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八年级英语上册_Unit 9 Can you come to my party导学案

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

Period 1 Section A 1a-2c

学习目标: 1掌握以下句型

A: Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon?

B: Sure, I’d love to . / Sorry , I can’t . I have to help my parents. A: Can she go to the movies? B: No, she can’t . She is reading. 2 熟练掌握以下词汇:prepare, exam, flu, available, until 3熟练使用情态动词 can 和have to I、朋友要举办一个晚会,你有什么拿手的节目吗?回想你学过的相关动词及短语(包括音乐,体育,美术等方面)。

如:I can sing English songs . I can dance. I can play the guitar.


Play the guitar ____________ ____________ ____________ ______________________ III 你能猜出下面短语的汉语意思吗?借助手中的词典或课本的词汇表,试着译一译: go to the doctor____________ have the flu ___________

help my parents______________ meet my friend_______________ study for a test_____________ thanks for asking ______________

have too much homework____________ another time_____________________

IV想一想,如果你的朋友周六举行一个party,根据你的日常安排,你愿意去的话,该如何表达?____________________________________________________________________________若不能去,又该如何拒绝呢?________________________________________________________ 观察与思考:课文对话中表示发出邀请的句式是_____________________________________。如果接受对方的邀请我们可以回答________________.如果拒绝对方的邀请,一般不直接说_________,而应该说_________________________________,以示礼貌,然后说明__________ 大声朗读2a,根据听力内容选择正确的答案来补全下列句子

Jeff _____ (can’t/can) go to the party, because he has to ___________________. Marry____ (can/can’t) go to the party. May _____(can/can’t) go to the party, because she has to___________________. Mei Ling ____(can/can’t) go. She has to __________________.Paul ____(can/can’t)go to the party, because he has to _________________________ 观察与思考请仔细观察下面几个句子,你能看出have to 的用法吗? I have to help my parents. He has to study for a test.

Have to /has to 后面要接动词___________形式汉语意思是______________强调_______ (主观/客观)原因。而must意为“必须,”强调____________(主观/客观)原因。 完成下列小练习。回味一下句中have to 的用法

(1 )It’s too late. She ___________ _____ go there by bus.(不得不) (2)I have to clean the room right now.(改为否定句)

I __________ ___________ ___________ clean the room right now. 知识巩固I、用所给词的适当形式填空

1_______you play tennis? Yes , I can.

2.Mary is ill , she _________ (have)__________ (go )to the doctor.

3.Look! Some people __________ (take) photos here. 4.Thanks for __________ (cook) for me . 5.She often __________ (help) me with my English . II 完成下面的句子

1---Hi , Jeff. Can you come to my party on Saturday?

--- I’m sorry ,I can’t .I __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ (得去看我的阿姨)on Saturday .

2 --- Hello, Marry. Can you come to my party on Saturday? ----___________ ___________ ____________(我愿意) 3 ---May Lee ,can you come to my party tomorrow? --- I’m sorry I(得帮我妈妈)

4 --- Claudia, can you come to my party on Saturday? ---- I’m sorry ,I(要去看电影)

周六你能来参加我的聚会吗?) ---- I’d love to .

课堂反思:当朋友邀请我们去做事时,如果我们愿意做,应该说_______或________。拒绝他人的邀请时我们应该有礼貌地说______,I _____ I have to _____ 或者_____。I am doing... Period 2 Section A 2d-3c 学习目标:


My cousin Sam from Xi’an is going to be here.

I remember we went bike riding together last fall when he visited you . Sam isn’t leaving until nest Wednesday. Can you hang out with us on Monday night? Catch you on Monday

2.熟练掌握以下词汇 :hang out , catch ,invite, accept, refuse 3.初步了解描述将来的计划或行动的方法

技能目标:学会合理安排自己的日常活动并做出相应的计划 课前准备

I.读对话2d找出下列词组,并猜测意思?(看看谁最快) go bike riding ________________last fall __________________

have an exam _______________ prepare for ______________________ not ...until _______________ hang out with sb._________________

学习过程 1 阅读2d并回答下列各题?

(1)Who is going to be here?_____________________________

(2) Why Nick can’t go to Jeff’s house?____________________________________ (3)What did they do last fall ?___________________________________________ (4) What does Nick have to do on Saturday? _____________________________ (5) When will they hang out? _____________________________


2. 模仿秀:跟读,模仿语音,语调。然后大声朗读、并背诵对话

3. 考考你的记忆力

Jeff:Hey ,nick ,_______ you ______________ my house _______ Saturday? my cousin Sam

from Xi’an is ____ __________________ here.

Nick: Oh ,Sam ,I remember we _____________________ together last fall when he visited you.

Jeff :Yes ,that’s right.

Nick :I’d ________________ come ,but I’m afraid I can’t I _____________________ on

Monday so I must prepare for it.

Jeff :That’s really too bad! Oh ,but Sam_____________________next Wednesday .can you

_____________________ us on Monday night? Nick :Sure ,catch you on Monday! After reading

和同伴分角色扮演Eliza和Lu Qing.,,找一个合适的时间,相约去购物,参考句型: A: Hi, Peter, can you come to my party this Saturday?B: Party? what party?

A: It’s my 15th birthday.B: Really? Happy birthday to you ,Donna. I’d love to .What time?

A: October25th,at 6pm,at my home. Do you know my address?No.108 Green Street. If you can

阅读Grammar Focus①─星期六你能来我的聚会吗?

─____ you _____ to my party on Saturday?

─当然,我乐意来。Sure. ____ _____ _____. ─对不起,我必须为数学考试而学习。 Sorry, I _____ _____ _____ a math test. ②─明天晚上你能去看影剧院吗?

─ _____ you ____ to the movie ___________ night? ─当然可以,听起来很棒。

─ ______, that _______ ________. ─恐怕不行,我得了流感。

─ I’m ______ not. I have the ______. ③─他能去聚会吗?

─ _____ he ______ to the party?


─ No, he ____. He _____ to help his parents. ④─她能参加棒球比赛吗?

─ ____ she go to the baseball _______? ─不,她没有空。她必须去看医生。

─ No, she’s _______ ________. She ______ to ____ to the ______. ⑤─他们能去看电影吗?

─ _____ they____ to the _______?


─ No, they’re not __________. They _____ ______ ____ meet their ________. Try to Find


1. can 用于表示“____________”,如:汤姆会骑马。 ___________________

2. “Can you??”表达“______________”,答语:同意用____________________. 不同意用__________________________.

如:恐怕不行,我要去探望我的姑姑。 ____________________________________ 知识巩固:根据句意完成下列句子

1 索菲亚这个周末要照顾她的妹妹。Sophia _____________ ______ her sister this weekend. 2 我的生日晚会将于5月6号晚上8点举行。

My birthday party will be hold on May 6th __________ ___________

3 汤姆打算邀请琳达参加他的晚会。Tom plans to ___________ Linda _____ his party. 选择恰当的答案完成对话:

A: Hey, Bob. 1. ___________B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to help my parents.

A: 2. ________. How about you, Ling Ling? Can you come to my party?L: 3. _________ A: On Saturday afternoon.L: Oh, no, I can’t. 4. ____________ A: That’s too bad. 5. _____________.L: Sure. Thanks for asking.

1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. _____ 5. _____

Period 3 Section B 1a-1f


1 口、笔头掌握以下句型 A: What’s today? B: It’s Monday the 14th.


A: Can you play tennis with me?

B: Sorry, I can’t . I have to go to the doctor and study for a test today. A: What are you doing the day after tomorrow? B: I’m playing soccer.

2 熟练掌握以下词汇: yesterday, tomorrow, weekday, look after

3了解以下词汇的语音语义:the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday 4 回顾并掌握下列有关时间的表达法:

What’s today? It’s Monday the 14th. When ? today .





How many days are there in a week? Please write them down.


昨天_______ 今天________ 明天_________ 后天 前天周末工作日 学习过程 Before listening

1. 小组内交流课前准备II的内容。

2. 观察1a中的日历,将本周的日历填写进去。

3. 大声朗读1b中的词汇,猜猜意思,填到1a的日历 4. 两人一组,试着练习下面的句型,体会它们的意义: ----What’s today? ----It’s Monday the 14th.

观察与思考:英语中问日期,常说 ?

而问星期几常说 ?; 但在美国人的口语中问日期常简单地

说 ?.

3 再听一遍录音,试着补全听力原文 Andy: Hi , Vince?

Vince : Yeah, hi , Andy!

Andy: Vince, can you play tennis with me ? Vince :Uh, when ? Andy: Today .

Vince ;Uh, no , sorry, I can’t . I _________go to the doctor and study for a test today. Andy: How about tomorrow?

Vince :Sorry , tomorrow __________ _________ _________ and I have a piano lesson. Andy: Oh .Well, what ________ you _______ the day after tomorrow? Vince :I have to babysit my sister. Andy: Oh, I see .

Vince :I’m sorry, Andy. I’m really busy this week!

观察与思考:根据我们学过的语法知识判断,:“I’m playing soccer.”与 “what are you doing the day after tomorrow?” 这两句的时态为 ________ 其结构是_____________________. 然而在此它的形式虽然是现在进行时,但表达的意义却是_________________________________的动作或状态,表示主观上打算在最近或将来要做的事情。

根据对话,试着汇报Vince 这三天的日程安排。你可以这样汇报:

Vince have to _________________ today. He is __________________ tomorrow... 知识巩固:

I 用所给动词的适当形式填空

1 She’d love _____________(go)with you. 2 You ________________ (not have) to worry. 3 Are they _____________ (practice) English? 4 Thank you for ______________ (write ) to me .

5 They aren’t ___________________(go) to movies this evening. II.根据句意完成句子

1 She often b __________ her sister.

2 What are you doing ___________(明天)?

3 Are they __________ (去)to movies with you ?

4 When do you usually get up on ___________(工作日). 5 ---W________ is today? ---It’s Tuesday ,the 15th.

Period 4 Section B 2a -2e

学习目标: 知识目标:

1 口、笔头掌握以下句型:

What a great idea!

She help me to improve my English so much. I’m sad /glad to... Thanks so much for...

I look forward to hearing from you all. 2 熟练掌握以下词汇:

invitation forward , preparation ,without, surprised, look forward to

3 掌握并能正确使用本课时的重点短语:look forward to, turn down, take a trip,

at the end of ,so that

技能目标:会礼貌的制作,接受,拒绝邀请。 情感态度:学会合理安排筹划活动,聚会。

课前准备: I 用本单元学过的语言来接受或拒绝邀请,并说明理由。 Thank you for your invitation.

I’m sorry , I can’t go to the concert with you.

On Saturday evening, I’m going to the movies with some friends I’m going to visit my aunt.

I have too much homework to do. I have to study for a test.


II 利用课本词汇和手中的词典,译一译下列的词组

accept an invitation________________ make an invitation_________ turn down an invitation_____________ at the end of______________ the best way to do sth.______________ go back to________________

Reading up(研读)仔细阅读全文,画出重点短语,并全班交流。

自主学习----找出重、难点。_________________________________________ 合作探究—细读全文,提出疑难问题,小组讨论,互相解答。_______________ My favorite teacher is ... ,I want to say... to him/her... 知识巩固:


Hi , Herry,

Thank you for your 1________.I’m sorry I can’t 2________ you this week. I am really busy. This evening I’m going to my 3_______ birthday party. And 4_________ ,I have to go to the 5_________ .(Yuck!) On Wednesday, I have 6_____ _________ with the school team. And I have to 7______ for my 8________test on Thursday. On Friday evening ,I’m going to the movies with some friends. Can you 9_____ to the movies with us on Friday ? Write soon. II.中考链接

1. Thanks a lot for ______me______ your birthday party.

A. invite for B. invite to C. inviting for D. inviting to

2. —Listen! Is Tom singing in the classroom?—NO, it___ be Tom. He has gone to Pairs. A. may not B. needn’t C. can’t D. mustn’t

3. —Harbin is really a beautiful city and there’re many places of interest.

—So it is. Why not stay here for____ two days? A.other B. others C. another D. the anthers

Period 5 Section B 3a-4

学习目标: 知识目标:1 口、笔头掌握以下句型:

I would like to invite you to ...

The opening will be on the morning of...

Please reply in writing to this invitation by Friday ,December 20th. 2 熟练掌握以下词汇: opening, concert, daytime 技能目标:能够根据3a写出你的邀请函,然后根据日程表中的计划安排来描述自己或他人必须


情感态度:学会合理安排自己的活动并有礼貌地拒绝他人的邀请。 复习完成短语:(1)将??带到??(2)去旅行 (3) 想起(4)(在)不做某事(的情况下) (5) 以便于;以至于(6) 期望;盼望

(7) 一个令人吃惊的聚会(8)收到某人的信


would like to _________ will be ______ after this __________ by

bring sth.as a gift________ go to a concert___________ study for math test___________ (1)细读3a,你能找出表达时间的单词或词组吗?

On the morning of Wednesday,

(2)合作探究—细读全文,提出疑难问题,小组讨论,互相解答。_______________ 观察与思考:




记住用介词_____哦!例如on Friday morning, on Monday afternoon...

II 根据首字母填空

1. Thank you for i__________ me to your party. 2. We’re going to have a c_________ test tomorrow. 3. His brother has many A__________ pen pals 4. I have basketball t________ with my friends. 5. Tomorrow is Sunday ,and I’ll be f___________ II.中考链接:

1.Chinese climbers carried the Olympic Flame to the top of the world’s highest mountain______8th of May 2008.(2008,苏州)

A. on B. at C. in D. from

2. —Ben, would you like to play football with us?

—_____,but I have to wash the dishes first.(2008,重庆)

A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please. D. I’d love to.

3.Great changes have taken place in China, who can tell ______it would be like in ______five years?(2008,青岛)

A. how;other B. what; more C. how; another D. What; another 课堂反思

1 我们来梳理一下表达有礼貌地接受,拒绝邀请的方式吧:

“I’m +v.-ing”表示_______ “I have to + verb.”表示______.两种句式都可以用来委婉地谢绝别人的邀请,表示自己脱不开身。

2 通过本课的学习,你还有哪些疑问?________________________________________ 家庭作业

1 你会用“I’m +v.-ing”或“I have to + verb.”的句型来表达有礼貌地拒绝吗?尽你所能来写出几个句子,告诉Miss Liu 你不能去听音乐会的理由吧。 2 完成Self check中的练习。

3 依据下一个学案中的学习目标,做好课前准备。


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