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七年级上7b unit 3 Reading(1)

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Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town!


一.Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims:

? To learn the new words and expressions: quiet, air, fresh, jogging, Western, underground famous, by underground, It takes…opera, local ,theatre ,Beijing opera, look forward to.

2. Ability aims:

? To train Ss’ skills of scanning.

? To improve the Ss’ comprehensive abilities of using language and the abilities of teaching themselves.

二.Teaching emphasis:

? To learn the new words and expressions.

? To improve the Ss’ comprehensive abilities of using language and the abilities of teaching themselves

三.Teaching difficulties:

? To learn how to find out useful information according to scanning the context

四.Teaching method:

? Free talk,

? Skimming and scannning,

? Teaching with pictures

五. Teaching aids:

? A tape recorder , pictures

六.Teaching procedures

Step 1 Presentation

1. If your friends come to visit you, what are you going to do with them? Where will you take them?

2. Present the new words: quiet , air, fresh, jogging .

T:I think there a lot of interesting things to do in our city/town. I’d like take them to…Park. There are a lot of trees and flowers in it. The sky is blue and the air is fresh. In the morning, the park is quiet and many people like jogging.

T: Having a big meal sounds great. I’d like to take them to…restaurant. Chinese food there is wonderful and it is near my home. It takes only ten minutes to get there on foot .If they want to try some Western food, I can take them to another famous restaurant. But it’s very far away so we have to go there by underground. Present the new words: western, underground , famous, by underground, It


T:What can we do at night? Go shopping? Watch films? I’ll take them to this place.It’s our local theatre.I look forward to enjoying Beijing opera there. Write the words on Bb:opera,local,theatre,Beijing opera and look forward to.

3. Read the new words fluently and then recite them. Open your books at page

33.Help the Class1, Grade7 match the words with the meanings.(PartB1)

Step 2 Pre-reading

1. T: As we all know, the city is too busy and the country is too quite. However, where is the best place to live? I think Sunshine Town is the best place. Do you want to know something about it. Let’s go.

2. T: OK, now if you want to know more about Sunshine Town, please answer two questions.

Step 3 While -reading

1. T: Here is something about Sunshine Town. Would you like to read it with me? Now open your books at page 32. Read it quickly and answer the following question . 1).Where is Sunshine Town? 2).What can the exchange students can do in the Sunshine Town? (They can go to the park, go shopping,eat Chinese food and enjoy Beijing opera.)

2. T: Now first listen to the tape and read after it .We have four groups now.I’d like you to read a different part. Group 1 Would you like to stay in a quiet town? Group2 Would you like to go shopping?

Group3 Would you like to eat Chinese food? Group4 Would you like to enjoy Beijing opera?

3.T: Next please listen to the tape and read after it and then tell us the sentences true or false at page 34(PartB3).

1. Sunshine Town is a quiet town.

2. Local people like jogging in the park in the morning.

3. There are not many shops in Sunshine Town.

4. The things in the shops are nice but expensive

5. You can eat Beijing duck in the town

6.You can learn how to sing Beijing opera in the town.

4.T: Third listen to the tape and read after it and then match the sentences at page


Step 4 Post-reading

T: Now please read the passage again . Then finish the questions.

1. Where’s the park?

2. What can people do in the park?

3.What can the exchange students buy in the shops?

4. What can the exchange students eat in the restaurant?

5.Where can the exchange students enjoy Beijing opera?

Step 5 Homework

1.Ss summary the content of this lesson.

2. Recite the new words

3. Find out useful words and phrases in Reading

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