carefully and then copy letters from Ii - Rr. Have the students watch the teacher writing the letters on the blackboard, and then ask them to follow the teacher and write down these letters on the exercise books. Let the students know the differences between the big letters and the small letters.

2. Students write the missing big letter or small letter for each pair in 2d.

3. Check the answers.

Step 8 2e: Talk about what these letters mean

P---Park 停车

NBA--- National Basketball Association 全美篮球协会

Kg---kilogram 公斤

Step 9 Summary

Let the students show what they have learnt in this class.

Step 10 Homework

1. Review the letters from I-R.

2. Copy the letters and new words.

3. Recite the conversation they learned. Blackboard Design

Starter Unit 2 What’s this in English?

The First Period (1a~2e)

Letters: Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Sentences: What’s this in English?

It’s an orange.

Words: map jacket, key, cup, ruler, pen, orange, quilt

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