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Module 4

Healthy food

Unit 1

We’ve got lots of apples.

1. To recognise healthy and unhealthy food and drink 2. To learn some key words and useful expressions 3. To listen and understand the dialogue about food and drink

Read the words and expressions loudly.

1 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and write down their names. apple beans beef carrot chicken chocolate coffee cola juice milk orange potato tea tomato water apple orange beans tomato carrot
potato coffee water cola milk chicken juice beef


2 Label the food in the pictures with the words from the box. candy fruit meat vegetables
apple orange

beef chicken

carrot potato bean tomato

tea juice coffee water milk cola






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一、根据句意和首字母提示填写单词。 1. There are some o______ and apples ranges here for you. 2. Meat, v________ and fruit are healthy egetables food. 3. We can d____ milk and water. rink 4. Chicken, potatoes and melons are h_____ food. ealthy 5. Pork and b___ are meat. eef

1 Listen, read and answer the questions. 1.Is too much chocolate good for our health?
No, it isn’t. 2. Have they got lots of apples?

Yes, they have.
3. Has Tony’s mum got any coffee? No, she hasn’t.

2 Complete the table.
Things Tony’s family has got at home Things Tony’s family hasn’t got at home
Chicken, oranges Orange juice ,


Chocolate, apple

coffee , cola

A: Have we got any …? B: Yes, we have got … No, we haven’t …

3 Work in pairs. Make a shopping list.

A: Make a list of things you need.
B: Make a list of things you’ve got. Now ask and answer. — Have we got any…? — Yes, we have. We’ve got some…/No, we haven’t.

orange, juice … - Have you got any …?

- Yes, I’ve got some … - No, I haven’t got any …

Fill in the blanks. A= Tony’s dad B=Tony A: Tony, let’s go shoppingfor food and drink. __ _______ got any Now, we haven’t __ ____ meat. Let’s get some chicken. got B: OK. Have we ___ any chocolate ________? A: Yes, we have. ___ _____ chocolate isn’t Too much ____ __ ______. good foryou. Let’s get some fruit B: What ____ __ fruit? Apples? kind of

A: No, we’ve got ___ __ apples. We lots of haven’t ___ any oranges, so let’s get some. ______ got B: OK. How______ some orange juice? ___ about A: Yes, good idea! And coffee. Let’s get some got any for your ____. mum She hasn’t ___ __ ____. coffee B: All right, some coffee for Mum, and some cola for me. I haven’t got any cola. ___ A: No cola! Cola _ ___ ___ you! How about is bad for some tea? B: Oh, too bad!

Let’s go shopping for … How about … — Have we got any …? — Yes, we’ve got some … — No, we haven’t. We haven’t got any …

二、选用合适单词完成句子。 1. Have you ___ (get, got) a pen? 2. I haven’t got ___ (some, any) money. 3. How about some orange ___(juice

juices)? 4. My mother buys some ___ (meat, meats). 5. ___ (Is, Are) there any beef in the dining hall?

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today. 2. Write something about what you have got and what you haven’t got.

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