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北师大版初二英语Lesson 20 同步练习

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Lesson 20 同步练习


1. Tom is very ________ (careful, careless) and he seldom makes mistakes in his daily life.

2. She is a good teacher and _____ (patient, impatient) with her students.

3. Mark is lazy and his hair is always ______________ (clean, dirty).

4. You should be careful ______ (for, with) your wallet (钱包). Don’t lose it.

5. When you leave the classroom, don’t leave the lights ________ (on, off). We should save electricity.

6. Two of the skirts are beautiful and I want to take ___________ (either, both) of them.


( )1. I like eating meat, ________ my father likes eating vegetables.

A. but B. because

C. so D. on the other hand

( )2. It is very hot in July in China, _____________, it is cold in Australia.

A. but B. while

C. so D. on the other hand

( )3. ____ Eric is very humorous, Danny is quite serious.

A. So B. While

C. Because D. On the other hand

( )4. Some people love plants ___________ others dislike them.

A. to B. because

C. so D. on the other hand

( )5. On the one hand he wants to travel to Shanghai, but _________ he doesn’t have enough time.

A. in the end B. because of

C. instead of D. on the other hand


I. 1. careful2. patient3. dirty 4. with5. on6. both


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