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unit 2 heping people B

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Use one sentence to describe the picture by using the words.

drop/dropped A lady drop her bag. A lady dropped her bag.

pick up/ picked up I pick it up.

I picked it up.

carry/carried I carry it for her. I carried it for her.

Listen to the tape again, then tell us what happened?

smell/smelled smoke I smell smoke. I smelled smoke.

see/saw a fire I see a fire.

I saw a fire.

shout/ shouted for help

We shout for help. We shouted for help.

Listen to the tape again, then tell us what happened?

lose/ lost my wallet I lose my wallet. I lost my wallet.

find/ found it
A woman find man’s wallet. A woman found man’s wallet.

give/ gave it to the police

The woman give it to the police.
The woman gave it to the police.

Listen to the tape again, then tell us what happened?

drop pick carry smell see shout lose find give happen

dropped picked carried smelled saw shouted lost found gave happened

dropped a wallet picked up a bag carried it for her smelled the smoke saw the fire shouted for help lost his wallet someone found it gave the wallet to police What happened?

Listen. Number the pictures in the correct order.


Listen again, answer the following questions.

a) Did Dan carry someone’s bags? b) What did Dan do? c) Why did Carl make lunch for his grandpa? d) What did Carl do after his grandpa went to bed? e) Why did hen help Katie? f) Where was Katie’s Discman?

The answers of the practice B2 and B3

found some money picked up some books gave Candy my umbrella packed Andy’s schoolbag Someone lost a cat. A man smelled smoke. Some people saw a fire. They found the cat.



Ask the students to say the past tense of the verb.

Present happen drop pick carry smell see run shout

Present Past Past happened lose lost dropped find found picked give gave carried help helped smelled take took saw cross crossed ran have had shout make made

Past Present went go washed wash hang hung read /ri;d/ read / red/ packed pack worked work got get bought buy wanted want

Read the sentences and find the mistakes. Each sentence has one mistake.

1. Yesterday , I dropped a bag. droped ran 2. We runned and shouted for help. found 3. I finded a purse last night. took 4. Lily taked a book to me last week . wash 5. This morning I didn’t washed my face. 6. I did make lunch for my parents made yesterday.

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