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课型:预+展 Class Name Group
















按下列要求学习1a 。

1. 听1a录音并跟读,模仿语音语调,了解对话内容。

2. 自读1a并翻译,讨论自行解决自己不会的地方。

3. 再读1a,找出重难点,教师讲解。

4. 找出对话中含有if引导的条件状语从句,讲解其用法。

5. 完成1a.1c,并核对答案。


按下列要求学习2a 。

1. 自读2a并翻译,讨论自行解决自己不会的地方。

2. 再读2a,找出疑难点,讲解疑难点。理解下列短语。

slow down______________避免做某事______________________

3. 根据2a,填写事故报告单,完成2b.



1. There are too many p________on the bus.It’s very crowed.

2. He died in a traffic accident.His d______made his family feel very sad.

3. Be careful.Try to a______making such a silly mistake.

4. I looked for my lost keys everywhere yesterday,but I couldn’t find them a________.

5. It’s snowing so heavy.It’s i_______for me br there before eight.

6. When ypu say something,you should avoid _______(hurt) the others.

7. As he saw a little boy playing in the street ,he ______(slow)down at once.

8. The policeman _____(rush) into the fire and saved the boy.


( )1.______you get up late,you may miss the early bus.

A.If B.While C.After D.When

( )2.It’s bad ______about waste paper everywhere,we must avoid _____that.

A.to,throw B.to ,doing C.throwing,to do D.throwing,doing

( )3._______hitting the car,the boyon the bicycle ran into a big tree.

A.Avoid B.Avoiding C.To avoid D.Avoided

( )4.I don’t know if it ______tomorrow.If it _____,we will go to the Great wall.

A.will rain,doesn’t rain B.will rain,won’t rain C.rains,won’t rain

D.rains,doesn’t rain

( )5.If she ______the early bus,she ______there on time.

A.catches,will get B.will catch,wiil get C.will catch,gets

( )6.To avoid _____the truck, a yong man on a motorcycle ran into an old woman.

A.hits B.hit C.hitting D.will hit

( )7.The math problem is too difficult.It’s _____for me to work it out.

A.easy B.impossible C.useful D.bad

( )8.We’ll go there if it ______ A.doesn’t rain B.will rain C.rains

D.won’t rain

( )9.Look,the man coming ____the opposite side is our teacher.

A.to B.of C.from D.for

( )10. Li Lei’s legs were ____ in the traffic accident yesterday.

A. badly hurt B. bad hurt C. hurts D. hurt bad

( )11. Many animals are not found ____ else. They are extinct (灭绝的).

A. anywhere B. everywhere C. in anywhere D. in everywhere

三. 完形填空。(10分)

In China, traffic keeps to the right. Cars, trucks, buses bikes must all keep to the right side of the In most other countries, traffic to the left.

How can you the roads safer?

you cross the road, stop and look each side. left, then right, and then look left again. Don’t cross the road if you are not sure whether the road is clear or not. Don’t across the road. is dangerous.

If you small children, old people, or blind people walking across the road, help cross the road in safety. Helping others is a kind of virtue (美德).

( )16. A. or B. and C. but D. while

( )17. A. road B. river C. bridge D. city

( )18. A. go B. coming C. leave D. keeps

( )19. A. make B. know C. guess D. see

( )20. A. Often B. Before C. During D. As

( )21. A. Look B. Turn

( )22. A. run B. jump C. Walk D. Across C. smile D. walk

( )23. A. There B. It C. This D. Here

( )24. A. watch B. look C. read D. see

( )25. A. her

学后总结: B. him C. them D. they

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