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Unit one How do you study for a test?

Section A

Lead in
How do you study English? I study English by …

by working with friends

by making flashcards

by reading textbooks

by making vocabulary lists

by listening to tapes

by asking the teacher for help

by studying with a group

by listening to English-language music

by watching an English movie

by listening to the teacher in class.
by taking English classes

by communicating with foreigners

by surfing the Internet

by reading in the library

by joining a club

? by watching English programs on TV ? by enjoying English songs ? by taking part in English classes

? by getting an English tutor
? by reading English magazines and newspapers

? by taking notes carefully
? by having the English class carefully

? by finishing my homework seriously
? …

? Look at the pictures and talk about the ways to learn English.

1b Listen and Number !

1. ______ A

2. ______ C 3. ______ B


Listen again and write down their ways to study for a test.
Mei Pierre By ______________________ By ________________________


By ________________________

Pair Work: (1c)

How do you study for a test? I study by doing …

Group Work: (1c)

Make a survey about how your group members learn English?
Name Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4 Ways of learning English

How do you learn English? I learn English by …

Section A-2a.2b
1.Where are they? 2.What are they talking about? 3.How many ways can you hear? 4.What are they?


A: Do you learn English by watching English–language videos?

B: No. It’s too hard to understand the voices.

A: Do you ever practice conversations with friends? B: Oh, yes. It improves my speaking skills.

? Group Work --- Discussion ? We all want to improve our English, ask your partners how they study English and share their ideas.
Name Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4 Ways to learn English Ideas

A: How do you study English? B: I study by doing … C: Do you … / What about …? Have you ever …? D: Yes … No …

I’ve learned a lot that way. It improves my speaking skills. I think it helps. It’s useful / helpful / effective.

It’s too hard to understand the voice. It’s difficult to catch the meaning. I don’t think it’s useful / helpful.

Fun time
? Talk about your ways to learn English and give your own ideas.

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