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一.单项选择 (20%)

( ) 21.This is _____ orange and that is _____ ruler.

A. a ; a B. the ; the C. an ; a

( ) 22. Yao Ming is _____ NBA player.

A. a B. an C. not

( ) 23. Grace and Linda ______ her classmates.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 24.-- Is the red pen in the drawer?

--- Yes, _______.

A. it is B. it’s C. they are

( ) 25. The boy is Jim. I’m ______ good friend.

A. his B. he C. her

( ) 26. I’m John Smith. My ______ name is John.

A. first B. last C. family

( ) 27. Anna is my uncle’s _______. She’s my cousin.

A. sister B. son C. daughter

( ) 28. I like dessert, _____ I don’t eat dessert every day.

A. and B. but C. only

( ) 29. I have two cousins. I like _______ very much.

A. him B. them C. they

( ) 30. Her mother often eat ______ broccoli.

A. a B. lots of C. many

( ) 31. The strawberry is red, but ______ doesn’t like it.

A. your brother B. we C. Bill and Tina

( ) 32. Thanks ______ your ping-pong bats. They are very nice.

A. for B. of C. in

( ) 33.---Are those your balls?

--- No, _______.

A. they are B. they aren’t C. those aren’t

( ) 34. --- Where is my pencil?

--- _________.

A. It’s my pencil B. Yes, it’s on the floor. C. I don’t know

( ) 35. --- Hello! My name’s Mary.

--- ____________.

A. Hello! I’m Jim B. Goodbye C. What’s your name

( ) 36. --- Let’s play tennis.

--- It’s _______. Let’s play ping-pong.

A. great B. interesting C. difficult

( ) 37. Please _______ these things to your grandmother, Tom. She’s in her bedroom.

A. bring B. take C. need


I am a Chinese girl. My __41__ Wang Wenbo. I __42__ 12 years old. __43_ first name is Wenbo and my __44__ name is Wang. I’m __45__ Class Three, Grade Seven. I have __46__ ID card. Its __47__ is 368899. Miss Cao is my English teacher. __48__ is very nice. We all like her very much. What’s __49__ telephone number? Oh, _ 50__ 666-4349.

( ) 41. A. name B. names C. name’s

( ) 42. A. am B. is C. are

( ) 43. A. I B. My C. Her

( ) 44. A. family B. first C. name

( ) 45. A. in B. at C. on

( ) 46. A. a B. an C. the

( ) 47. A. name B. number C. card

( ) 48. A. She B. Her C. He

( ) 49. A. his B. her C. she

( ) 50. A. it B. it’s C. she’s



Jane: Excuse me, Mary. Is this your backpack?

Mary: Oh, no, it isn’t.

Jane: Is this your backpack, Sonia?

Sonia: Yes, it is. Thank you.

Jane: What’s in your backpack?

Sonia: A dictionary, a book and a pencil case.

Jane: Yes. What’s in the pencil case?

Sonia: A ruler, an eraser and a pencil.

Jane: Yes. What color is your pencil case?

Sonia: It’s blue and red.

Jane: But this pencil case is yellow.

Sonia: Yellow? It’s not my pencil case,but this is my backpack.

Dale: Hey, this is my pencil case, But this isn’t my backpack.

Jane: What a mess (混乱) !

( ) 51. _________ found the backpack.

A. Jane B. Dale C. Sonia

( ) 52. What’s in the backpack?

A. A dictionary B. A pencil sharpener C A ball

( ) 53. What color is Sonia’s pencil case?

A. It’s yellow. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s red.

( ) 54. What’s in the pencil case?

A. A ring, an eraser and a pen. B. A pen, a ruler and an eraser.

C. An eraser, a pencil and a ruler

( ) 55. The yellow pencil case is ___________.

A. Mary’s B. Sonia’s C. Dale


Dear Mike,

Thanks for your family photo. This is a photo of my family. I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. They are my grandmother, my parents, my sister and I. The old(年老的) woman is my grandmother. The man is my father. His name is David. He is a teacher. And what about the woman? She is my mother. Her name is Linda. She is very nice. Look at the girl. That’s my sister. She is in a middle school(中学). Her name is Lucy.

Do you know the boy? It’s me.

Yours, Tony

( ) 56. There are ______ people in this family.

A. four B. five C. six

( ) 57. Who is Linda?

A. She is the boy’s aunt. B. She is the boy’s sister.

C. She is the boy’s mother.

( ) 58. Is David the old woman’s son?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, she is.

( ) 59. What’s the name of the boy?

A. Tony. B. Mike. C. David.

( ) 60. Which is true (正确的) according to (根据) the letter?

A. The parents have two sons. B. Lucy is a student.

C. Lucy’s mother is a teacher.


My name is Kitty. I have a very big and nice room and I have a great school things collection. My brother’s room is near my room. He is Mike. And he has a small(小的)sports collection. I have twenty erasers, ten pencils, nine rulers and eight pens in my schoolbag. My brother has two baseballs, four volleyballs and five basketballs under his bed.

( ) 61. Does Kitty have a brother?

A. No, she doesn’t. B. Yes, she does.

C. No, she hasn’t.

( ) 62. Does Mike have a great sports collection?

A. Yes, he does.

B. No, he doesn’t.

C. We don’t know.

( ) 63. How many (多少) pencils does Kitty have?

A. 10 B. 9 C. 8

( ) 64. How many balls does Mike have?

A. 4 B. 5 C. 11

( ) 65. Where are Mike’s sports collection?

A. Under his bed. B. Under Kitty’s bed. C. In his schoolbag.



Is that your school ID card in the lost and found case?


( ) 66. ________ lost a school ID card.

A. Lucy B. Tony C. Sonia

( ) 67. ________ lost a pencil case.

A. Tony B. Sonia C. Mary

( ) 68. What color is the pencil case?

A. It’s black and red. B. It’s white and blue.

C. It’s black and white.

( ) 69. If you lost a dictionary, you should call __________.

A. 388-7900 B. 639-3039 C. 639-3800

( ) 70. Which of the following is true (正确) according to the passage?

A. Lucy lost a pencil case.

B. Sonia’s phone number is 388-7900.

C. Mary found a book.



I like broccoli and bananas. I don’t like hamburgers or French fries. I have two eggs and a banana for breakfast.


I like salad and chicken. I don’t like ice cream. I have chicken and tomatoes for dinner. Bob:

I like hamburgers and ice cream. I don’t like tomatoes. I eat lunch at school .I have hamburgers and oranges for lunch..

( ) 71. Does Maria like broccoli?

A. Yes, she does B. No, she doesn’t.

C. I don’t know.

( ) 72. What does Bill have for dinner?

A. Salad and chicken B. Ice cream

C Tomatoes and chicken

( ) 73. ______ doesn’t like tomatoes.

A. Maria B. Bill C. Bob

( ) 74. _____likes ice cream, but ______doesn’t like it.

A. Bob, Maria B. Bill, Bob C. Bob, Bill

( ) 75. Does Bill have eggs or bananas for breakfast?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.

C. We don’t know.

五 .根据情景提示,用恰当的短语或句子填空。(8%)


Bob, ___________________________________________________?




Mom, __________________________________________________?


_________________________________________________, Lin Tao?

七.短文写作 (12%)



Name Li Mei

Age 13 years old

Family father, mother, sister

Like chicken, carrots, ice cream

Not like French fries

Sports volleyball

Good friend Wei Fang

_______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


21-25 CBCAA 26-30 ACBBB 31-35 AABCA 36-40 CBBAB

41-45 CABAA 46-50 BBABB

51-55 AABCC 56-60 BCAAB 61-65 BBACA 66-70 ABCBB 71-75 ACCCC

76. keys , aren’t 77. soccer , sounds 78. Does , hamburgers 79. Where’s , under

80. English , notebook 81. Is , aunt

82. what color is your hat

83. These are my parents

84. where is my jacket

85. Do you like bananas

86. My sister doesn’t like apples.

87. I play tennis every day.

88. The alarm clock is on the chair.

89. Tony has a watch.

90. Hello! My name’s Li Mei. I’m 13 years old. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and me. I often eat healthy food. I like chicken, carrots and ice cream, but I don’t like French fries. I have an egg , some bread and milk for breakfast. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, so I’m healthy. I like playing sports. I have a good friend, her name is Wei Fang. We often play volleyball after school.

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