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The Skills of reading comprehension

1 把握文章事实、查找细节型; 1.He / she should have an interest in making pizza. More importantly, he/ she should have work experience in a restaurant. The ad tells us that______ B A. The assistant must be a man. B. The assistant must have once worked in a restaurant. C. Pucci pizza has branches all over China.

2. In the past, there were forests all around Lake Ponkapog, so rainwater was clean. In the past, Lake Ponkapog was D surrounded(环绕)by___. A.fish B. rain B.C. birds D. forests


2. 逻辑推理型 1) 根据常识判断

One day we invited some friends to dinner. When it was about six o’clock, my wife found that we had little bread. So she asked our fiveyear-old daughter, Kathy, to buy some. One day, Kathy’s parents invited some friends to________. C A. have breakfast B. have lunch C. have supper D. have a party.

一.阅读理解题目的设置方式: 2. 逻辑推理型 2) 根据计算判断

If everyone sets their air conditioning 空 调at 26℃,Beijing will save 400 million kilowatt-hours千瓦时 of electricity in one summer. That’s one-third of all the usage of the city in the season ,”said a TV advertisement. A Beijing will use______ million kilowatt-hours electricity in one summer. A. 1200 B. 800 C. 400

一.阅读理解题目的设置方式: 3. 归纳主旨句 常用提问方式: ? According to(根据) the passage, we know that____ ? The title (标题) of the passage can be________. ? The writer tells us_________. ? From the story we can see/ learn / say_____ ? The main idea of this passage is______. ? What is this passage about?


Now there are many houses around the lake. people often use chemicals in their gardens. They use other chemicals in side their houses for cleaning or killing insects (昆虫). There are also many businessmen. Businessmen use chemicals in their machines or shops. D “Chemical” in the story means_______. A. 化学家 B 污染品 C 药品 D. 化学制品

The ways of guessing the new words in context:

A. 利用构词法进行猜测
1. 根据单词的前缀与后缀进行猜词。如, care(小心) →careful(小心的) →carefully (小心地); write(写) → rewrite (改写)。
un- ; dis-;-less : 不无 ; mis-: 错误 ; 表方向 re-: 再,重复,重新; -ern: -er ,-or, -ist : 表示人 ;

2. 根据“合成词”猜测。 如school + bag → schoolbag down+stairs → downstairs

Exercises: Match the meaning with the new words.

1. rebuild 2.modernize 3.man-made 4.unsafe 5.misunderstanding

A.不安全的 B.误解 C.重建 D.现代化 E.人造的

B.根据上下文猜测 (1)根据关联词猜词

表示因果关系的:because, as, since, for, so, as a result… 表示同义关系的:and, like, just as…
表示反义关系的: but, however, though, althou

gh, yet, instead (of)等等。

1.I could see nothing because the light was so



2.Tom is very rude, but his brother is quite polite. (有礼貌的) 3. She is beautiful, and her daughter is as pretty as her. (漂亮的)

(2).根据定义、释义、举例或 复述猜词
常用的:be, be called, mean或破折号 或定语从句等来表示。 1.Why does jogging -- running slowly –become so popular. (慢跑)

2.Pork is the meat of pigs. (猪肉) 3.Jane is warm-hearted, she likes to help. (热心的)

1. China is our motherland. (祖国) 2.Kangaroo mothers have pouches to carry their babies. (育儿袋) 3.It's really cold outside, and my hands are both numb.

Exercises: Choose the right answer. 1. A lot of the world’s natural resources like oil come from poor countries. A. 环境 B. 资源 √ C. 汽油 2. The old man put on his spectacles and began to read. A. 帽子 B. 雨鞋 C. 眼镜 √ 3. My mom was a little heavy. And I was almost as plump as my mom. A. B. 苗条 C. 强壮 √ 丰满 4. Children have schoolbags with two straps to carry them. A. 口袋 B. 肩带 C. 纽扣

Exercises: Guess the meaning of the new words quickly.

1. Wealthy means having lots of money. (富裕的,有钱的)
2. Doctors

believe that smoking is detrimental to your health. (有害的) 3. My mother-in-law, my husband’s mother, was a teacher. (婆婆) 4. The boy had a happy family before. However, after the war, he became homeless. (无家可归的) 5. You must stop dreaming and face reality. (现实)


1.先看文章,再看试题. 2.先看试题,然后带着问题再看文章.(常用方法) 三.阅读理解解题步骤 1.扫读:即快速阅读,通览全文.发现关键句(特别 要注意文章的第一段和最后一段的头一句. 2.细读:集中精力研读课文,分清文章体裁,把握 文章中心和主要内容,进而掌握文章细节信息 (五个W, who, what, when, where, why) 3.查读:认真检查,尽量减少答题错误.

Mr. and Mrs. Bell are very forgetful. For example, Mr. Bell sometimes goes to his office for work on Sunday morning, for he thinks it is Monday. And Mrs. Bell sometimes forget to cook supper for the family. One summer they planned to fly to New York for their holidays. They got to the airport only ten minutes before the plane took off. So time was short. But suddenly Mrs. Bell said she must tell Alice, their daughter, not to forget to lock the front door when she went to school. As Alice was then at school, they couldn’t tell her about it by telephone. So they hurried to the post office. Mrs. Bell wrote a short note to Alice while Mr. Bell bought a stamp and an envelop. Soon the note was ready. They put the stamp on the envelope in a hurry and dropped it in the letter box. But suddenly Mrs. Bell began to cry. The short note was still in her hand. She had put the plane ticke

ts in the envelope.

1.Read the article for 2 minutes, and find the key sentence of the article.

(B )(1). The word “forgetful ” means______. A.忘记 B.健忘的 C.难忘的 (A )(2).How did they plan to go to New York one summer? A. by plane B. by train C. by bus (B )(3). Because Alice was then ay school , they had to ________to Alice. A. phone B. write a note C. send a E-mail (B )(4). What did they drop ____in the letter box? A. a note B. the tickets C. the money (A )(5). The main idea of this passage is______. A. Mr. and Mrs. Bell are very forgetful. B. Mr. and Mrs. Bell planned to fly to New York. C. Mr. and Mrs. Bell are very old.

阅读技巧: 1. 浏览问题,通读全文 2. 抓住中心句 (标题,首段,每段的首尾句,总--分--- 总,总---分) 3. 克服以下不良习惯: 心读,一个词 一个词的看,只读不记 4. 遇到生词要沉着冷静

Homework for Today
1. Finish off the other passages on the paper. 2. Guess the meanings of the new words in passages.

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