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plastic surgery

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Plastic Surgery

Some examples

Some examples

My View on Plastic Surgery
?In recent years, more and more people, e specially some young girls choose to take plastic surgeries. Some people argue tha t this kind of surgery can improve one's a ppearance, thus secure a good job. Othe rs hold a different opinion, they consider plastic surgery as a waste of money. Pers onally, I agree with the latter

The advantages and disadvantages
? Advantages
1. Improve one’s appearance and confidence 2. Repair one’s physical defects 3. Promote the development of one’s career

? Disadvantages

1. Causing sequelaes
2. Causing damage in one’s body and psychology

3.Causing death

4. Harming the harmony of family

5.Wasting money

My view on plastic surgery
?What is the real beauty? manmade or natural

Who do you choose?

My view on plastic surgery
?Beauty is only skindeep, as the saying goes, virtue is mor e important than a ppearance. Plastic surgery cannot im prove one's charac ter.

?It is not advised for people to take plastic surgery.

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