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2012版七年级英语上Unit 2 This is my sister

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Unit 2 This is my sister.


A) 根据句意及首字母提示填空。

1.The woman(女士) is my mother’s . She’s my aunt.

2.—Do you have (有—No, but I have an aunt.

3.—Who are these girls?

—T are my friends.

4.Emma has (有, Alice and Mary.

5.My uncle’.

6.This is Paul’7.Those are my two .

8.Your mother’9.My father’

10.My father’


1112. —Is that your sister? —No, it's my_________,Jane.

13.She is my mother and I am her _________.

14._________are my pens. They're green.

15. _________this your cousin?



1.This is my brother.(改为一般疑问句) _________this_________brother?

2.That is his mother。(对划线部分提问) ________ __________.?

3.This is her cousin.(改成复数形式) ________ ________ her________ .

4.Those are my grandparents.(改成单数形式) ________ ________ my________ .

5.Gao Peng, brother, her,is(?)(连词成句)________________________________.


6. Are these your grandparent? ____________________________

7. This's my aunt. ____________________________

8. —Is that she's sister? —Yes, it is. ____________________________

9. Is her your sister'? ____________________________

10. Those are my friend. ____________________________


11. 这是我父母。 ________ are my________ .

12.他是我朋友。 ________ is my________ .

13.她是你妹妹吗? Is she________ ________ ?

14.那些是我弟弟的朋友。______ _______ my brother’s friends ..

15. 这是我的全家福。 Here is my________ 三、 语法小结(10分)


1. This is _____ ( I ) pen .

2. What is ________ (you) name ?

3.What's ________(she) name ?

4. This is my good friend. _____(he) name is Alan .

5. These are my________ (friend)

6. ______ name is Gina . ______is a girl .( she)

7.—Hello ! ______name is Dale . --Hello ! ____ am Frank .( I )

8. This is a boy,and ______(he)name is Tom .

9.That is a girl , and ______(she)name is Kate .

10. ________ (be) she your sister? .


( )1. Your father’s parents are your ______.

A. uncles B. aunts C. grandparents D. cousins

( )2. Those are ________.

A. yours aunts B. his uncles C,. he aunts D. she uncle

( )3.Those ________my two brothers, And that A. are; is B. are; are C. is; are D. is; is

( )4.Is ________uncle Dave?

A.your B.she C.he D.you

( )5. —Is Li Yan ________cousin7 —Yes, ________is.

A. her; her B. she; she C, your; it D. her; she

( )6. Jim, ________is Julia. She is my good friend.

A, she B. this C. he D; that

( )7. Here is a photo ________my family.

A, and B. for C. to D. of

( ) 8. Anna is my aunt’s daughter, so (所以) she is my _______.

A. parent B. sister C. brother D. cousin _

( )9. —Is she your sister? — ________.

A. Yes, she isn't B. No, it is C. Yes, she is D. No, she is

( )10. ________my sisters, Li Rong and Li Bing

A. That's B. Those's C. Those are D. She's

( )11. Those photos ______ nice.

A. are B. is C. be D. am

( )12. —Is John your brother? —Yes, ______ is.

A. she B. he C. it D. that

( )13. It is ______ my dictionary.

A. a photo to B. a photo of C. photos to D. photos of

( )14. —Is ______ your pen? —Yes, thank you. And ______ are my rulers?.

A. this; this B. this; these C. these; this D. these; these

( )15. —David, these are my friends, Bob and Mike.


A. How are you? B. Thanks. C. What’s your name? D. Nice to meet you!


Look here! This is a Jim's family. Tom Jim's father. He's tall(高is Emma. Jim's :mother. She's kind(和蔼的).

before(在……的前面靠着)Jim is Kate, Mr Green's . Jim and ( ) 16.A. Book B. Photo C. Map D. family

( ) 17.A. Is B. am C,. Are D./

( ) 18,A, She B, He's C. His D. He

( ) 19. A.A B. These C. This D.That's

( ) 20.A. She B. Her C. He D. His

( ) 21.A. Boy B. girl C. Brother D. Jim

( ) 22.A. Boy B. girl C. Sister D. Kate

( ) 23. A. Son B. sister C. Brother D. daughter

( ) 24.A. Kate B. father C. Mother D.I

( ) 25.A. Sister B. brother C. Cousin D. friend



( ) 26. Bob is Martin Brown’s (- - - - - -的)__________.

A. son B. daughter C. Brother D. sister

( ) 27. Mark Green is Jenny’s ________

A. Father C. Grandfather B. Mother D. daughter

( ) 28. Bob and Jenny are Tony’s ________

A. grandparents B. Parents C. aunt and uncle D. cousin

( ) 29. John is a boy. He is Joe and Tony’s ________

A. Daughter B. son C, cousin D. brother

( ) 30. Joe and Tony are Bob’s ________

A. Daughters B. Children C. Brothers D. cousins


My good friend Lucy has(有) a big (大的) family. Many (许多)members(成员) are in her family: her grandparents, her parents, her uncle, her aunt, her two cousins and she. Alan and Gina are her grandparents. Nick and Sonia are her parents. Paul is her uncle and Mona is her aunt. Dave is Paul and Mona’s first son. He is 12. Tim is Dave’s brother. He is 10.


( )31. ______ members are in Lucy’s family.

A. Six B. Seven C. Eight D. Nine

( )32. Alan is Lucy’s __________.

A. grandfather B. father C. uncle D. brother

( )33. Lucy’s parents are ___________.

A. Alan and Gina B. Nick and Sonia C. Paul and Mona D. Dave and Mona

( )34. Tim is Lucy’s _______.

A. brother B. cousin C. friend D. son

( )35. Dave is ______ years older than Tim (比蒂姆大……岁).

A. 12 B. 10 C. 4 D. 2



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