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Unit 7
How much are these socks?

New words
? much [m?t?] 许多大量多少 big[b?g]大的 ? How much …多少钱? small [sm??l]小 的 ? sock [s?k] 短袜 short[???t]短的 ? shorts [???ts]短裤 long [l??]长的 ? sweater[?swet?] 毛衣woman['w?m?n]女子 ? trousers[?tra?z?z]裤子 dollar[’d?l?]美元 shoe [?u?] 鞋 skirt [sk??t] 裙子 ? need[ni?d] 需要 look [l?k]看,看上去

—What’s this? hat —It’s a ___. —What color is it? red and white —It’s ___________.
Is it nice? Yes, it is. 在生活中,我们常常讨论服装是否好看,常常想知道一件物品的价 格,那我们应怎样询问价格呢?今天我们就来讨论价格。

—What are these? socks —They’re ___. —What color are they? —They are ___________.

—What’s this? T-shirt —It’s a ___. —What color is it? —It’s ___________.

—What’s this? —It’s a shorts ___. —What color is it? —It’s ___________.

—What’s this? sweater —It’s a ___. —What color is it? —It’s ___________.

? ? ? ?

—What are these? trousers —They’re ___. —What color are they? —they are ___________.

? —What are these? shoes ? —They’re ___. —What color are they? ? —They are ___________.

—What’s this? skirt —It’s a ___. —What color is it? —It’s ___________.



one dollar


one yuan $ 2 two dollars





how much用于提问某物的价格,意为“多少钱”, 其句式为“How much + be +主语?” 当主语是不可数名词或可数名词单数时,be动词 用is,答语为It’s+数额;当主语是可数名词复数 时,be动词用are,答语为They’re+数额。如: —How much is this bag? 这个包多少钱? —It’s six dollars. 六美元。 —How much are the apples? 这些苹果多少钱? —They’re two dollars a kilo. 两美元一千克。

How much is the baseball?

It’s one dollar.

How much are the glasses?

They’re five dollars.
It’s three yuan.

How much is the hat?

2. socks是sock的复数形式。在英语中,成双成对 的物品常以复数形式出现。 例如:

shoes shorts trousers glasses chopsticks scissors

此类词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式;但与a pair of …(一双、一对或一副)连用作主语时, 谓语动词用单数形式。如: My shoes are under the bed. 我的鞋在床下面。 That pair of shorts is Jack’s. 那条短裤子是杰克的。

1a Match the words with the things in the picture. ? 1.socks I
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2.T-shirt d 3.shorts a 4.sweater c 5.bag f 6.hat g 7.trousers j 8.shoes b 9.jacket h 10.skirt e

1b Listen and circle the things you
hear in the pictures in 1a.


Practice the conversation above. Then make your own conversations. It’s seven dollars.

How much is this T-shirt?

How much are these socks?

They’re two dollars.













? 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. — How much is (these) sweater? —It’s 120 yuan. 2. Here (be) your shoes. 3. —How much are those yellow ___ (sock)? —They’re 6 yuan. 4.The red hat is seven (dollar). 5.(this) pink shorts are 70 yuan. 答案: 1. this 2. are 3. socks 4.dollars 5. These

? 看图完成对话
1. A: B: They’re 2 dollars. 2. A: How much is B: It’s 200 yuan.
3. A: are the T-shirts? B: They’re blue. A: the skirt? B: 3 dollars.



答案: 1. How much are the/those/these socks 2.the/this/that (black) bag 3. What color; How much is ; It’s=It is

2a Listen and repeat.
colors black white red green blue









Listen to the conversations and circle the things you hear.

2c Listen again. Fill in the price tags.



?1.一顶红色的大帽子 2.一顶黄色的小帽子 ?3.一件黄色的小体恤4.一件黄色的长体恤 ?5.紫色的大帽子 6.这件棕色毛衣 ?7.那件红色的短裤 8.那件绿色的体恤衫 ?9.那些蓝黄相间的长袜子 ?10.黑色裤子

?1.a big red hat 2.a small yellow hat ?3.a small yellow T-shirt 4.a long yellow Tshirt. 5.big purple hats 6.this brown sweater 7.those red shorts 8.that green T-shirt 9.those long blue and yellow socks ?10.the black trousers


Ask and answer questions about the things in 2b.
It’s 8 dollars. It’s … dollars.

How much is the green T-shirt?

How much is the …?

How much are the red shorts?

They’re nine dollars.

How much are the …?


need需要 twenty二十 look 看;看上去 Mr.先生 Pair一双;一对 clothes 衣服,服装 take 买下;拿;取 store 商店 ten 十 buy 买 eleven 十一 sale特价出售 twelve十二 sell卖 thirteen 十三 all所有的;全部的 fifteen 十五 very 很,非常 eighteen 十八 price 价格 boy男孩

Read 2e and answer some questions.读2e,回答问题

1.Does Mary need a sweater for school? 2.What color does she want ? 3.How much is the sweater? 4.How much are those yellow sock? 5.How many pairs of socks will she take?

Read the dialogue in 2e and fill in the blanks.


_______ blue ___________ nine


_______ socks

_______ yellow

__________ two dollars ____________ three dollars for one pair for two pairs


Role-play the conversation.

Woman : Can I help you? Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. Woman : OK. What color do you want? Mary: Blue . Woman : How about this one? Mary: It looks nice. How much is it ? Woman : Nine dollars. Mary: I’ll take it . How much are those yellow socks? Woman : Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. Mary: Great ! I’ll take two pairs. Woman : Here you are. Mary: Thank you. Woman : You’re welcome.

Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? 这是商店售货员或其他服务人员招呼顾客 时的

礼貌用语,相当于What can I do for you?。接受对方的帮助常回答“Yes, please.”;拒绝对方的帮助用“No, thanks.” 作答。如: —Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? —Yes, please. I want a pen. 是的。 我想要一支钢笔。

I need a sweater for school. 我需要一件毛衣上学穿。 need是实义动词,意为“需要”。常用于 以下句式中: 1) need+sth.,表示“需要某物”。如: I need some erasers. 我需要一些橡皮。 2) need +to do sth. 表示“需要做某事”, 这时need的主语是“人”。如: You need to put on your jacket. 你需要穿上你的夹克。

I’ll take it. 我要买下它。 此句是选好商品并决定购买时的常用语。若 选定的物品是单数,可以说“I’ll take/have it”;若选定的物品是复数则应说“I’ll take/have them.”。如: The sweater is cheap. I’ll take it. 这件毛衣很便宜。我买了(我要买下它)。 —The oranges are 2 dollars. 这些桔子两美元。 —I’ll take them. 我买了。 (我要买下它们)

( 描述一下你所买的服饰)

I have a hat. It’s $4. It’s red. It’s small. I like it very much.

? Grammar Focus
How much is the hat ?
How much is this Tshirt?

It’s five dollars.
It’s seven dollars.

It’s=It is

How much is that brown sweater?

It’s eight dollars.

How much are these socks?
How much are those black trousers?

They’re two dollars.
They’re nine dollars.

They’re=The y are

? 3a Make sentences in the chart with the words in the three boxes.

How much is…?
? this yellow T-shirt

How much are…?
? these green shorts

? 3b Look at the pictures and write the questions and answers.

1. How much is the hat?________ 2. How much is the bag?_______ 3. How much is the T-shirt?______ 4. They’re three dollars. 5. It’s nine dollars. 6. It’s eight dollars.
? $10.00 ? $6.00 ? $3.00
? $9.00

? Answer :

? ? ? ? ? ?

1.It’s five dollars. 2. It’s ten dollars. 3. It’s six dollars. 4.How much are these socks? 5.How much is the sweater? 6.How much is the skirt?

3c Students A, look at the pictures in 3b for a minute and then close your book. Student B, ask questions.

? $10.00

? $6.00

? $9.00
? $3.00

二、单项选择 B 1. —I like that watch. _______ is it? —It’s 20 yuan. A. How many B. How much C. What color A 2. My T-shirt ___ white and my shorts ___ yellow. A. is; are B. are; are C. are; is C 3. I want _____ the blue T-shirt? A. get B. gets C. to get

4. —_____, sir? A —I need a pair of sports shoes. A. Can I help you B. How do you do C. What do you do 5. —Can I use (用) your eraser? —Yes. _____. C A. Thank you B. You’re welcome C. Here you are

1. This shirt is small for me. (改为复数意义 的句子) ______ _____ _____ small for me. These shirts are 2. The red skirt is 20 yuan. (对划线部分提 问) _____ _____ __ the red skirt? How much i

s 3. Those shoes are yellow. (对划线部分提问) _______ _____ _____ those shoes? What color are

4. She needs a skirt for school. (改为否定句) doesn’t need She _______ _____ a skirt for school. 5. Is the blue hat two dollars? (作肯定回答) ___, it is Yes ___ __.



small short 1.big (反义词) _______ 2. long (反义词) _______ 3. white (反义词) black 4. sock (复数) _______ _____ socks 5. shoe (复数) ________ 6. this (复数) __________ these shoes those 7. that (复数) ________ 8. dollar (复数) dollars ________ 9. 需要我帮助吗? Can I help you? _____________ 10. 这个怎么样? _______________________ How/What about this one? I’ll take it. 11. 我将买它。___________________ three dollars for two pairs 12. 三美元两双 ______________________ 13. 给你 _____________________ Here you are.


How much is …? It?s…dollars .


How much are…? They are…dollars .


$13 $11 $12

Period 3

50元 store buy sell price Mr. Bean

原价50元 现价10元




a pair of shoes

Can you read these numbers ?
10 11 18 19 26 27 12 20 28 13 21 29 14 22 30 15 23 31 16 24 17 25

ten thirteen

eleven twelve

fourteen → four + teen 16 sixteen

fifteen 17 seventeen eighteen 19 nineteen

twenty thirty

→ twen + ty → thir + ty 40 forty fifty sixty

twenty-one thirty-two sixty-seven

50 60


Listen and repeat.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


Find out the rules.
twelve thirteen /ti:n/ fourteen fifteen sixteen twenty /ti/ thirty forty fifty sixty

?seventeen _________ ?eighteen _________ ?ninetee _________ n

?seventy ________ ?eighty ________ ?ninety ________

基数词 10-12 无规律 13-19 加teen 20-90 加ty 几十几 十位—个位

1. 基数词的表达 1) one到twelve, 拼写和读音无规律可言, 只能逐一 记忆。 2) thirteen到nineteen,表示“十几”,在个位数 后加后缀-teen,其中要注意thirteen, fifteen和 eighteen的拼写。 3) twenty到ninety,表示“几十”,以ty结尾, 但需注意twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, eighty的拼写。 4) 21~29 直到91~99,表示“几十几”,用整十位 数加个位表示, 中间用连字符“-” 把十位和个位 连接起来。

5) one hundred 意为 “一百”,也可说a hundred,hundred可加具体数字,如nine hundred (900)。 2. 基数词的用法: 基数词只能修饰可数名词,要注意数词和 名词在数上要保持一致。如: one student 一名学生 two boys 两名男孩 twenty apples 二十个苹果 thirty-three eggs 三十三个鸡蛋

基数词 1--12 thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine

表达 one two three four five six seven ei

ght nine ten eleven twelve


20, 30


基数词的基本表达法 1-12的单词拼写需格外注意。


one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty

13-19在3-9后加后缀-teen构成,单词 有两个重音,对于13,15,18要特殊记 忆。


twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four 20-100之间其他各数要在十位和个位 twenty-five twenty-six 之间加连字符构成。 twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine


Listen and repeat.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


Write the numbers in 1a next to the correct word. Which rows of numbers are in the wrong places?

ten __ eleven __11 twelve __ thirteen __ fourteen __ 10 12 13 14 twenty-five __ twenty-seven __ 25 twenty-six __ 26 27 twenty-eight __ twenty-nine __ 28 29 twenty __ twenty-one __ twenty-two 22 20 21 twenty-three __ twenty-four __ 23 24 fifteen __ sixteen __ seventeen __ eighteen __ 16 17 18 nineteen15 __ thirty __ thirty-one __ 19



Listen and circle the numbers 1c you hear in 1a.
10 21 11 22 12 23 13 24 14 25 15 26 16 27 17 28 18 29 19 30 20 31


Listen again. Circle the things in the picture that Kate and her mom talk about. Check (√) the thing Kate buys.


Ask and answer questions about the things in the picture above. It’s 15 dollars.

How much is the blue sweater?

How much is/are… ?

It’s…/ They’re…



How much do you think these things cost? Match each clothing item with a price. 3. socks ___ a 5. shorts __ d

1. a skirt ___ b

f 2. a sweater ___ 4. trousers ____ 6. shoes c __ e

a. $3 b. $15

c. $30 d. $20

e. $22 f. $25

price tags. Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! We sell all our clothes at very good prices. Do you like sweaters? We have red and green sweaters for only $15! Yellow sweaters are only $12! Do you need trousers? For boys, we have black trousers for only $22. And shorts are only $16! For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20. How much are our jackets? Only $30! And we have black shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs! Come to Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now!

2b Read the ad and fill the




短文中所描述的物品相对应。 最后,将衣物名称与价格一一对应,填入 价签中。

3. buy用作动词,意为“买”,常用短语 为:buy sb. sth./buy sth. for sb.意为“给某 人买某物”。如: Let’s buy mom a new hat. (=Let’s buy a new hat for mom.) 我们给妈妈买顶新帽子吧。

4. clothes指身上穿的各种服装,包括上衣, 内衣,裤子等,是衣服的总称。它不能直 接与数词

连用,但可以与some, many, these或those等连用。如: Look! Some clothes are on sale over there. 看!那边的衣服大减价了。

5. sale是动词sell的名词形式,常用短语:on sale,意为“出售;廉价出售”,其同义短语 为at a great sale。如: The sweaters in the store are on sale today. 今天这家商店的毛衣大减价了。 6. all与定冠词、指示代词、形容词性物主代词 等限定词连用时,all应放于这些词之前。如: all the students 所有这些学生 all her clothes 她所有的衣服 all those rooms 所有那些房间

7. at very good prices意为“以合理的价格 (出售)”。price用作名词,意为 “价格”。 如: What’s the price of the book? 这本书多少钱? They have sweaters in all colors, at the price of$15 each. 他们有各种颜色的毛衣,每件售价是15元。

8. For girls, we have skirts in red and purple for only$20. 对于女孩,我们有红色和紫色 的裙子,仅售20元。 1) for girls中的for是“对于……而言”;for only$20中的for是“交换”的意思。 2) 该句中的 in 后接颜色的词,表示 “穿……颜色的……”。如: The girl in red is my sister. 那个穿红衣服的女孩是我妹妹。

$ 15

$ 12

$ 20

$ $ 16 22




Imagine you work at Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store. Complete the conversation.

You: Hello, ______ I help you? Girl: Yes, please. I need a ______. You: How about these purple ______. Girl: Oh, I like this one. How ______ is it? You: It’s only ______ dollars. Girl: Oh, good. I’ll _____ it. You: And what do you need? Boy: Well, I need a pair of black ____ for school.

You: What about this pair? They are _____ twenty-eight _______. Boy: Great. And do you have shorts, too? You: Yes, our shorts are only ______ dollars. Boy: OK. I’ll take the _____ and the ______.
阅读指导: 首先,快速阅读对话一遍,明确自己售货员的身 份,可知第一句话应为“Can I help you?”。 然后,读对话,通过对话中谈到的衣物的颜色或 价格等信息来确定是何衣物;或通过所谈到的衣 物来填写其颜色或价格。

如在女孩购物的情境中,根据所谈到these red and purple one,再与。短文中的“We have skirt in red and purple”信息相对应,可知女孩 是想买短裙,价格是$20。 男孩谈到需要一双棕色的某物上学穿,再由 下文知其仅是28美元,回顾短文可知所谈应是鞋 子。男孩还谈到了要买短裤,对应短文内容可知 短裤的价格是16美元。

Answers: Can, skirt, skirts, much, 20, take, shoes, only, dollars, 16, shoes, shorts

Practice the conversation in a group.

You: Hello, Can I help you? Girl: Yes, please. I need a skirt. You: How about these purple skirts? Girl: Oh, I like this one. How much is it? You: It’s only 20 dollars. Girl: Oh, good. I’ll take it. You: And what do you need?

Boy: Well, I need a pair of b

lack shoes for school. You: What about this pair? They are only 28 dollars. Boy: Great. And do you have shorts, too? You: Yes, our shorts are only 16 dollars. Boy: OK. I’ll take the shoes and the shorts.

10 ten 11 eleven 16 sixteen 21 twentyone

13 thirteen 18

15 fifteen 19 nineteen 35





28 twentyeight


thirty-five thirtynine

二、做数学题,学英语。 five 1. twenty-six - twelve - nine = _______ thirty-five 2. sixteen + eight + eleven = _________ twenty-six 3. eighteen - seven + fifteen = ___________ 4. thirteen+fourteen-twenty-five = _____ two 5. twenty-nine-thirteen-ten = _________ six 6. thirty-nine - twenty - five =_________ fourteen ten 7. twelve + thirteen - fifteen= _________ twenty-eight 8. nineteen -eleven + twenty =___________

三、用介词at, for, in 填空。 For for 1. _____ girls, we you can buy skirt ____ ¥16. 2. The girl _____ red sweater is my cousin, in Jenny. 3. Come and buy your clothes ____ our great at sale. 4. Do you know the boy ____ black? in at 5. They sell nice clothes ______ good prices. 6. His grandfather likes noodles ____ breakfast. for at 7. Please call Allan ____ 789-5466.

Period 4

$ 16

$ 9 good price
It’s for girls.

It’s a skirt at great sale.

They’re for boys.
They are trousers at great sale.

only $ 5

进 店 时

挑 选 货 物

Can I help you ? 服务员首先打招呼 May I help you? What can I do for you? I’m looking for … 顾客讲出要求 需要购买时 I’d like … I want … Can I have a look at… 只是闲逛时 Just have a look. No, thanks. I’m just looking around. 询问顾客想买的商品时 What kind/color/size do you want? What about the color /size? 向顾客推荐商品时 How do you like…? How about…? How much is it? 询问和说明价格 How much are they? What ’s the price of…? It’s …/They’re… 决定购买 I’ll take it / them. 付钱 Here is the money.

A: c 1 B: Yes, please. I want a skirt for my daughter. A: 2 b B: Green or blue. A: Look at the skirts over there. We have different colors. a. Can you help me? Which would you like? b. B: I think the green one is nice.g 3 What color would you like? c. Can I help you? A: It’s 150 yuan. B: Oh. It’s too expensive. d. Do you have a small one? A: f4 It’s only 60 yuan. e. How much are they? B: It’s cheap, but it is big. d 5 f. What about this one? A: Yes. Here you are. g. What’s the price?

3a Look at the things in the picture. Fill in the blanks in the ad.
? ? ? ? ? ? Huaxing Clothes Store Big Sale! Do you likeT-shirt ? We have green T-shirts for only 12 yuan. How much are our sweaters ? Only 21 yuan. And red skirts are 25 yuan.

3b Write an ad for your own clothes store. Come and buy your clothes at.Zig Zag Clothes Store Do you like sweater ? ? We have sweater i

n all color for only ? 15 yuan. And our socksare only 2 yuan. How about our T-shirts ?They?re only 18 yuan. We have red skirts for girls and blue shorts for boys. They?re only 20 yuan. ? Come to our store now!

Self Check
1. Describe what these people are wearing today. ? I : a pair of white socks. ? My partner: . ? My teacher: . 2.Put the sentences in order to make a conversation.

? G-E-B-H-I-F-D-A-C

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?

G: Can I help you? E: Yes , please. Do you sell bags? B: I’m sorry. We don’t sell bags. H: Hmm… those trousers are nice. How much are they? I: They’re twenty-five dollars. F: OK. I’ll take them. D: Here you are. A: Thank you. C: You’re welcome.

? 找出每组词中不属于同一范畴的词

? 1.A.red B.blue C.white D.salad ? 2.A.bags B.tomatoes C.carrots D.potatoes ? 3.A.pants B.shorts C.socks D.soccers ? 4.A.boring B.interesting C.friend D.difficult ? 5.A.big B.sale C.long D.short 6.A.shop B.buy C.sell D.believe

找出句子中某个词的反义词来填空 : 1.I don?t like short hair. I like ________ hair. 2.My shoes are too old. I want to buy ________ ones. 3.The store sells school things. You can ________ some pencils there. 4.I think this book is very easy for me and that book is very ________. 5.Watching TV is too boring. But playing sports is very ________. 6.His first name is Ann and his ________ name is Green. 7.The shirt is too small for me. Give me a ________ one, please. 8.The blackboard is black. The words on it are ? long, new, buy ,difficult, ________.
interesting, last, big, white

? ? ? ?

将下列短语译成英语 in all colors 1.各种颜色的________ bags for sports 2.运动包 ___________ for oneself 3.亲自___________ 4.看一看 ___________ have a look on sale ? 5.出售___________ at a good price 6.价格合理 ___________ clothing store/shop ? 7.服装店___________ get to 8.到达 ___________ like…cheap ? 9.愿意……便宜___________ 10.不只这些 That’s not all. __________

? .单项选择 ? ( )1.Where ________ your new pants? ________ on the bed. A.is, It?s B.are, They are C.is, They?re D.are, It?s ? B(pants作主语, 谓语中be用are ? ( )2.What color ________ the socks? A.can B.do C.are D.is ? C(主语socks是复数) ? ( )3.The girl ________ a colorful pencil. A.there is B.there are C.have D.has D(主语the girl是单数

? 4.It?s that time ________ year again. A.for B.of C.for a D.of a
B(that time of year一年中的那个时节

? ( )5.You want it, we have it, ________ a very good price. A.for B.at C.of D.in B(“以……价格销售”用介词at
? ( )6.We have sweaters ________ all colors ________ ¥50 each. A.in, at B.at, in C.in, in D.at, at ? A(in all colors各种颜色的,

at ¥50 each以每 件50美元的价格)

? 7.Come down ________ Huaxing and see ________ yourself. A.to, to B.for, for C.to, for D.for, to ? C(come down to来到某处for yourself你亲自 ? ( )8.We can ________ books ________ the bookstore (书店). A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sell, from D.buy, to B(buy…from…从……购买… ? ( )9.The store ________ school things ________ the students. A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sells, to D.buys, from


? ( )10.There ________ many shorts ________ sale in the store. A.are, on B.are, for C.is, on D.is, for ? A(on sale出售 ? ? ( )11.________ the pants? ? They’re 15 yuan. ? A.How many is B.How many are C.How much is D.How much are

D(how much可以表示询问价格)

? ( )12.We read $ 10as ________. A.ten dollar B.ten dollars C.dollar ten D.dollars ten

? B($10读作ten dollars) ? ( )13.This shirt is very cheap. I?ll ________ it. A.bring B.take C.want D.believe ? B(take此处表示“买下”)
? ( )14.________ a clerk work in a store? A.Is B.Are C.Does D.Do ? C(主语为a clerk, 谓语是行为动词work, 因此 疑问句助动词为does)

? ( )15.We have T-shirts ________ green for only $ 8. A.at B.in C.on D.wit
B(in green绿色的)

? .指出并改正句中的一处错误。 1.How much is the socks? is→are ________________ 2.How much are that pants? that→those ________________ 3.These shoes are twenty-three dollar. dollar→dollars ________________ 4.That hat is eight yuan ________________ yuans→yuan 5.Fourteen and twenty-six is forty. forteen→fourteen ________________

? 6.Have a look for the picture. for →at ________________ ? 7.They each has a bag for sports. has→have _____________ ? 8.We have many bags. Do you like it cheap. it→them ________________ ? 9.Thank a lot. You?re welcome. Thank→Thanks ________________ short→shorts ? 10.I?ll take these short. _______________

? 阅读短文,回答问题


Sam likes eating fish very much. He often buys fish in the shop and takes them home. One day his wife sees the fish and thinks, “Good! Now, I can ask my friends to have lunch and we can eat the fish. They like fish very much. ” When Sam comes home from work in the evening, the fish is not there and his wife says, “Oh, your cat eats it. ”And then she gives him some bread for his supper. Sam is angry (生气).

? He takes the cat and his wife to a shop near his house and weighs (称)the cat. Then he turns to his wife and says, “My fish weighs one kilo. The cat weighs one kilo, too. My cat is here, you see, then, where is my fish? ”

1.What does Sam like eating very much? Fish. 2.Who eat the fish that day? Sam’s wife and her friends ? 3.How much does the fish weigh? ? One kilo.

? 4.What does Sam?s wife give him for supper?

? Some bread. ? 5.Can you guess if (是否)Sam knows where the fish is?

? Maybe he knows they eats up the fish.

? .完形填空 ? A boy and a girl catch(抓住) a bird and 1 it in a birdcage(鸟笼). They like it very much and 2 it every day. A cat(猫) sees the bird and wants 3 her supper. 4 the bird is in the cage. She can?t catch it. So she is very angry. One day, she opens the door of the cage 5 wants to catch it. But the bird flies away. The cat 6 , and she has 7 . The two children 8 and see the bird isn?t in. They are very angry and put the cat into the cage.

? ( )1.A.take B.put C.carry D.bring ? B(put动词, “放, 放置”的意思) ? ( )2.A.see B.look C.have a look D.have a look at ? .D(have a look at“看一看……”的意思) ? ( )3.A.have it for B.has it for C.to have it for D.to has it so ? C(wants后接不定式to have ? ( )4.A.But B.And C.So D.Then

? .A(but表示转折关系)

? 5.A.but B.and C.so D.or ? B(and表示并列关系) ? ( )6.A.can to fly B.can fly C.can?t to fly D.can?t fly ? B(can是情态动词, 后面接动词原形) ? ( )7.A.no ways B.some ways C.any way D.not way ? A(has no ways没有办法) ? ( )8.A.come back to home B.come back home C.come to home D.back home ? B(come back home返回家中)

? 书面表达 假如你的服装店出售很多的衣、帽、 鞋、袜等,请写一则销售广告。(开头已给) Welcome to Fenghua Clothing Sale. These Tshirts are just $ 5 each ... ? Do you like any sweaters? We have sweaters in all colors at$15 each. Do you need bags for sports or school? We have great bags for just $4. And hats in all colors for just$2 each. We have socks for$6. And that’s not all. Please come to Fenghua and see for yourself.

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