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初一英语期中复习练习 2013

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初一英语期中复习练习 2013.10.28

一、情景对话(5分)(选用方框中句子完成对话,其中有两项是多余的) Millie.

Kitty: I live on Spring Road.

Millie: I live on Spring Road, too.

Millie: Of course.Here’s my address.

Millie: Football. But I’m not good at it.

Millie:Don’t worry, I think you can play it well. Then we can go and play football after school.


( ) 1. Do you know this word?

A. how read B. to how read C. how to read D. how reading

( ) 2. after school every day?

A. Do; home B. Does; to home

C. Does ; home D. Does; his home

( ) 3. Yes. We it every day.

A. Does; cleans B. Are ; clean C. Do; cleans D. Is; clean

( )4. Frank is a A. good ; good B. good; well C. well; good D. well; well

( A. /; the B. /; / C. the; the D. the ; /

( ) 6.Is his name Daniel? Yes, .He is my classmate.

A. he is B. it is C. it does D. he does

( the teacher

A. with; with B. about; about C. with; about D. about; with

( ) 8.I am from Nanjing I live in Shanghai now.

A. so B. and C. after D.but

( )9. Do you often say “”to your parents before go to bed? .

A. Good evening B. Goodbye C. Going to bed D. Good night

( you free at weekends?

No, I any free time.

A. Are ; don’t have B. Do; don’t have

C. Are; doesn’t have D. Do; doesn’t have


Hi.my name is Craig.I come from England.There are four people in my famiIy,my father,my mother,my sister and I. live together in a big house.There is a garden behind our house.

I often play games

- 1 -

with my sister there. I have a pet rabbit called Scoty.Can you guess what it is?It's black.I like it very much.

.We have

at 7:30.After breakfast,my sister and I put on our school uniforms(校 服).I 6 grey trousers and a white shirt.We walk to 7 .

Science and History.I also enjoy PE lessons. We can play football.basketball and badminton(羽毛球).

Mum collects(接走)us from school at 3:15 p.m.Sometimes we go to McDonald’s.hing to eat and drink at McDonald’s.But we usually go straight(直接地)home.

In the evening,I usually do my homework before watching TV. Mum helps .We usually go to bed at 10 o’clock.

( )1.A.long B.old C.tall D.big

( )2.A.both B.all C.each D.every

( )3.A.age B.colour C.hobby D.time

( )4.A.finishes B.looks C.starts D.takes

( )5.A.dinner B.1unch C.supper D.breakfast

( )6.A.dress B.put C.use D.wear

( )7.A.work B.school C.factory D.home

( )8.A.are B.is C.am D.be

( )9.A.want B.tell C.take D.buy

( )10.A.jn B.of C.with D.on



Tom is my friend.He was born(出生)in Beijing in 1999,but he lives in our city with his parents because his parents work here now.Tom is in Class 3

Grade 7.He is a tall and strong boy.He has short hair.Tom is good at playing football.He is the best football player in our school football team.He usually plays well in matches.He scores(得分)many goals and helps the team win

matches.He tells me that he wants to play in the 2018 World Cup.He practises playing football every afternoon.He wants to be a great football player!

Tom studies hard at school,too.He is good at English and Chinese,but he is not good at Maths.He is working hard at it now.I think he,¨be better.

( )1.years old now.

A.eleven B.twelve C.thirteen D.fifteen

( )2.What subject isn’t Tom good at?

A.Chinese. B.English. C.Maths. D.Music.

( )3.What team is Tom in?

A.A basketbalI team. B.A footbalI team.

C.A volleyball team. D.A tennis team.

( )4.How old will Tom be when he plays in the World Cup?

A.Twenty—three B.Thirteen. C.Eighteen. D.Nineteen.

( )5.The passage tells us something about

A.Tom’s brother B.Tom’s friend C.Tom D.Tom’s parents

- 2 -


Dear Miss Wang,

My name is Simon.I am good at my lessons in my new school.But I have no friend here.I always spend the school day on my own(独自).I feel very Can you help me?

I am the only child in my famiIy.I have no brother or sister.My parents have no time to stay with me.I often see other students in our class to go to school together.And they chat with their friends happily after lunch。They also do after-school activities together.But I have no friend to talk with me.1 want to make friends with my new classmates.But I just don’t know how to have fun with them. Can you tell me what I should do? Thank you very much

Yours, Simon

( )6.How does Simon spend the school day?

A.Chatting with his friends. B.On his own.

C.Playing with brothers. D.Staying with his parents

( )7.The word“lonely”means“________”in Chinese.

A.疲倦的 B.伤心的 C.孤单的 D.兴奋的

( )8.Which of the following is true?

A.He isn’t good at his lessons

B.He has no brother or sister.

C.His parents are not busy.

D.He has many friends in his new sch001.

( )9.What do Simon’s classmates NOT do together?

A.Going to school. B.Chatting after lunch.

C.Coming back home. D.Doing after—school activities

( )10.Why does Simon write this letter to Miss Wang?

A.To tell her his family. B.To tell her his schooI.

C.To make friends with her. D.To ask her for help.


Liu Ming is in Class1,Grade7. His Chinese teacher thinks he enjoys reading and writing. He knows a lot of short stories. His English teacher says he plays too much basketball and doesn’t do his homework.He does well in Art. He likes drawing pictureaof animals. His Maths teacher says he often gets a high score(分数) on the Maths test. He is polite and helpful. He gets to school early and does some cleaning for the class. All students like playing with him. We wish him to do

- 3 -

A、写出下列单词划线部分的音标。 /


B、找出一个划线部分读音与其余三个不同的选项。 1. ( 2, ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( 六、单词拼写(10分)


1. Tom has a lot of 业余爱好).

2. I’m 3. Daniel is a hard-working student with (glass). 4. We have eleven 5. Does your sister enjoy (shop)?


1. Amy is in the (跳舞)Club. 2. Are they the (成员) of the school basketball team?

3. What 其他的) do you want to buy?

4. Look, Sandy is (穿过) there.

5. My parents hope my (梦想) comes true.


1. My mum (wash) clothes every day.

2. David 3. Is your sister good at 4. Let me (look) after your e-dog.

5. (be) Tom with his parents in China now?




Music 3.你和你的同学放学后经常做什么?

What do you 4.他周末不打乒乓球。

He 5.Daniel有时通过电视看球赛。

Daniel sometimes TV.

- 4 -

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