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外研版 A trip to the zoo课件

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A trip to the zoo
Unit 1 Does it eat meat?

Guess what it is…. ? They are tall, and they have long necks. What are they?

They are giraffes.

Guess what it is….
? It is black and white, and it eats bamboo. What is it?

It is a panda.

Guess what it is….
? It likes climbing tress and eating bananas. What is it?

It is a monkey.







Guide: Welcome to Beijing Zoo. The zoo has many kinds of animals, such as bears, zebras, giraffes and pandas. They come from many different countries and they eat different food. Here are the lions.

? many kinds of: 许多种类的 ? such as: 例如
There are many kinds of fruits in the table, such as apples, bananas, oranges and pears.

? come from: 来自
Does the panda come from China?

Tony: Do lions eat meat? (=Does the lion eat meat?) Guide: Yes, they do. They eat other animals. They are dangerous.

Lingling: Ugh! And what about bears? Do they eat meat? Guide: Yes, they do, but they also eat plants.

Tony: Look at this elephant. It’s very tall. Does it eat meat? Guide: No, it doesn’t. It eats plants.

Lingling: Do pandas eat plants and leaves? Guide: Sure. They love bamboo.

Now complete the table
Animals Lions Bears Elephants Pandas
Things they eat

meat and other animals meat and plants



? In this part, you will hear a name Lingling mentioned by the guide. Who is Lingling?

? Lingling: Are there pandas here? They’re my favourite animals. They’re cute. Shall we go and see them? Guide: Yes, let’s go. Can you see Lingling? Tony: She’s in front of you! Guide: No, Lingling the panda! Lingling: Which is Lingling the panda? Guide: She’s the black and white animal over there. Look! There she is! Lingling: That’s very funny. Her name is Lingling too! Tony: Is there a panda called Tony…

注: In front of: 在….前面 There she is! 她在那儿!

Work in pairs
? ? ? ? ?

A: Does the bear eat meat? B: Yes, it does. A: Do tigers eat bamboo? B: No, they don’t. …………

Many wild animals are in danger now, so we must try our best to protect them.

1.Do exercise 4 on page 37. 2.Talk about your favourite animal and write it down .

Thank you

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