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Unit 1 Life on Mars

第一课时 Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

1.How do you like life on Mars? I hate it. 你觉得火星上的生活怎么样?我讨厌它。

①How do you like? 你觉得??怎么样? 主要用来询问对方对某事的印象,也可以改为“What do you think of …”这一句型。

Eg. How do you like this book? I think it‘s a good book.

How do you like China? I like it very much.

What do you think of China?

②hate 讨厌,不喜欢,后可跟名词、代词、动名词或动词不定式。

Eg. I hate Monday morning.

He hates her because she always plays tricks on him.

I hate watching TV, I prefer to read.

She hates to drive at night.

hate 的同义词是dislike, 反义词是like/enjoy。


How do you like the TV play?——

A. It‘s wonderful. B. What about you?

C. Yes, I like it. D. No, I don‘t like it at all.


2. I thought you liked Mars. 我原以为你喜欢火星。

I thought …“我原以为?”,是指过去曾有这样想法,但事实却不是这样。

I think …是指现在这样认为,往往与事实是相符的。

Eg. I think he is a thief.

I thought he was a thief.

3. Help Daniel compare living on Mars to living to Earth at present. 帮助Daniel把住在火星上与现在住在地球上作个比较。

compare “比为”、“比作”,常与to连用,意为“比喻”、“把??比作”,有时也表示“将??同??作比较”。

Eg. We may compare the world to a stage.

Life is often compared to voyage.

?表示―把……与……比较‖,通常用 compare……with……,但在现代英语中,也可用 compare……to……,或者用 compare……and……。如:

If you compare his work with hers, you‘ll find hers is much better.


Having compared the new dictionary with [to] the old one, he found the new one more helpful. 将新旧词典比较之后,他发现新词典更有用。

Compared with [to] many women, she was indeed very fortunate.


? 表示―把……比作……‖,通常用 compare……to……。如:来源:www.examda.com Shakespare compared the world to a stage. 莎士比亚把世界比作舞台。

The poet compares the woman he loves to a rose. 诗人把他所爱的女人比作玫瑰。

? 表示―比得上‖、―能与……比美‖,通常用 compare with, 多与情态动词 can 连用,且主要用于否定句或疑问句中。如(from www.yywords.com):

My English can‘t compare with his. 我的英语不能与他比。

Nothing can compare with wool for warmth. 没有比羊毛更暖和的东西了。


____ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.

A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared


4. We will be cared for by robots. 我们将由机器人来照顾。

care for 照顾、照料,相当于look after / take care of

Eg. The sick must be cared for.

We care for one another here.

care for 还可表示“喜欢”、“愿意”。

Eg. She doesn‘t care for skating.



答案: She cares for her children.

5. Food will be in the form of pills. 食物将是药丸的形状。

in the form of … 呈现?形状,处于某种形式,form形状,形态。

Eg. The cakes are all in the form of stars.

He saw a strange form in the fog.

6. Make people feel very ill. 使人们感到很不舒服。

ill ?adj.不适的;不健康的。一般作表语



He is an ill man.



1. 呈……的形状___________________ 6.virtual reality___________________

2.越来越拥挤___________________ 7.many different designs___________________

3.将来___________________ 8.the public transport system___________________

4.飘走___________________ 9. power pack___________________

5.电子狗___________________ 10.space food___________________


1. People must wear space________(宇航帽) to go outside on Mars.

2. Before the Project of Sanxia, many ________ (移民)left their hometown.

3. There are nine ________(行星)in the universe.

4. On October 12th,2005, two ________(宇航员) went into space by Shenzhou VI.

5. They will ________(大概) give us the correct answers.


1. I‘m too short to be an astronaut.(改为同义句)

I‘m ________ ________ ________ ________ be an astronaut.

2. It is too cold for us to go out at night on Mars. (改为同义句)

It is ________ ________ ________ ________ can‘t go out at night on Mars.

3. I don‘t think she is our new teacher, ________ ________?(改为反义疑问句)

第二课时 Reading

1. moving to Mars 移居、适居到月球上。



We need more space for the fridge.

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