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prepare [pr?'per] v. 预备;准备 exam [?ɡ'z? m] 考试 流行性感冒;流感 flu [flu:] 可得到的;有空的; available [?'ve?l?bl] 直到 ... 的时候;直到…为止 until [?n't?l] 悬挂;(使)低垂 hang [h??] 赶上;抓住;捕捉 catch [k? t?] invite [?n'va?t] 邀请 接受; accept [?k'sept] 拒绝 refuse [r?'fju?z] 工作日 weekday [‘wi:kde?] 邀请;邀请函 invitation [ ?nv?'te??n] reply [r?'pla?] 回答,回复 转交;发送,向前的 forward ['f??rw?rd] 删除 delete [d?'li?t]

打印;印刷 print[pr?nt] (令人)悲哀的;(令人)难过的 sad [s? d] 再见 goodbye [ ɡ?d'ba?] 高兴;愿意 glad[ɡl? d] 准备,准备工作 preparation [ prep?'re??n] 胶水 glue [ɡlu] 没有;不(做某事) without[w?'ea?t] 惊奇的;感觉以外的 surprised [s? 'pra?zd] 乔迁聚会 housewarming ['ha?zw?:m??] 开幕式,落成典礼 opening ['o?pn??] 音乐会;演奏会 concert['k?ns?t] 校长 headmaster[ hed'm?st?r] 大事,公开活动 event [? 'vent]

guest [ɡest] 客人 日历,日程表 calendar ['k? l?nd?r] 白天;日间 daytime ['de?ta?m] 为……做准备 prepare for 其他时间;别的时间 another time hang out 闲逛;常去某处 前天 the day before yesterday the after tomorrow 后天 look after 照料;照顾 拒绝 turn down 去旅行 take a trip 盼望;期待 look forward to 接到(某人)的信;电话等 hear from

1、为……做准备 prepare for 2、去看医生 go to the doctor 3、患感冒 have the flu 4、帮助我的父母 help my parents 5、来参加聚会 come to the party another time 6、其他时间 last fall 7、去年秋天 go to the party 8、去聚会 9、闲逛, 常去某处; hang out 10、后天 the day after tomorrow 11、前天 the day before yesterday 12、上钢琴课 have a piano lesson 13、照看;照顾 look after 14、接受邀请 accept an invitation 15、拒绝邀请 turn down an invitation take a trip 16、去旅行 17、这个月末 at the end of this month

18、盼望;期待 look forward to 19、……的开幕式/落成典礼 the opening of… 20、去听音乐会 go to the concert 21、直到……才 not…until 22、会见我的朋友 meet my friend 23、拜访祖父母 visit grandparents 24、为考试学习 study for a test 25、不得不 have to too much homework 26、太多作业 27、去看电影 go to the movies 28、.邀请某人做某事 invite sb. to do sth 29、做某事很悲伤 be sad to do sth. see sb. do sth. 30、看到某人做某事 31、.为某人举办一个惊喜派对 have a surprise party for sb 32、期盼做某事 look forward to doing sth. 33、答复某事/某人 reply to sth./sb. 34、今天是什么日子? What’s today?

What do you usually do on weekends?
I usually…….

help my parents.

prepare for an exam

meet my friends

Let’s go hiking tomorrow.

Sorry. I have the flu. I have to go to the doctor.


Match the words with the pictures.

Check the answers!
a 1. Paper for an exam _______ e 2. help my parents _______ 3. go to the doctor ______ d 4. meet my friend _______ b 5. have the flu _______ c

根据箭头指向的汉语说出英 语短语。 准备 考试 去音 play basketball 去看 乐会 have the flu 病 play the piano 去见 弹钢 朋友 go to the doctor 琴 help my parents 得了 打篮 go to the concert 帮父 流感 球 母 prepare for a test meet my friend

A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure, I’d love to.

A: Can you play basketball with us? B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

study for a test

A: Can you … ?

B: I’d love to, but I have to…

go to the doctor

A: Can you …? B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …
visit my friend

go to the concert

A:Can you go to the mall?

B:I’m sorry. I’m going to the movies.

Can you play soccer tomorrow afternoon?

I’m afraid not. I have the flu.

Sorry, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam.

I’m sorry, too. I must go to the doctor.

How to accept an invitation
? ? ? ? ? Yes, I’d love/like to. Certainly, I’d love/like to. Sure, I’d love/like to. Thanks for your invitation. Thanks for asking me.

How to turn down an invitation

? I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to… ? I’d love to, but I have to… ? Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to the movies.
? I’m afraid not. I have the flu.

? Thanks for your invitation. ? Thank you for asking me.


Listen and write the names (Tim, Kay, Anna and

Wilson) next to the correct students in the





1c. Group work
A: Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? B: Sure, I’d love to. C: Sorry, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam. D: I’m sorry, too. I must go to the doctor.

Listen and circle 2a can or can’t.

1. Jeff (can / can’t ) go to the party. 2. Mary (can / can’t) go to the party. 3. May (can / can’t) go to the party. 4. Mei Ling (can / can’t) go to the party. 5. Paul (can / can’t) go to the party.

2b Listen again. Who can’t go to
the party? Why? Complete the chart. Names Reasons Jeff May meet his friend on Saturday has the flu

Mei Ling study for a math test

Look at the reasons in the chart in 2b. Write some more. Then, Student A, invite your partner to do something. Student B, say you can’t go and why.

1.Too much homework

2. have to take part in the football match
3. have to look after his little sister

4. have to visit his grandparents

Hey, Dave. Can you go to the movies on Saturday?

I’m sorry, I’m not available. I have too much homework this weekend.

That’s too bad. Maybe another time.

Sure, Joe. Thanks for asking.


Read the conversation and answer the questions.

1. What did they do last fall? ___________________________________ They went bike riding. 2. What does Nick have to do on Saturday?

Nick has to prepare for an exam. ___________________________________
3. When will they hang out?

On M

onday night. ___________________________________

2d Role-play the conversation. Jeff: Hey, Nick, can you come to my house on Saturday? My cousin Sam from Xi’an is going to be here. Nick: Oh, Sam! I remember we went bike riding together last fall when he visited you. Jeff: Yes, that’s right.
Nick: I’d love to come, but I’m afraid I can’t.

I have an exam on Monday so I must prepare for it.
Jeff: That’s really too bad! Oh, but Sam isn’t leaving until next Wednesday. Can you hang out with us on Monday night?

Nick: Sure! Catch you on Monday!

study for a test 1.复习备考______________

2. 帮助我的父母干家务
__________________________ help my parents do housework
go to the doctor 3. 去看医生________________ meet my friend 4. 见我朋友_____________

5.太多作业_____________________ too much homework
thanks for your invitation 6.谢谢你的邀请______________________

1. --_______ you come to my party? Can --_______, I’d love to. Yes 2. --_______ you go to the movies? Can --I’m sorry, I _______. can’ 3. -- _______ you go to the basketball game? t Can --No, I ______. I’m playing soccer. can 4. --______ you go to the concert? Can ’t love to --Great! I’d ______ _____. Can 5. -- _______ you go to the mall this week? can’ --Sorry, I _______. t

1. I have _____ homework to do. B A. too many B. too much C. much too D. a few 2. He ___ stay at home, because his mother D was ill. A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to
C 3. I went to the mountain _____.

A. next week C. yesterday

B. the day after tomorrow D. tomorrow

4. ____ Friday morning, I like to go to the movie ___ friends. B A. In, on B. On, with C. On, and D. At, with D 5. Would you please ____me ____ the housework?

A. help, in
C. help, doing

B. to help, with
D. help, do

6. Are you ___ football this weekend? A
A. playing B. play C. play a D. Plays

7. I have to go to my guitar lesson ____ C
19:00___20:00 __ the evening.

A. from, to, on B. in, at , on
C. from, to, in D. at, at, on

Grammar Focus
Can you come to my party on Saturday ? Can you go to the movies tomorrow night ? Can he go to the party ? Can she go to the baseball game? Sure , I'd love to . Sorry, I must study for a math test. Sure. That sounds great. I'm afraid not. I have the flu. No, he can't . He has to help his parents. No, she's not available . She must go to the doctor.

Can they go to the movies ? No, they're not free. They might have to meet their friends .

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 星期六你能来我的聚会吗? Can ____ you come to my party on Saturday? _____ 2. 当然,我乐意去。Sure. ____ ____ ___. I’d love to 3. 对不起,我必须为数学考试而学习。 must study for Sorry, I _____ ______ ____ a math test. 4. 明天晚上你能去看电影吗? Can you ____ to the movies __________ go ____ tomorrow night?

5. 当然可以,听起来很棒。 _____, that _______ _____. Sur

e sounds great 6. 恐怕不行,我得了流感。 afraid flu I’m ______ not. I have the ____. 7. 他能去聚会吗? ____ he ___ to the party? Can go 8. 不能。他得帮助他的父母。 No, he _____. He _____ to help his parents. can’t has 9. 她能参加棒球比赛吗? ____ she go to the baseball ______? Can game

10. 不,她没有空。她必须去看医生。 No, she’s ____available ______ not _________. She must ___ to the _______. go doctor 11. 他们能去看电影吗? ____ they ____ to the _______? Can go movies 12. 不,他们没有空。他们可能必须去见朋 友。 free might _____ No, they’re not ____. They _____have ___ meet their ________. to friends

can 用于表示“________”,如: 能,会 汤姆会骑马。___________________ Tom can ride a horse. Can you…? 表达 “____________”, 邀请或建议 答语:同意用 Sure, I’d love _________________ to. 不同意用 Sorry, I can’t. I … __________________________ __________________________ 或 I’m afraid not. I have to … 如:恐怕不行,我要去探望我的姑姑。 I’m afraid not. I have to visit my aunt. __________________________________

Complete the answers with might 3a and one of the phrases in the box.

watch TV, on the weekend, my cousin, visit my grandparents, practice the violin

1. A: What are you going to do on Saturday? B: I’m not sure. I mightwatch TV __________. 2. A: What are you planning to do after school? B: I don’t know. might practice the violin I

3. A: When will you finish the science homework? I might finish it on the weekend B: ______________________________. 4. A: Who are you going to the movies with? B: __________________________. I might go with my cousin 5. A: Are you free to come to my place on Saturday? B: Sorry. I might visit my grandparents ________________________________.

Complete the sentences below. Use 3b the words in brackets to help you. Can you play tennis with us? 1. Inviting: ____________________________ (can/play tennis) Sure. I’d love to. Accepting: ________________________ Would you like to go to the movies? 2. Inviting: _____________________________ (would like to/go to the movies) Refusing: _____________________ I’m afraid I can’t. I might have to prepare for the math Reasons: ____________________________ exam. (might have to)

3. Inviting: ___________________________ Can you hang out with us tonight? (can/hang out with us tonight) Sorry. I can’t. Refusing: __________________________ Reason: I must help my mom at home. (must) _____________________ Would you like to come to my 4. Inviting: ___________________________ __________________________ (would birthday party? like to / come to my birthday party) Sure. I’d love to. Accepting: _________________________

Write down everything you have to do next week. Choose a day and time to have a party. Then invite classmates to your party.



Invite your classmates to your

party. See if they are available.

A: Can you come to my party?
B: When is it?

A: Next week, on Thursday night.
B: I’m sorry. I have to study for a test.

A: Hey, Bob. 1. ___________ B: I’m sorry. I have to help my parents. A: 2. ________. How about you, Ling Ling? Can you come to my party? L: 3. _________ A: On Saturday afternoon. L: Oh, no, I can’t. 4. ____________ A: That’s too bad. 5. _____________. L: Sure! Thanks for asking.
A. That’s too bad. B. Can you come to my party?

C. Are you going shopping with me?
D. Maybe another time. E. I have to study for a test. F. When is it? G. I’d love to.

B E D A F 1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. _____ 5. _____

Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

1a Write the dates for this week on the calendar. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 13th 14th 12th 15th the______ the ______ the______ the______

Thursday 16th the_____

Friday Saturday 17th 18th the______ the______

1b Write the words below the correct dates on the calendar. today tomorrow yesterday

the day before yesterday

the day after tomorrow
weekday weekend

1b Write the words below the correct dates. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 13th 12th the______ the______ the______ the______ 14th 15th the day before yesterday yesterday today tomorrow

Thursday the_____ 16th The day after tomorrow

Friday the______ 17th

Saturday the______ 18th



1. 问“日期”的句型有:

What’s the date today? 今天是几号?
或 What date is it today? “日期”的表示法有例如 :11月 5号 It’s November 5; November 5th; 读做November (the) 5th

2.询问“星期” 的句型: What day is (it) today? It’s Monday. 在英语中表示“星期”的词有: Monday Friday Sunday 星期一; Tuesday 星期二; 星期五; Saturday 星期六; 星期日 Wednesday 星期三; Thursday 星期四;

3. 询问几号星期几的句型: What’s today? 今天几号,星期几?

It’s Monday, the 28th.

1c Ask and answer questions about the days in 1a.

A: what’s today?
B: It’s Monday the 14th. A: what’s tomorrow? B: It’s Wednesday the 15th. A: what’s The day after tomorrow?

B: It’s Thursday the 16th.

1d. Listen. Can Vince play tennis with Andy? Circle Yes or No.



1e. Listen again. Match Vince’s activities with the days.
Vince’s Activities __ Play soccer b __ Go to the doctor a __ Study for the test a b __ Have a piano lesson __Look after his sister c Days a. today b. tomorrow c. the day after tomorrow

1f Students A is Andy and Student B is Vince.
Andy, invite Vince to play tennis. A: Hi, Vince. Can you play tennis with me? B: When? A: Today? B: Sorry, I can’t. I …

Role play: Vince and Andy
Andy: Hi,Vince,can you play tennis with me? Vince:_________? When Andy: Today. Vince: Sorry , I can’t . I________________________. have to go the doctor and study for a test. Andy: What are you doing tomorrow? Vince: ____________________________________ I’m playing soccer and ha

ving a piano lesson Andy: How about_______________________? the day after tomorrow Vince: I have to babysit my sister.


Dinner party 晚宴

Birthday party 生日聚会

Make a list of the kinds of parties people have.

2b Read the messages quickly. Why did the people write them? Match the reason with each message. 1. accept an invitation 2. make an invitation 3. turn down an invitation Message 1 Message 2

Message 3

Message New Rely Forward Delete Print Move to 1 Hi David, What a great idea! I really like Ms. Steen a lot. She helped me to improve my English so much. I’m sad to see her go, and this party is the best way to say “Thank you and goodbye.” I can help to buy some of the food and drinks. I can help to bring MS. Steen to the party. I already have a great idea about how to do that. He Wei


Hi David Thanks so much for planning this. I’d love to come to the party, but I’m not available. My family is taking a trip to Wuhan at the end of this month to visit my aunt and uncle. However, I’d still be glad to help out with any of the party preparations, like planning the games. Let me know if you need my help. Jake

Dear classmates, As I’m sure you know by now, our favorite teacher, Ms. Steen, is leaving soon to go back to the US. We’re very sad that she’s leaving because she is a fun teacher. To show how much we’re going to miss her, let’s have a surprise party for her next Friday the 28th!

Can you come to the party? If so, can you help with any of these things? Please tell me by this Friday. 1) Buy food and drinks. 2)Think of games to play. 3)Prepare things we need for the games (glue, paper, pen,…). 4) Bring Ms. Steen to the play without telling so that she can be surprised. look forward to hearing from you all. David

Read the messages again 2c and answer the questions. 1.What kind of party is it? It is a surprise party. _________________________ 2. Who is the party for? It is for Ms. Steen. __________________________ 3. When is the party? It is on next Friday the 28th. __________________________ 4. Who did David invite to the party? He invited his classmates to the party. _______________________________ 5. What can people do at the party? People can play games, eat and ___________________________ drink at the party. ____________________

2d Complete the invitation with words and phrases from the message on page 69. We are planning a housewarming party at our new house this Saturday. Can you come? Our house is at 2 London Road. We are serving food and drinks . from 7:30 p.m. Please bringyour friends and family. A

party is more


with more people! Please

let us know by Wednesday


you can come

to the party. Hope you can make it!

2e Imagine one of your favorite teachers is
leaving. Plan a party for him / her. Answer

the questions with a partner.
1.Why is he /she one of your favorite teachers

____________________________________ life. She often encourage me and help me in my
2. What do yo

u want to say to him /her? Dear Mr. Shen, really thanks for your care! ____________________________________ 3. When is the best time to have the party? This Friday at 7:00 p.m. ____________________________________

4. Where can you have the party?

A restaurant near our school. _____________________________
5. What kind of food will there be?

____________________________ Fruit, meat dairy products and nuts(坚果)
6. What kind of drinks would you like to serve? All kinds of orange juice, beer and so on. _____________________________________

7. Who will come to the party? All of my classmates. __________________________ 8. What activities will there be at the party?

________________________________ guess riddle, tell jokes, sing and so on.
9. How can you make the party a surprise

for your teacher?
Invite her without telling her. __________________________________

3a Read the invitation and answer the questions. Dear Parents, I would like to invite you to the opening of our new library at No.9 High School. The opening

will be on the morning of
Wednesday, January 8th at 9:00.

After this, you can enjoy our school concert. Then

lunch will be in the school hall at 12:00. Please dress smartly. I would also like to invite each parent to bring one book as a gift for the new library. Please reply in writing to this invitation by Friday, December 20th. Larry Smith Headmaster

1. Who is making the invitation?
__________________________ The headmaster.

2. What is the invitation for?
It’s for the opening of the new ____________________________ library.

3. When will the event happen?
___________________________January on the morning of Wednesday, ___________________________ 8th at 9:00.

4. What will happen after this?
After_________________________________ this they can enjoy the school concert and have lunch.

5. Do parents have to bring anything?
Yes, each parent need to bring one book. ________________________________

6. How should people reply to this
invitation, and when?

They should reply in writing to this _____________________________________
invitation by Friday, December 20th. _____________________________________

Group work
3bWrite an invitation to a party or any other event. Reply to your partner’s invitation. If you turn down the invitation, give a good reason. Use the following words and phrases:

would like to; after this; reply

will be; please;

Include the following information: ? kind of party or event ? when and where it will be ? how guests should dress ? if guests should bring anything ? if guests should reply to the invitation ? when and how guests should reply

Use the following words and phrases: would like to, will be, after this, please, reply



________________________________ ________________________________

? 本题要求学生们写

作两个小作文,一个是 写一个邀请他人参加某聚会或活动的信函; 另一个是答复你伙伴的邀请信。 ? 首先,认真阅读邀请信所包含的内容:聚 会或活动的类型;举办的时间与地点;客人 的着装;客人是否须带东西;客人是否须答 复此信;何时及如何答复此信。 ? 参照3a写一个包含上述内容的邀请信,注 意运用右栏中的提示词语。

Dear parents, ___________________________________ I’d like to invite you to the opening ___________________________________ ceremony for the new students at No. 10 ___________________________________ Middle School. The opening will be on the ___________________________________ morning of Wednesday, September 4th at ___________________________________ 8:00. After this, you can visit our school. ___________________________________ Please dress smartly. I would also like to ___________________________________ invite each parent to think of some words ___________________________________ to encourage your child to study ___________________________________

One possible version:

___________________________________ hard at school. Please reply in e-mail to ___________________________________ this invitation by Monday, September, ___________________________________ 2nd. Our e-mail address is __________________________________ Number10MS@sina. com. I look __________________________________ forward to hearing from you all. ___________________________________ Huang Zongsheng __________________________________ Headmaster

One possible version:

Dear Headmaster: ___________________________________ Thanks so much for inviting. I’d love to ___________________________________ go to the opening ceremony, but I’m not ___________________________________ available. I have an important meeting in __________________________________ Beijing this weekend. I’ll think of some ___________________________________ words and give them to my child. Then, I’ll ___________________________________ visit the school another time next week. ___________________________________ Li Ming’s father. __________________________

4 Student A, look at your calendar on the right. Student B, look at yours on page 81. Find a time when you can both go shopping. A: Can you go shopping with me next week? B: Sure, I’d love to. When? A: Well, what are you going to do on Monday evening? B: I must study for the English test. What about Tuesday evening?

Student A’s calendar MONDAY FRIDAY Daytime: school Daytime: school Evening: Susan's party TUESDAY SATURDAY Daytime: school Morning: play tennis with Dad Evening: study for math Afternoon: do homework WEDENDAY SUNDAY Daytime: school Morning: visit grandparents Evening: go to a concert THURSDAY Daytime: school Evening: help parents

1. Fill in the blanks in the conversation.
Can A: Hi, Peter. ___you come to my on party ___the weekend? I’d B: Sure, ____ love to. A: How about you __Jenny? can’t

C: I’m afraid I ___. I have to look __ after my little cousin. Can A: ____you come, Jeff? might D: I ____be able to, but I’m not sure I’ll __ let you know tomorrow.


1. Can; 2. on; 句意“你好,彼特。你在周 末能来参加我的聚会吗?” 第一空用情态动 词can表达请求;第二空后有时间the weekend,故用介词on来表示这一具体时间。 3. I’d; 由后面的love to,可知。本句是表达 同意,故用I’d love to 一句来表达。

4. you;由空格后的人名“Jenny”,可知 本句意为“你呢,詹妮?”,故填you一词。

5. can’t; 由空格前I’m afraid“我恐怕” , 可知空格处应表“不能”,故填can’t词。 6. have; 分析本句主、谓、宾具全,且空格 后有to一词。故空格处应为have to“须”。 7. Can;本句为邀请Jeff参加。故用情态动 词can。 8. might;由下一句“但不太确定”,可知 空格处意为“有可能”,故用情态动词 might来表达“可能”之意。
9. I’ll; 句意“明天我会通知你” 。

2. You get these invitations but can’t go. Write a refusal and a reason.
1. Invitation: “Can you come to my party on Saturday?” I’m afraid I can’t. I have to prepare for the math exam. Reply: ________________________ 2. Invitation: “Let’s go to the movies tomorrow night.” Sorry, I can’t. I have to look after my sister at home. Reply: ________________________

3. Invitation: “Let’s go to the concert tomorrow night.” I’d love to. But I’m not available. I’ll visit my grandparents Reply: ________________________ with my family. 4. Invitation: “Do you want to go shopping with me next week?” I’m afraid not. I have to go to the dentist. Reply: ________________________ 5. Invitation: “Can you play soccer with me after school today?” Sorry, I can’t. I have to practice violin. Reply: ________________________

opening 1. I’m very busy, I can’t go to the ________ (落成典礼) of the new library. 2. I get hisinvitatio _________ (邀请) but I can’t go 3. I have toomuch (多) homework to do. n ______ 4. Mr. King sometimes goes to the _______ concert (音乐会).

1. 与时间相关的短语有很多。例如:



the day after tomorrow yesterday the day before yesterday two days ago the year before last after three weeks in two years

后天 昨天 前天 两天前 前年 三个星期后 过两年

2. 问日期的句型有: 今天是几号? What’s the date today? 或 What date is it today? 3. “日期”的表示法 例如: 11月 5号 November 5; November 5th 读做 November the fifth

4. Monday (名词) “星期一” 在英语中表示星期的词有:


星期一; Tuesday 星期二;

Wednesday 星期三; Thursday 星期四; Friday Sunday 星期五; Saturday 星期六; 星期日



以“day” 结尾。

What day is it today?
What day is today?

5. Thank you for 后接名词或动名词形式,表 示“因为……而感谢你” Thanks for your photos. (photos为名词) Thanks for helping me. (helping为动名词) 如果说: 谢谢你邀请我去做什么事情。 我们可说: Thank you for your invitation to visit next week.


e.g. Come at the invitation. 应邀前来

They received invitations to the party.

(1) invite sb. to sw=ask sb. to sw(某地)


e.g. He invited many people to his house. (2) invite sb. to do sth=ask sb.to do sth. 邀请某人做谋事 e.g. He also invited a singer to sing for his friends. (3) invitation to sw /to do sth. 去某地/做某事的邀请 e.g. an invitation to the party an invitation to go to the summer camp

7. I look forward to hearing from you all.
我期盼着你们的答复。 look forward to 是一个固定搭配,表示“期待 期盼”, 其中to 是介词,因此后面如果使用动 词,要试用其-ing 形式。又如: I look forward to your reply. 我期待你的答复。 I’m really looking forward to seeing my little grandson again. 我好期待再次见到我的小孙子。

8. have a piano lesson 上钢琴课
have a lesson 上课 have a try 试一试

have a (good) rest have a look 看一看
have a good time have meals 吃饭 have breakfast / lunch/ dinner/ supper

9. Hope you can make it! 希望你能参加(聚会)! 此句中的make it 是个独立地表达方式,表示 通过努力或是历经困难后取得成功、完成某 事,可译为“ 成功;胜利”, 但有时也要视 语 境及上下文灵活进行翻译,此处便是如此。 e.g. If we run, we should make it. 要是我们跑的话,应高不会迟到。 Though it was difficult, they still made it.


10. Please reply in writing to this invitation by
Friday, December 20th.

1)replying in writing 表示“ 以书面的形式 进行回复”。其中reply相当于 answer,但要 比后者更加书面化且正式许多。此处介词in表 示方式,相当于汉语“ 用……方式(形式)” 之意。

2)reply作动词时,不直接跟宾语,须由介词to 引入宾语内容,构成 reply to … 的结构。如: Did you reply to these letter? 你回复这些来信了吗? 3)在此句中,介词by 译为“ 截止……; …..之 前到……为止”。介词before 也有“……之前” 之意,但区别于before不包含其后的时间, 而 by 则包括。

e.g. You should get your homework ready by Friday. Remember: Friday is the last day! 你应当最迟于周五前把作业做好。记住: 周五是最后

一天。 can you come and meet me before Friday? I’ll be away early Friday morning. 你能在周五前来见我一面吗?我周五一 大清早就走了。


Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks. 1.Do you have next year’s alendar c_________? eleted 2.The editor(编辑) d________ the last paragraph. nvitation 3.We gladly accept the i_________ to a party. 4.Many attended the o_______ of the pening new sports centre. 5.We took a t____ to the seaside. rip

I. 词汇
1. Today I'm very busy, but she is _______ free (空闲的). 2. They are studying for a _______ ______. math test (数学测验). invitation 3. I get his __________ (邀请) but I can’t go. much 4. I have too _________(多) homework to do. 5. Mr. King sometimes goes to the concert _________ (音乐会).

II 单项选择
1. — Can you come to play soccer with me?

— __________. C
A. I can B. That's all right C. Sure. I'd love to

B 2. He can go with you, but I _______.
A. am not A. on B. can't B. at C. don't C. in

A 3. What are you doing _____ Monday morning?

4. Thanks for _______ me to the party. B A. ask B. asking C. asks 5. Bob can’t come out to play because he C _________ help Dad in the garden. A. can B. can’t C. has to 6. —Would you like a cup of coffee? B —____________. A. No, I don’t want C. I don’t like it B. No, thank you

1. Today is Monday. (提问)

______ the date What’s ___ _____ today?
2. They are going to the doctors

on Monday. (提问) When ____ they going to the doctors? _____ are 3. Call me after the test. (否定句) Don’t call ______ ____ me after the test.

5. Why don’t you have an English party? (同义转换)

Why not _____ ____ have an English party?
6. Do you want to come over to my house? (同义转换) ______ ____ ____ to come over to my house? Would you like

Can _____ you come over to my house?

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