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Robert will finish middle school in two years. His father__41__him to go to college and always makes him study hard .So Robert__42__go out at night as usual. One night,when Robert__43__back late, his father just saw him. He was very__44__and told his son to live upstairs. Robert had to go up__45__.

Last night, when he was sure that his parents__46__,he went out. Very _47_ at night, he came back.He__48__his shoes and went up. Suddenly he hear a _49_ in his parents bedroom. He stood__50__the door and saw a man come out. He knew it was a__51__. He came out at once, stood in front of the man and__52__him.The man was very__53__and put down all the things he had stolen(偷)form the room. “Tell me__54__you didn?t wake my parents up,” said Robert,“or I?ll__55__you to the police station.

( )41.A.uses B. sends C. lets D. wishes

( )42.A.can?t B. isn?t C. needn?t D. wasn?t

( )43.A.put B. took C. came D. left ( )44.A.sad B. happy C. angry D. excited ( )45.A.loudly B .easily C. excitedly D. quietly

( )46.A.woke up B. fell asleep C. went out D. put out ( )47.A.early B. quiet C. late D. deep

( )48.A.put on B .took off C. took down D. put up. ( )49.A.way B. sound C. song D. laughter ( )50. A. behind B. on C. under D. before ( )51. A. thief B. farmer C. worker D. cooker ( )52. A. lent B. made C. threw D. stopped ( )53. A. angry B. easy C. afraid D. happy ( )54.A.why B. how C .if D. where ( )55.A.take B. bring C. move D. sell


I am a fifteen-year-old girl in a junior high school. I have a problem now. I

hope you can give me advice. Three months ago, I knew a boy on the Internet. I found that he had the same hobbies as me, so we got on well soon. Two weeks ago we began to talk on the phone. We both felt comfortable when talking to each other, as if (好像) we had been good friends for a long time. Last week we met because he doesn’t live far from my home. We talked a lot and enjoyed ourselves together in the gym.

However, some of my friends said that I shouldn’t make friends on the Internet. They also said that the boy might be dangerous. I don?t know what I should do . I don?t want a close relationship with him, but I?m really happy with him. Should I talk about this problem with my parents or teachers? I?m afraid that they would be angry and think I’m a bad girl. So I am turning to you for advice. Please help me.

根据短文内容 选择最佳答案。

( )56.The writer knew the boy ________________.

A. at school ;B. on the Internet C. at a party D. in a gym ( )57.The writer began to talk with the boy on the phone ______________ ago.

A. two weeks B. two months C. three months D. three weeks

( )58. The writer got on well with the boy because _____________.

A. The boy was cool and rich B. the boy was nice and safe C. they had the same hobbies D. they were in the same class

( )59. The underlined word “relationship” means “____________” in Chinese. A.友谊 B.距离 C.行动 D.关系

( )60.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The writer and the boy have been friends for a long time. B. The writer’s parents know the boy.

C. The writer doesn’t know where the boy lives. D. The writer doesn’t know if (是否)she should make friends with the boy.


An important question about eating with your friends is who pays for meal.If your friend asks you to have lunch with him, you may say," I have little money." The other person may say, "Ok, I'll meet you at Mc Donald's. " This means that you two agree to go Dutch,——that is, each person pays for himself. He may also say, " Oh, no.

I want to take you to try the steak(牛排)at Johnson's. It’s great” " This means the person wants to pay for both of you . If he is sincere(真诚的),you can go with him and you needn’t pay for the meal. You may just say, "Thank you. That would be very nice." American customs(风俗) about who pays for the meal are much the same as those in other parts of the world. In the old days, American men pay for all the meals. basketball. After that we often went to school and played basketball together .The m__85__I get to know him , the more I like him.

Now we are close friends.

76.b____ 77.f____ 78.s____ 79.q____ 80.g____ 81.t____ 82.a____ 83.h____ 84.l____ 85.m____

But today, a university girl or a woman in business world will usually pay for herself. If a man asks her to dinner after the working hours,, it means , "Come, as my guest." So you can see, it is a polite thing to make the question clear at the very beginning.

( )66.“Go Dutch“means“_______”.

A. going and playing outside B. eating out

C. playing for oneself D. going to a cheaper place

( )67.If one say“I want you to try the steak at Johnson?”,he means“_______”. A. .you pay for both of you B. he pays for both of you

C. each pays for himself D. you?ll go to an expensive place ( )68.If the person who invites you to have dinner is sincere,_______.

A. you should pay for him B. you should help him C.you can accept his invitation D.you should? accept his invitation ( ) 69.In the old days,_____often paid for all the meals in America. A. women B. men

C. university girl D. women in the business world ( )70.We?d better know who will pay for the meal_____.

A. at the beginning B. in the end

C in the middle of the meal D. after drinking


Sam is a middle school student. I think he is a quiet boy b__76__ he

seldom(很少)speaks. We became good f__77__last November..

One day when I went out of the classroom, I s__78__Sam walking home with

his books in his hands. At that moment, two little boys ran away as q__79__as possible. Sam's g__80__went flying. I ran to pick up the glasses and gave them to him. He t__81__me. And then I helped him pick up his books and a__82__him where he lived. I found we lived near each other. We talked about our h__83__on our way home. He l__84__reading and playing basketball. I also enjoyed playing


41-45 DACCD 46-50 BCBBA 51-55 ADCBA

56-60 BACDD 66-70 CBCBA

76. because 77. friends 78. saw 79. quickly 80. glasses 81. thanked 82.asked 83. hobbies 84. liked. 85. more

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