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Unit13SectionA (3a-4)第三课时

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Unit13 Rainy days make me sad.



Think about the two different places . Talk about how these places make you feel.

3a Reading

red wallhard seat

Pair work:

Describe the

restaurant and

answer the


1.How do you feel about the color of the restaurant?*hungryThe color red makes me_________.*eat faster2. How do you feel about the loud music?Loud music makes me___________.The pictures makes me ___________.3. How do you feel about the pictures on the wall?

1.What does the color red make most people feel? 红颜色使大多数人感觉怎么样?

?The color red makes people hungry and eat faster.__________________________________________

2.Why do so many fast food restaurants have red colors, loud music, andhard①seats? 为什么很多快餐店用红颜色,放响亮的音乐,用硬座呢?

?Because red color makes customers eat faster, loud ___________________________________________music makes people want to leave and hard seats __________________________________also make customers want to eat quickly and leave.

3.Do you think it's fair that some restaurants are designed to be uncomfortable?你认为一些饭馆设计得不舒服是合理的吗?

Yes, I think so. The restaurant owners are running the ___________________________________________restaurants in order to make money. They want more __________________________________

customers to come to spend money in their restaurants.

3a . Listen and decide which statement is true

1.Restaurant owner not only have to know how to make food but also have to know how to make money

2.The color red makes people happy.

3.Most fast food restaurants have red walls because it can make people relaxed.

4.Soft lighting makes both customers and food look good.

5.Loud noise and hard seats make people want to leave soon.

6.Small restaurants can’t serve many people every day.

?have to know howThey also have to know howsome thingsthey’The color red makes people hungry. Red also makes make people relaxed, solook good, butmay butit soon makes people want to leave. also make customers want to eat quickly and use this knowledge to make customers eat faster. beforethey leave. Becausecustomers don’every day.


?Restaurant science?饭馆里的科学Restaurantownershavetoknowhowtomakefood.Theyalsohavetoknowhowtomake饭馆的老板们必须懂得怎样炒菜做饭。他们也必须懂得怎样money.Herearesomethingsthey'velearnedfromscientificstudies.Thecolorredmakespeople赚钱。下面是他们从科学研究中学会的几件事情。红色能使人产生饥饿hungry.Redalsomakescustomerseatfaster.Manyfastfoodrestaurants,therefore,havered感。红色也能使顾客吃得快一点。因此,很多快餐店有红色的家具和红色的furnitureorwalls,Softcolorslikepinkandlightbluemakepeoplerelaxed,sotheyspendmore墙壁。像粉红、浅蓝这种柔和的颜色能使人放松,所以人们花费timeeatingtheirmeals.Softlightingmakespeoplelookgood,butitmakesfoodlookbad.Loud更多的时间来吃饭。柔和的照明使人看上去姣好,但会使食物看起来糟糕。musicmaybeniceatfirst,butitsoonmakespeoplewanttoleave.Hardseatsalso响亮的音乐刚开始可能是美好的,但是不久它会使人们想离去。坚硬的座位也会makecustomerswanttoeatquicklyandleave.Manyrestaurants,especiallyfastfoodrestaurants,使人们想迅速吃完饭离去。很多饭馆,特别是快餐店,usethisknowledgetomakecustomerseatfaster.Customersonlysitfor20minutesbeforethey运用这种知识使顾客吃饭快一点。顾客们在离开前大约只坐20分钟。leave.Becausecustomersdon'tstayverylong,smallrestaurantscanservemanypeopleeveryday.因为顾客不待很长时间,小餐馆每天也能接待很多人。?

A survey about…

How do you feel about…?


Makes me uncomfortable

Zhao Mingyuan

Li Baoguo


Makes me unhealthy

Makes me headache

Makes me tenseMakes me Makes me stay Heavy

go on footindoorstraffic

Makes me Makes me crazyLoud musicMakes me


shut my ears

Endangered Makes me sad


Makes me sick

Makes me Makes me stop unable to fall eating meatsasleep

People who Makes me

angrykeep you

Makes me stressedMakes me hungry

Makes me cryMakes me thirsty

1.Rainy days make me sad.

2.What do Amy and Tina think of the two restaurants?

3.I’d rather go to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, because I like to listen to quite music while I’m eating.

4.Waiting for her made me angry.

5.Loud music always makes me want to dance.

6.It was so sad that it made us cry.

7.Did you have fun with Amy last night?

8.They also have to know how to make money.

9.Here are some things they’ve learned from scientific.

10.Soft colors like pink and light blue make people relaxed,so they spend more time eating their meals.

11.Many restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, use

this knowledge to make customers eat faster.

12.How do you feel about people who keep you waiting?They make me kind of angry.

1. science (形容词2.so (同义词)3.hard (副词)


7.own(名词)8.pollute (名词)



7.让某人一直做某事你如何看待污染问题9) 雨天让我忧伤。

10) 难看的图画轻柔/高亢的音乐

12) 使某人紧张/放松/困乏/不舒服/兴奋/精力充沛

13) 宁愿做某事14)与某人玩得开心15)the awful pictures_________

16.使我忧伤_____17.make me kind of hungry______18.

19.paint the walls red__________20.等候某人________

21.how to make food________22.怎样赚钱__________

23.so many fast food restaurants___24.接待顾客__________

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