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( )1. Her hope _______ the 2008 Olympic Games.

A. to take part in B. is to take part in C. taking part in D. will take part in

( )2. --- Can I go to Beijing for my holiday, Dad? --- You can when you _______ a bit older.

A. will get B. get C. are getting D. got

( )3. If he _______harder, he will catch up with us soon.

A. study B. studies C. will study D. studied

( )4. --- Don’t forget to ask him to write to me.

--- I won’t. As soon as he _______, I’ll ask him to write to you.

A. will come B. came C. comes D. is coming

( )5. --- Jimmy is leaving for a holiday.

--- Really? Where _______ he _______?

A. has; gone B. will; go C. did; go D. would; go

( )6. Frank _______ to see his grandma if he _______ free tomorrow.

A. will come; will be B. comes; is

C. will come; is D. comes; will be

( )7. There _______ a talk on science in our school next Monday.

A. will give B. will be C. is going to give D. is

( )8. --- Shall we go shopping now?

--- Sorry, I can’t. I _______ my shirts.

A. wash B. washes C. washed D. am washing

( )9. I believe that those mountains _______ with trees in a few years’ time.

A. are covered B. will be covered C. are covering D. will cover

( )10. It is said that about 400 cars _______ in the factory next month.

A. were produced B. will produce C. are produced D. will be produced

( )11. --- Are you free this afternoon?

--- No. I’ll have an English composition _______ this afternoon.

A. to write B. wrote C. to be writing D. to be written

( )12. --- Come back home every month.

--- I _______.

A. will B. must C. should D. can

( )13. A robot _______ think of itself; it _______ be told what to do.

A. can’t; must B. couldn’t; can C. may not; will D. mustn’t, may


1-5 BBBCB 6-10 CBDBD 11-13 AAA

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