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??????????密◎??????????????????封◎???????????????????◎线??????????? 谢边南桥学校2012-2013年度第一学期月考 学校_______________ 班级____________ 学号__________ 姓名_________________ 七年级英语科试卷 考试说明:考试时间90分钟,总分100分 一、单项选择。(每小题1分,共15分) ( )1.—What __your name, please? —My name _____ Li Lei. A.are, is B.is, is C.am, is D.is,am ( )2.—Good morning , Jim. —________ , Li Lei. A.How are you B.Thank you C.Good morning D.Fine,thank you ( )3.—Sit down, please. -________. A.Good B.Fine C.OK D.Thanks ( )4.—How are you, Mr. Wang?-________. A.Sit down, please B.Good morning C.Hello D.Fine, thank you ( )5.“Hi, Xiao Ming! Nice to meet you.” “___” A.Fine, thank you. B.I'm fine, too. C.Nice to meet you, too. D.How are you? ( )6.—Where __Tom and Kate? —They __ at home. A.is, are B.are, is C.are,are D.are,不填 ( )7.What's this? ________ a red apple. A.This is B.It's C.It D.This's ( )8.________ you spell your name? Yes, I ________ A.Can, can B.Can,am C.Do,can D.Are, can ( )9. _______ your favorite sport ? A.Where B.What C.How D.What’s ( )10.Do you like listening _____ music ? A. to B.on C.in D.at ( )11.My ______ is watching TV . I often watch TV in the evening . A.music B.classmate C.friend D.hobby ( )12.I can play football ______ I can’t play the piano . A.and B.or C.but D.so ( )13.—Mum , ___ my friend , Jim . —How are you , Jim A.this is B.that is C.it is D.he is ( )14.—Can you ride a bike ? — ____ . it is easy(容易的) A.Yes, I can B.No , I can’t C.I don’t think so D.Yes, he can ( )15. Betty can _____ English . A.say B.speak C.tell D.talk : 二、完型填空。(每小题1分,共10分) Sam: Tom, what’s the _____ (16) like in your city? Tom: You mean “What’s the weather like _____(17) winter?” Sam: Yes. Tom: Oh, it’s _____(18),-30℃. Sam: What’s your favourite _____(19) in winter? Tom: I like _____(20) and _____(21) with snow outside.


Sam: Can you _____(22) Japanese?

Tom :No, I _____(23). But I _____(24) speak English.

Sam: That’s _____(25).

( ) 16.A.whether B.weather C.cold D.hot

( ) 17.A.at B. in C.on D.of

( ) 18.A.hot B.cold C.warm D.cool

( ) 19.A.color B.songs C.ball D.sport

( ) 20.A.dance B.dances C.skating D.skate

( ) 21.A.eating B.plays C.playing D.eats

( ) 22.A.say B.see C.speak D.talk

( ) 23.A.can B.can’t C.may D.may not

( ) 24.A.can B.can’t C.may D.may not

( ) 25.A.well B.good C.bad D.wrong



My name is Yang Yang. I’m not from England. And I’m not English .I’m from China, I’m Chinese .I’m a student. I’m 11years old. Jim is my friend. He is from America. But he is in China. He is 12years old. We are in the same class. We are good friends, too.

( )26.Yang Yang is from________.

A.China B.England C.America

( )27.Jim is _______ .

A.A student B.11years old C.Yang Yang’s teacher.

( )28. Where is Jim now?

A.England B.China C.America

( )29. How old is Yang Yang?

A.5 B.11 C.12

( )30. Are they in the same class?

A.Yes, they are B.No, they aren’t. C.Sorry, I don’t know .


There are four seasons(季节) in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring is a beautiful season. It is from March to May. In spring, the trees turn(变) Summer is a happy season. It is from June to August. In summer, we can swim and eat a lot of ice cream. Of course, we have a long holiday, summer holiday! At that time, we can join the summer camp. That’s great!

Autumn is a colourful season. It lasts(持续) from September to November. In autumn, the leaves on the trees turn yellow. Sometimes they are yellow or red. The colors are beautiful.

Winter is a cold season. It’s from December to February. In winter, it begins to snow in most places of China. Snow is white, and everything looks white. The


children like playing with snow.

( ) 31.How many seasons are there in a year?

A.Six. B.Five. C.Four. D.Two.

( )32.What’s the meaning(意思) of the underlined(划线的) words?

A.鲜艳 B.出版 C.开放 D.出来

( )33.Winter is from _____ in China.

A.September to November B.March to May

C.December to February D.January to March

( ) 34.In _____, everything looks new.

A.winter B.autumn C.summer D.spring

( ) 35.Can the children play with snow in winter in most places of China?

A.Yes, they can. B.No, they aren’t. C.No, they can’t. D.Yes, they are.


Hello! I’m Bill. This is my new living room. It’s big and nice. There is a chair and two big sofas in it. Under the sofas, there is a lovely cat. A clock is on the wall. There is a computer on the table near the sofas, there are some books. There is a TV on the table. I often watch TV in my living room. I love my room very much.

( )36.We can see A.a chair B.two clocks C.three sofas D.one book

( )37.My computer is

A.behind the door B.on the table C.on the sofa D.near the desk

( )38.

A.on the table B.on the sofas C.under the sofas D.under the clock

( )39.The room is

A.small and nice B.big and nice C.big D.small

( )40.You can see under the sofas.

A.a TV B.some books C.a cat D.a clock


41. 42. 43. 44. 45.

46.Do you like (watch) television.

47. a student.

48.My favourite food (be) eggs.




A: Hello, Jim.

B: Hello, Lucy. It’s a fine day today!

A: ________, it is . It’s _______ in spring here.

B: Would you like ___________?

A: Sorry. ________ football is my ___________ sport.



What ________this ________English?


This is ________ ________

53.There is a book.(改为复数)

There ________some ________


________ ________ are there in the bag?


I like







班级_______ 姓名________ 学号________ 总分_______


四. (10分)

41_______ 42_______ 43_______ 44_______ 45_______ 46_______ 47_______ 48________ 49_______ 50_______ 五. ( 10分)

________ __________ __________ _________ __________ 六. (10分)

51_______ ____ 52________ ________ 53_______ _______ 54_______ _______ _________ 55__________ 七.写作:(15分)



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