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北师大版初二英语Lesson 23同步练习

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Lesson 23同步练习


1. More and more foreigners are interested in Chinese _______ (文化).

2. There was something wrong with my left ____________ (肩膀).

3. They __________ (鼓掌) Deng Yaping because she won the table tennis match.

4. I remembered meeting you ____________ (在某处).

5. The Black ______________ (欢呼) when they heard the good news.


A) arrive, get, reach

1. Jane and her brother _________ the World Expo Garden (世博园) last Tuesday.

2. It was raining heavily when she ________________ to the park.

3. Tom and his family __________ in Tianjin next month.

B) thousand, thousands

1. There are five ______________ people on the ground.

2. _______________________ of people went to see the film After Shock.

C) look for, look up

1. —What are you doing, Peter?

—I’m _________________ my MP4 player.

2. You’d better _______________ the word in the dictionary.

D) at, in, on

1. The baby was born __________ September.

2. New Year is celebrated ___________ January 1st.

3. They arrived __________ eight o’clock in the morning.


I. 1. culture 2. shoulder 3. clapped 4. somewhere 5. cheered

II. A) 1. reached2. got3. will arrive / are arriving

B) 1. thousand2. Thousands

C) 1. looking for 2. look up

D) 1. in 2. on3. at

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