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3. 一般过去时的被动语态的结构是什么?



1.发明 2.加热 3.酸的 4.古代的 5.留下 6.注意到

7.生产 8.令人愉快的 9馅饼 10.投 11.味道

12.世纪 13.活动的 14.创造 15.敲 16篮、筐 17在…的下面 18.向着 19.发展 20.上升

三. 翻译下列词组(18分)

1.不够咸 2.错误的 3.偶然的 4.根据 5.这样

6.在6世纪 7.与…相撞 8.跌倒 9….的数量10许多

11.直到…才…12.由…发明 13. ….的安全 14.…的发明

15.在上大学 16….的目标 17落入 18.被用来做某事















1. The children ____ by the nurse.

A. were looked B. looked after

C. were looked after D. looked

2.The lab ____ about five years ago.

A. was builded B. was built C. builds D. has been built

3.The glass ______ . It _____ by little Tom this morning.

A. broke, is broken B. is broken, was broken

C. was broken, broke D. has been broken, broken

4.I ______the way to the railway station by a policeman.

A. was shown B. showed C. have shown D. was showing

5.We can't enter the room because its door______ .

A. locked B. locks C. is locked D. is locking

6.They ______day and night.

A. are made work B. are made to work

C. made to be worked D. are making to work

7.Chang'an Road is ______of people.

A. filled B. fill C. full D. fulled

8.This English song _____ often _____ by the children.

A. is, singing B. is, sung C. will, sing D. was, sung

9.The windows of our house _____once a week.

A. must clean B. have cleaned C. is cleaned D. are cleaned

10.When ______ the People's Republic of China_____ ?

A. was, found B. was, founded C. did, found D. does, found

11. Mary's radio ______ by my brother just now.

A. will be mended B. has mended C. was mended D. mended

12. Your exercise books _____ after class.

A. will hand in B. must hand in C. handed in D. must be handed in

13.The sun _____ at night as usual.

A. can be seen B. can't see C. can't be seen D. doesn't see

14.Rice ___ also _____ in their hometown.

A. is…grown B. is…grew C. was…grew D. was…grown

15.He ____ by the teachers.

A. is always praised B. praises

C. have been praised D. always is praised

六. 把下列句子变成被动语态(15分)

1.Do you water your flowers every day?

2.. The wind blew down the big tree last night.

3..Did they find the missing key yesterday?

4.We heard someone sing in the next room.

5.She drew them a picture yesterday.

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