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Unit 10

By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.
No. 11 Middle School

1、What do you usually do in the morning before school? 2. Did you have any trouble in the morning? 3. Do you like mornings? Why or why not?

brush my teeth

take a shower

have breakfast

go to school

Look at the pictures of Tina’s morning and see what happened to her?

Tina’s bad morning

She overslept

Someone was taking a shower

The bus left

She had to run to school quickly

She left her backpack at hom

By the time she got outside, the bus had already left.

By the time she got outside, the bus had already left.

by the time 意思是 “到…的时候”, 相当于 when , 后接过去时的句子 时, 主语的谓语动词用过去完成时态.

1. 构成: had +V-p.p 2. 过去完成时态的含义:

主要是表示在过去某个时间,或是动作 之前已经发生或完成的动作.也就是: 过去的过去.

1、表示过去的过去,通常由when或by引 导的短语或者从句做时间状语或时间状 语从句 ① By the end of last year, I had learned about one thousand English words ② By the time he was twenty, he had won about ten medals

③ When I got there, they had already left

① He told me he had already finished his homework ② I realized he had fooled me again

I didn’t go to the movies yesterday because I had seen it twice


ring get go leave start be take run wake

rang got went left started was/were took ran woke

rung gotten gone left started been taken run woken

My little brother went to bed
8:00pm now


I got home

By the time I got home, my little brother had gone to bed.

The teacher came into the classroom

I got to school


By the time I got to school, the teacher had come into the classroom.

By the time…… 到….的时候

By By By By By

the the the the the

time time time time time

I got home, I came in, I got to school, the bell rang, I got up,


1.By the time I got up, my brother had alreadygotten in the shower.

2.By the time I got outside ,the bus had already left .
3.When I got to school, I realized I had left my backpack at home.

Pair work: 1c
Look at the pictures below and tell what happened to Tina this morning.

Tina’s bad morning

Tina overslept yesterday. By the time she got up, her brother had already gotten in the shower. And by the time she got outside, the bus had already left. So she had to run to school. When she got to school, she realized she had left her backpack at home.


Number the pictures 1-4 in the correct order.





1.When I got home(get home), I realized (realize) I had left (leave) my keys in the backpack. 2.By the time I got (get) back to school, the bell had rung (ring). 3.By

the time I walked (walk) into class, the teacher had started(start) teaching already.


pair work

Make up an ending for the story and share it with the rest of the class.

The teacher looked at Tina and asked her to sit back her seat. After class, the teacher asked Tina to come to her office and why she was late. Tina told her the whole story this morning. The teacher asked her to get up earlier and not to be late for class.

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