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(A) 从四个选项中,选出与所给句子画线部分意思相同或相近的选项。 ( A.no one B.not everyone C.someone D.nothing ( A.think B.allow C.should D.may ( )3.—Hi, have you found your lost watch?

—Not yet, I have looked for it everywhere, but I still haven’t found it. A.at those places B.here and there C.somewhere D.over there

( A.kept B.put C.take D.prevent ( A.started B.took C.took place D.began (B) 选择最佳答案。

( )6.When the player finished running, he was out of _____.

A.breathe B.breathing C.breath D.the breath ( )7.—Lily, _____ you _____ your ticket?

—Not yet! A.did; find B.have; found C.has; found D.do; find

( )8.Xiao Li had an accident yesterday _____ he is in No.1 People’s Hospital now.

A.but B.and C.or D.since

( )9.You’d better speak aloud ______ we can hear you.

A.so that B.as … as C.as if D.since ( )10.—Have you ever _____ Mudanjiang to see the Jingbo Lake?

—Yes, I have. A.went to B.gone to C.been in D.been to

( )11.—How about going hiking this weekend?

—Sorry, I prefer _____ rather than _____. A.to stay at home; go out B.to go out; stay at home C.staying at home; go out D.going out; stay at home

( )12.When we went into the park, we saw someone _____ Chinese Kungfu.

A.plays B.played C.to play D.playing

( )13.—What did our geography teacher say?

—She told us that the earth _____ around the sun. A.moves B.moved C.has moved D.was moving

( )14.—Our country _____ progress in science and culture in recent years.

A.made such B.has made such C.made so D.has made so

( )15.—We really shouldn’t use plastic bags any more when shopping. —_____ It’s important to protect our environment. A.So do I. B.With pleasure. C.That’s OK. D.So it is.

( )16.—Hello! May I speak to Alice? —Sorry, she _____ Shanghai. A.have gone to B.has been to C.has been in D.has gone to ( )17.The shoes were worn out, what’s more, they aren’t worth _____. A.to mend B.mending C.mended D.for mending ( )18.—Have you _____ had dumplings? —No, not _____. A.ever; yet B.ever; ever C.yet; yet D.yet; ever ( )19.I didn’t have _____ to say, so I said _____. A.something; anything B.anything; nothing C.anything; something D.nothing; something ( )20.—Hi, Lucy. Have you finished your homework yet? —No, just a half. I am really bored with so much homework. —_____ A.So do I. B.So am I. C.So I do. D.So I am. ( )21.There are fifty students in our class, _____ of us _____ football. A.two third; likes B.two three; like C.two thirds; likes D.two thirds; like

( )22._____ the morning of December 1st, 2006, the 15th Asia Games _____ in Doha(多哈). A.In; held B.On; was held C.At; held D.For; were held ( )23.—Do you know _____? —Sorry, I don’t know. A.what’s the population of Japan B.what the population of France is C.how much of the population of Japan is D.how many is the population of France ( )24.—Do you think a radio is useful in learning English? —Sure. A radio can _____ listening English songs and reports. A.be used by B.be used as C.be used for D.be used to ( )25.We should often keep _____ touch with each other, because we are good friends. A.on B.to C.in D.up ( )26.More and more trees were cut down. _____, many animals are dying out. A.In the end B.So that C.As a result D.At last

( )27.The rubbish _____ every day is becoming a serious problem in cities around the world. A.produce B.produced C.producer D.producing ( )28.—How many students are there in the classroom? —_____ I don’t know where they have gone. A.No one. B.None. C.Nobody. D.Nothing.

( )29.—We’ll make a trip to Hainan Island next weekend. Will you go with us? —No, I can’t _____ it at present. A.afford B.save C.offer D.accept ( )30.Not only oral English but also written English _____ important. A.is B.are C.was D.were 二.词汇。

(A) 将汉语翻译成英语,每空一词。


________ the heavy rain kept ________ down, the soldiers didn’t give up their training. 2.当今世界面临的最大问题之一是世界人口增长越来越快。

One of the greatest problems of the world today is that the world’s ________ is growing ________ and ________.


We haven’t ________ each other ________ a long time. 4.化学制品对环境有害。

Chemicals are ________ ________ the environment. 5.除非明天下雨,否则我将去钓鱼。

________ it ________ tomorrow, ________ I’ll go fishing. 三.句型转换。(5分)

(对画线部分提问) _____ _____ _____ the Smiths lived in the country? 2.Being a greener person is so easy.(同义句转换) It is not _____ _____ _____ a greener person.

3. “What will you do for Project Hope?” he asked me. (改为间接引语) He asked me _____ _____ _____ do for Project Hope. 4.This shop opened three days ago.(同义句转换) This shop _____ _____ _____ for three days. 5.Did your father go to Japan?(改为现在完成时) _____ your father _____ to Japan? 6.To learn English well is very important.

_____ _____ very important _____ learn English well. 7.Kate began to study Chinese in 2004.

It _____ _____ over two years since she began to study Chinese. 8.“Are there homeless people in your city?” I asked Wang Tao.

I asked Wang Tao _____ there _____ homeless people in his city. 9.Millions of people speak English as their second language.

English _____ _____ by millions of people as their second language. 10.He doesn’t know where he can find a pen pal.

He doesn’t know _____ _____ find a pen pal. 四.情景交际。

(A)选择句子,补全对话, 其中有两项是多余的。 A: Hello, sir, may I talk with you in English? B: Of course.

A: I have learned English at school for one year. I have very few chances to talk with the English-speaking people. B: Oh, you speak English very well. A: Thank you. By the way, B: No, I’m not. A: How long have you been in this city? B:

A: I see. Do you like this city?

B: Yes. I like it very much. It’s a beautiful city.

20._____ (B)在横线上填入适当的单词,补全对话。 A: Could you tell us a little about yourself ? B: Sure.

A: Could you tell me you were born? B: I was born in London.

A: Have you still lived in London? B: No, I’m in Brighton now.

A: Oh, really? have you been there? B: March. A: Are you happy there?

B: Yes, very happy. I love the outdoor life.

21._____ 22. _____ 23._____ 24._____ 25._____

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