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北师大版初二英语Lesson 24同步练习

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Lesson 24同步练习


1. Don’t worry, Mom. I ________ in the kitchen. I promise.

2. David _________ his shoes and then went into the room.

3. Please ______ yourselves. I will be back soon.

4. His hope __________________ and he became a doctor.

5. He’s _______! He can’t blow out any more candles!


1. Jane ____________ (buy) a red sports car in 2009.

2. There ________ (be) a football match next week.

3. She ________ (lose) her wallet, so she had to walk home.

4. Jane ___________ (invite) Sam to her house next Sunday because he will have an important meeting.

5. Don’t talk so loudly. Your brother ___________ (sleep).

6. My sister ___________ (come) to see me. She’ll be here soon.


1. 他忘记了邀请李叔叔来参加他的生日聚会。

He ______________________ _____________ Uncle Li to his birthday party.

2. 现在是晚上7点。是播放新闻联播的时间。

It’s 7 p.m. ________________ _________ CCTV news.

3. 她给女孩们买了几个洋娃娃。

She __________________ the girls.

4. 别担心你的英语,我会帮助你的。

________________________________ your English. I will help you.

5. 你能教我怎样用电脑吗?

Could you ________________ ______________________ the computer?


I. 1. won’t make a mess 2. took off3. take care of 4. came true5. out of breath

II. 1. bought2. will be3. lost 4. won’t invite5. is sleeping6. is coming

Ⅲ. 1. forgot to invite2. It’s time for3. bought a few dolls for 4. Don’t worry about5. teach me how to use

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