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八年级上unit6 I'm going to study computer science导学案

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science. d.program n. programmer n. Section A e. engineer n 一位工程师 (a/an)engineer

【课标要求】 学习运用一般将来时 【记】engine(发动机) → engineer 【学习目标】 掌握以下知识点 ( ) ① Her uncle is an ______ in big factory. A. star B. pilot C. engineer D . player 记忆本课7个单词及2个短语 ( ) ② — ______ are you going to be in the future? — I’m going to be _____. 熟练运用句型-What are you going to be……?-I'm going to be ……谈论将来意向,运用句型 A. How; engineer B. What; engineer C. What; an engineer D. How; an engineer -How are you going……?--I'm going to …….谈论实现方式。 f.violin n 小提琴 →violinist [va??'l?n? 短语:Play 拉小提琴 【学习重点】. 动词一般将来时及时间状语从句的使用 【拓展】 -ist 是一个名词后缀, 加在某些名词或动词后面,可用来表示“从事某种职业的人“ 将来时态的句子谓语部分构成分两种,一是助动词 + 动词原形;二是be going to + piano → pianist science→ scientist art →artist 艺术家 be going to 要做某事。eg: I’m going to take guitar lessons. 我要去上吉他课了。(是事先计划和安排好了要去上课的) 注意:①、”there be” 句型的一般将来时结构是要将will或be going to 放在there 和be 之间:There will be…/ There is going to be。 例如: 明天我们学校会有一次会议:There be a meeting in our school tomrrow. ②、一些表位置移动的动词常常用进行时形式表示将来,而不用be going to结构,这些动词是 【考例】Hurry up! The train (leave) in a minute. I’m (come). 我马上来。 一、自主学习:通过自学能写出下列有关职业名词: 程序师 工程师____________ 飞行员_____________ 教师___________ 演员__________ 篮球运动员 电脑程序员 钢琴家__________小提琴手__________ 驾驶员___________ 计算机程序_____________________科学家__________ 赛车手 长大________________ 短语: 学习计算机科学 每天练习篮球 努力学习数学_ 上表演课 上声乐课 上吉他课 学习医学 吃药 把文章寄到杂志社 二、学习1a---2c 1、完善下列单词的知识点并识记意思; a.when. 引导时间状语从句;一般表示与一件事同时发生另一个动作。一般由两个句子构成,有when的句子是时间状语从句,另一句是主句。eg: When Mrs Zhang came in.I was reading English \book. b.cook v.. /n cooker n. 翻译:The cook is cooking. c. scientist['sa??nt?【考例】①Why do you want to be a ________________(science)? ( ) ②My brother likes math very much. He wants to be a ___ when he grows up. A. piano B. driver C. pilot D. scientist My cousin wants to be a _____________(violin) in the future. 6.Piano n 钢琴 → pianist ['p??n?st] 短语:弹钢琴 2、【应掌握的句子】 a 、 What do you want to be when you 长大后你想做什么? Jim is a computer fan and he wants to be a computer engineer when he ______________(长大)。 【解析】grow → grew →grown v (1) 生长,成长 (2) 种植 ( )① When he ___ , he ___ to be a policeman. A. grow up ; want B. grows up ; want C. grows up ; wants D. grow up ; wants ( )② The farmer likes _____ vegetables in his garden, and they all ____ well. A. growing; grow up B. to grow ; grow up C. growing; grow D. to grow ; grows b. He’s going to 他打算去上表演课 【词形变换】act v 表演→ actor n 男演员→ actress n 女演员 【名言】Think carefully before you act . 三思而后行 【短语】 一个男演员; act as 充当,起作用 take acting lessons 上表演课 【注】 take singing lessons 上声乐课 take … lessons = have… lessons 上……课 give sb. a lesson 给某人一个教训 ① Li Long loves art and wants to be an___________ (act) in the future

②— Are they going to take ________________(act) lessons?— No, they aren’t . ( ) ③ If you are going to be an actor, you have to ________. A. take acting lessons B. take act lessons C. take acting lesson D. take act lesson c. I’m going to every day.我将会每天练习篮球。 【解析】practice n/v 锻炼;练习 practice doing sth 练习做某事 【考例】You need a lot of ( practice) to get good grades in the test . (speak) English to get good grades in the test. 三、学习2d---3c 1、完善下列句子的知识点并识记; 2d: a.The Old Man and the Sea The Old Man and the Sea 《老人与海》是著名作家海明威的著作,这句话的意思是《老人与海》是被海明威所写的,因此暗含有被动语态; 被动语态的构成是: 。 因此此句可写为:The Old Man and the Sea was written by Hemingway. b.now I know why you’writ我现在知道why you’ sowrit是谓语动词know的宾语从句,尽管是由why开头的像是疑问句,但做从句时不能用疑问句的语序,而是陈述句的语序。也就是说不能写成:why are you so good at 1

writing stories? Eg: Can you tell me why for class yesterday? 你能告诉我你昨天为什么迟到吗? c. 一直坚持写故事。 在此句中可提出短语:坚持做某事 + (do/ to do/ doing)sth. d. My parents want me a doctor, but I’mthat. 我父母想让我当医生, 可是我没有把握。 【解析1】doctor ['d?kt?(r)] n医生 ;博士 see the doctor 看医生 at the doctor’s 在诊所 ( ) — Why do you want to be a(an) ____? — Because I want to help sick people. A. scientist B. pianist C. engineer D. doctor 【解析2】sure adj. 确信的 be/make sure about /of…对??有把握;确信 be/make sure to do … 有把握,确信要做某事make sure 确保 She is success. 她确信会成功。 I’m go with you. 我确信要和你一起去 ( ) Please check your paper to _______ there are no mistakes A. think of B. try out C. find out D. make sure ( ) You need to take notes at the meeting so make sure ___ a pen and some paper with you. A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring ( ) Li Ming is so careful that he always looks over his exercise to ____ there are no mistakes. A. make sure B. find out C. think of know不是每个人都知道他们想做什么的。 【解析】not everyone 并不是每个人 ⑴ everyone 作不定代词时视为第三人称单数,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式。 Not everyone (like)the movie “Lost in Thailand” . ⑵ 部分否定: 当not 与all, every, both等连用时,表示部分否定, not 可放在这些词之前,也可放在句中。 【考例】Not all of them know the answer. ( ) Not everyone _______ here. A. is B. are C. am f. Well, don’t worry. 嗯, 【解析】worry v. 担心 → worried adj. 焦急的worry about = be worried about 为……担心 【考例】Don’t be _________(worry). You’ll catch up with others. ( ) Don’t ____ about things so much. It will make you stressed out. A. afraid B. worry C. worried D. terrified g. Just make sure you . 只要你尽力就好。 【解析2】try v. 试图,设法,努力 【拓展】 (1)try on 试穿(衣服) (2) try to do sth 努力做某事 【侧重尽力做】 (3) try doing sth 试图做某事 【侧重尝试做】 (4)try one’s best to do sth= do one’s best to do sth 尽某人最大努力做某事 【考例】We should __________________(尽最大努力)to be happy in the future. ( ) We should try ___ much fruit. A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. eats Grammar Focus: I’m going to Shanghai. 我打算搬到上海去。 【解析】 move v 移动,搬动; 感动 move to + 地点 搬到某地 【考例】I was by this wonderful movie. 我被这部好电影感动了。 I’m going to ________(搬) to Beijing next month. ( ) The family moved ____ there , and had a happy life. A. in B. to C. / D. with Exercise: I.完善下列短语 race car 擅长于写故事 继续写故事 of course sounds difficult race car driver 在大学学习医药学

II.用所给词的正确形式填空 1.— Is Wang Hai going _________(be) a doctor? — Yes, he is. 2.We’re going to be computer ________________(program). 3.— What is he going to be when he __________(grow) up? — I don’t know. 4.—Are they going to take ____________(act) lessons? — No, they aren’t.

5.Cheng Han is going to be __________(a) actor. II. 单项选择 ( )1. — What’s your son going to_____ when he grows up? — A movie actor. A. do B. have C. be D. play ( )2. There ___ a concert this evening. A. are going to be B. is going to be C. is going to have D. will have ( )3. — ___ are you going to do that? — I’m going to take lessons every day. A. What B. Where C. How D. Why

( )4. She takes ___ lessons every Sunday. A. act B. acting C. actor D. actress ( )5. I’m going to move ____ . A. somewhere interesting B. interesting somewhere C. anywhere interesting D. interesting anywhere ( )6. ( ) She told us a story . Her voice ____ sweet. A. heard B. sounded C. listened D. felt 1、(提问) __________________________________________________________________ 2、 _________________________________________________________________ 3、The students are going to the party tonight .(改为否定句) __________________________________________________________________ 4、I’m going to get good grades.(改为一般疑问句) _________________________________________________________________ 5、I want to get a lot of exercise.(改为一般疑问句) _________________________________________________________________ 2

Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.


【课标要求】 熟练运用本单元词汇和句型谈论自己的新年愿望 【学习目标】1、本课时的3个单词与5个短语 2、I’m going to …… I want to …… 【学习重点】各种愿望的表达 一、【前测】自主学习: 1. 新词自测

决定;决心 外国的 怀疑、质问;问题 意义;意思 讨论;商量 承诺;允诺 改进;提高 业余爱好 同意;赞成 2.完善下列短语

new year’s 新年决心 组建足球队

interesting听起来有趣 a good plan听起来像个好计划 取得好成绩 努力学习

进行大量锻炼____________________________ to other people 向其他人许诺 the the year 一年的开头 sth.告诉某人关于某事; sth.告诉某人去做某事

a hobby培养一种习惯 play the guitar学习弹吉他 为学业制定一个周计划

有一个共同点 由于这个原因 difficult keep太难了以至于不能遵守 3.完成下列句型体验

a.明年我打算组建足球队。I’m the soccer next year. b.大多时候,我们向其他人作出承诺。Most of the time, we other people. c.一些人写下明年的计划。Some people their plans the coming year. d.许多决心和自我提高有关。Many resolutions self-improvement. 二、【自学与小组讨论1+1】


A:_____________________________________? B: __________________________________ 询问如何奋斗的句型及其答语

A: ________________________________? B: ____________________________________. 其他说明将来意向的句型 __________________________________ 1a. 重点:a.make the soccer team 此时的make 是的意思;除此以外make还可做使役动词,意思是 ;短语有make sb. do sth.使某人做某事;make sb. +adj 使某人怎么样 如:make me 使我笑;逗我笑; make me 使我开心

b.get lots of exercise

exercise n/v. do exercise 1b:.a. 听起来很有趣 【解析】sound v 听起来 (系动词,后跟形容词做表语) sound like +名词/ 代词 听起来像 ①That piece of music ________(sound) very beautiful

( ) ②His plan ____ great. A. sound B. sounds like C. sounds D. sounding — Do you like the song You and Me?— Of course . It _____ really beautiful. A. listens B. sounds C. thinks D. hears 【拓展】sound n 声音(指自然界中的一切声音) noise n 噪音,(指不悦耳的一切吵闹声) voice n 说话声(指人的声音及鸟叫声)

b. I’m going to . 我打算去上吉他课。 【解析】take lessons = have lessons 上课

( ) — What are you going to do next year? — I’m going to ____ . I really love music. A. take guitar lessons B. get lots of exercise C. eat healthier food D. get good grades

c. A: I’m going to learn another foreign language. B: Are you? But foreign languages are not for me. 思考: 1.B的回答 are you? 怎么理解合适?为什么是are you?而不是do you?

2. But foreign languages are not for me 怎么理解?

【解析】a. another 另一的,又一的;其后一般接 (单数、复数) 名词,或是数字+(单数、复数) 名词

eg: This is my another (shirt).这是我另一件衬衫。

Can you give me another three (apple)? I’m still hungry. b. foreign ['f??r?n] adj . 外国的 → foreigner n 外国人 eg: his foreign friends 他的外国朋友

a foreigner from Europe. 来自欧洲的外国朋友

①I can talk with the ____________(foreign) . I’m sure of myself.

②There are more and more ______________(foreign) working in China. ( )③ Wow, this _____ can speak several ____ languages.

A. foreign; foreign B. foreigner; foreigner C. foreigner ; foreign D. foreign; foreigners 1d:Write how the people are going to make their resolutions work.

思考:此句中的make their resolutions work.怎么翻译合适? 2a: . Were you able to keep them? 你能

【解析】able [eb?l] 能够 be able to+do sth. 能够做某事=情态动词can+do sth., 但在一个句子中不能同时出现be able to 和can;且be able to侧重通过努力而获得的能力;can 表示有能力做某事

( ) Lucy read story books at the age of four. A. is able to B. was able to C. should D. would ( ) Her husband drive a car last year. A. can B. may C. must D. could 2b. a. To of making resolutions 质疑做决定的观点。 【记】 I can answer your ______ . But you can’t solve my ________. ( ) I want to ask a _______: Can you deal with the math _____.

A. question; question B. problem; problem C. question; problelm D. problem; question ⑵idea n.观点,主意,看法; 短语: 好主意 have no idea b. To give the of resolution 给出resolution 的含义 3

【解析】⑴mean v 意思是; 意味着 He doesn’t mean what he says.

⑵means n 方式; 方法 This is a means to an end.这是达到目的的手段 ⑶meaning n 意义;意思 What’s the meaning of the word? ⑷meaningless adj. 毫无意义的;意思不明确的

( ) The _____ of the word “physical” in Chinese is “身体的” A. mean B. means C. meaning D. meanings

c. To the different kinds of resolutions .讨论不同类型的决心。 【解析】discuss [d?sk?s] 讨论,商量 → discussion n 讨论

discuss doing sth 讨论干某事 have a discussion about sth.关于某事有一个讨论。 ( ) The physics problem is really hard. Let’s ____ it. A. question B. improve C. promise D. discuss 学习2b正文:

Paragraph one(第一段): 1.讨论完成:第一段主要是介绍了单词 与单词 意思上的不同和用法差别。

2.结合【前测】自主学习里相关短语预习第一段内容。注意新单词:improve 谈论和理解下列句子:a. However, promises (you make) to yourself are resolutions, 先自己理解再看下面的解释:

这句话的主体是:promises are resolutions. 而Promises to yourself 是短语,意思是: ;you make 是promises的定语,意思是:你所许下的承诺。 b. plans for the coming year

你是如何理解该句中的the coming year的?先自己理解再看下面的解释: 动名词(进行时态)表即将发生的事情,是将来时的一个引申用法。-

c. This helps them to 回忆出help 的用法及短语:

帮助某人做某事; 帮助某人关于某事 Paragraph two(第二段)


Many resolution have to do with self- improvement. 很多计划都是关于自我提高的。 【解析1】resolution [rez?'lu??n] n 决心,决定

make a resolution 下决心 New Year’s resolution 新年决心 ① You should make a New Year’s _________(resolute).

( ) ② — What’s your New Year’s _______?— I’m going to eat more vegetables.

A. idea B. resolution C. job D. subject

【解析2】have to do with关于;与??有关系 have nothing to do with 与??没有关系( ) I heard you ___ to do with the person. A. have B. have nothing C. had D. has nothing 【解析3】 self-improvement [self?mp'ru?vm?nt]自我改进,自我提高 Paragraph three(第三段)

1.讨论完成:第三段讲了人们不能实现决心的 2.结合【前测】自主学习里相关短语预习第三段内容。

a. Although there are differences, most resolutions have one thing in common. 回忆although的用法:although = , 不与 连用。

b. Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep. 有时候决心可能太难而不能坚持 【解析】too?to? too +adj./adv原级+to do sth 【注】⑴ 该词组本身有否定含义,句子中不再加not

⑵ too? to 中间用形容词或副词(原形,比较级) ⑷too 后面跟adj.,to 后面跟动词不定式(to do)。 此结构也可换成 “not ? enough to do ? ” “不够??可以??”和 “so ? that ? ” “如此??以至于??”so 后跟adj./adv. that 后跟从句。 仔细观察下列句子:

The child is too young (go ) to school. =The child is not old enough (go ) to school. =The child is so young that she can’t go to school. 【拓展】:It’s never too old to learn 活到老学到老 ( )① They are ____ tired ____on.

A. too; to walk B .too; walking C. can’t ;to work D. very ;to walk

( ) ②– This box is ___ heavy for me to carry. Can you help me? —Certainly. A. so B. much C. very D. too

( )③ Lucy isn’t old enough to carry the box. A. is so young that she can B. isn’t young enough to

C. is too young to D. is so young to

( ) ④The ked isn’t enough to go to school. A. is too young to go to school B. is too old to go to school C. is so young that he can go to school D. can go to school 3a-Self-check 1.完善下列短语

使我的生活更容易 我自己的个人进步 明年活很快 形成一个新爱好

喜欢一起听音乐唱歌 与家人的关系 那么人们不需要开车去上班

2、找出3a中所有make所在的句子,讨论并总结出make 的用法:先自己讨论总结,再看下面总结:a. make + 宾语+ n. 使/让某人/某物(成为)??

We our monitor. 我们选了他做班长。 b. make + 宾语+ adj. 使/让某人/某物(变得)??

What he did unhappy.他所做的事情使我不高兴。

We will our country and beautiful.我们将会使我们的国家越来越美丽。 c. make + 宾语+ do sth. 使/让某人/某物做??

Our teacher more confident.我们的老师使我们感到更加自信。 1. 观察和重读下列句子

a. The first resolution has to do with my own personal improvement. 第一个计划是关于提升我个人的

【解析1】own [o?n] adj.自己的,本人的,v 拥有 → owner n 物主 ( )①— Is that car ______ ? — Yes, it’s ____ car.

A. yours; own my B. yours; my own C. your; own my D. your; my own ( ) ②They can wear ________ clothes. 4

A. themselves B. they own C. their own D. themselves own. 【解析2】person n. 人 →personal ['p??rs?nl] adj. 个人的,私人的 【记】His father is an important ______ and he has a ________car. I have something ____________(person) to discuss with you. A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with

2. The third resolution is about improving my my family and friends. 第三个决心是关于改善我与家人和朋友的关系的。 【解析】relationship [r?'le??n??p] n 关系 relationship with 与?.. 的关系

relationship between ? and ? 与?.的关系

( ) Do you know the relationship _____ sleep ____ health?

A. for ; and B. between ; and C. from ; to D. between ; to 【后验】


1. I don’t know what ____________(do) next.

2. This is my _____________(person)opinion. I hope you can think it over. 3. Listening to music can make us __________(feel) happy. 4. John is going to work____________(hard) than before.

5.My first resolution is about ____________(improve) my physical health. 二、单项选择

1. I’m going to study in a better middle school. I want to _______ A. eat more vegetables B. get good grades C. keep fit D. take acting lessons. 2. Does Jim want ______the first one to get to the top of the mountain? A. to B. to be C. being D. be

3. It's six o'clock now.It's time_____. A. get up B. got up C. to get upD. getting up

4. I love music very much, so I’m going to learn how to ______ an musical instrument . A. keep B. hold C. play D. build

5. —______ are you going to study English? —I study English by reading more. A. How B. When C. Where D. What 三、完成句子

1. I’m going to ______________________________. (学习一门外语) 2. I want ________________________________(组建球队)

3. Some girls are going to ________________________________. (多锻炼保持健康) 4. She wants to find a job ____________________. (作为一名外语教师)

5. The students _____________________________________yesterday. (作出新年计划) 四、根据汉语完成句子

1. 明年汤姆打算组建一支球队。

Next year, Tom_________ __________ ___________ make a soccer team. 2. 不要轻易对别人做出承诺。

Don’t _________ _________ __________ other people easily. 3. 其他的人告诉他们的家人和朋友有关他们的愿望和计划。 ________ ________ other family and friends _________their wishes and plans. 4. 人们通常会在年底制定新年决心。

People usually_________ _________ at the beginning of the year. 5. 双胞胎总有一些共同之处。

The twins always__________ some things__________ _________. 五、补全对话

A: Did you _________ a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim? B: Yes, Lucy, I did.

A: __________are you going to do?

B: Well, I’m going to join the soccer team. C: __________ are you going to do that?

B: I’m going to practice really.__________, and I am going to a summer camp. I’m going to play soccer every day there.

C: How _________you, Lucy? Did you make a resolution? A: Oh, sure. I’m going to __________ an instrument. B: Cool, how are you going to do that? A: I’m going to take piano__________. II.用所给词的正确形式填空

1. Here are our New _____________(Year) Resolutions. 2.Can you tell me how ___________(get) good grades. 3.We need to eat _____________(health) food every day. 4.She ___________(learn) a foreign language this term. 5.Hu Fu wants to get a lot of ____________(exercise).

6.She wants __________(find) a job as a teacher in that school.

7.Many readers are going to work___________(hard) this year than last year.

8.I want to be a ________(report) because I like to talk with people and write stories. 9.Three boys ______________(make) their resolutions yesterday.

10.Our school _____________(build) a new teaching building last year. 11.Your plan sounds really ________________(interest).

12 .Most students in our class made their _____(resolution ) to work harder this term. III. 单项选择

( ) 1. We communicate ____ each other ___ letter.

A. by ; with B. by; by C. with; with D. with; by ( )2. The woman wants to find a job ___ a babysitter A. like B. for C. on D. as ( )3. Chen Xin is going to be _____engineer.

A. a B. an C. / D. the ( )4. — Can you tell me how to____?

— Eat healthy food and take more exercise.

A. stay up B. keep off C. keep thin D. keep fit ( )5.My father often _____ a resolution to stop _____.

A. make; to drink B. make ; drinking C. makes ; to drink D. makes ; drinking 5

( )6.I want to learn __ instrument and my mother wants me to learn to play ___ piano. A. an; / B. an; the C. a ; the D. /; a ( )7.They want to communicate ___ their friends.

A. in B. for C. to D. with ( )8. There are ___ people in the street. It’s raining heavily. A. a little B. a few C. little D. few ( )9. Taking exercise every day can make us _____.

A. to keep fit B. keeping fit C. have fit D. keep fit ( ) 10. The Blacks are going to ___ all over the world. A. make B. travel C. visit D. see ( ) 12. Lucy isn’t old enough to carry the box.

A. is so young that she can B. isn’t young enough to C. is too young to D. is so young to ( )13.Her husband was able to drive a car last year. A. can B. may C. must D. could

( )14. My uncle was born in Hong Kong, but he ____ in Guangzhou.

A. grow B. grew C. grow up D. grew up ( )15. Her father is a(n) _____ in a big factory. A. pilot B. engineer C. actor D. scientist ( )16. I’m going to be _____ engineer. A. an B. a C. the D. /

( ) 17.— What is her New Year’s _____? — She’s going to study a lot.

A. subject B. education C. exercise D. resolution 【单元短语集锦】

1. grow up 2. computer science 3. computer programmer 4. study hard 5. keep on 6. be sure about 7. make sure 8. try one’s best

9. take singing lessons 10. make a soccer team 11. get good grades 12. foreign language 13. take acting lessons 14. make resolutions 15. New Year’s resolutions 16. at the beginning of 17. write down 18. have to do with 19. take up 20. too… to 21. agree with 22. be able to 【语法练习】


1.They____________(be) going to have a picnic.

2. — What _____ you _________ (do) tomorrow? — I ___________(see) Uncle Wang. 3.Li Lei and Jim _______________(watch) a football game the day after tomorrow. 4.________they ___________(go) fishing next Saturday? 5.There __________(be) a birthday party this evening. 6.They ____________(go) swimming next Sunday.

7.What _____ you ____________(do) tomorrow afternoon?

8.Jack _______________(not play) football the day after tomorrow. 9.How many flowers _____you ____________ (plant) next Sunday?

10.It’s Saturday tomorrow. Maria’s parents _________(have) a birthday party for her. II. 单项选择

( )1. Jack and his parents __ going to visit the Place Museum tomorrow. A. is B. am C. are D. will be

( )2. There is going to ___ a meeting in our school hall tomorrow evening. A. is B. am C. has D. be ( )3. —What are you going to be? —_____

A. I’m going to be twelve B. I’m going to Shanghai C. I’m going to be a pilot D. I’m going shopping ( )4. — Ann is in hospital.

— Yes, I know. I _____ her tomorrow.

A. visit B. used to visit C. visiting D. am going to visit ( )5. —Jim , can you help me to wash the dishes? —Sorry, Dad. I ____ to the shop.

A. go B. went C. am going D. have been

( )6. Mary and Lily ___ going to visit the Place Museum tomorrow. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )7. We are going to ___ at about seven tomorrow morning. A. left B. to leave C. leave D. leaving ( )8.We ___ a sports meeting next month.

A. will have B. had C. had had D. having ( )9.—What are you going to do next year?

— Well, I ____ piano lessons. I really love music.

A. took B. have taken C. take D. am going to take ( )10.There ___ an English exam tomorrow.

A. is going to B. is going to be C. is going to have D. has ( )1 1. What are you going to ___ this evening? A. do B. does C. doing

( )1 2. I ____ to the cinema. Would you like to come with me? A. go B. am going C. have gone D. went

( )13. There ______ a concert on Qixing Square next Monday evening. A. is B. is going to C. is going to be D. will have ( ) 14. Next Sunday, I ____ at the library with my classmates. A. study B. am going to study C. have studied D. had studied

( ) 15. My sister wants a new dress. She ___ it to the party.

A. wears B. has worn C. wore D. is going to wear 6

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