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Unit 2 Keeping Healthy

Topic 1You should see a dentist


看起来健康 __________________牙疼 _____________ 看牙医 __________________ 康复 ______________ 卧床 _________________ 休息 ________________

许多,大量 ______________开水 _________________ 好好睡一觉___________________吃药__________想要____________你最好。。。__________________

躺下来______________一些新的事物____________ 帮助某人做某事________________




得流感_______________ 不是太坏_________不是很严重________________



I am sorry to hear that.

I hope you’ll get well soon.

What’s the matter with him/her? He/She has.....

You don’t look well.

Well,I’m feeling terrible.

How long have you been like this? Two days.

You’d better take some medicine.

Shall I take you to the hospital?

I don’t feel like eating.

You’d better not go to school today.

You should lie down and rest.

You shouldn’t eat hot food.

How are you feeling today? Not too bad.

But my left leg still hurts when I move it.

Your X-rays show it’s nothing serious.

Have a good rest and don’t worry about your lessons.

Follow the doctor’s advice,and you will get well soon.

Topic2 I must ask him to give up smoking.


熬夜_________饭前__________ 在阳光下读书 ______________

放弃__________事实上____________ 强迫某人做某事_________________

一......就__________ 对。。。感到惊讶_____________尽量。。。地_________

做运动____________ 借入___________ 借出___________________


Staying up late is bad for your health.

You should go to bed early and you’ll feel better tomorrow.

You must not read in the sun.

Look, the article says smoking is bad for our lungs.

It can even cause cancer.

How terrible!

I must ask him to give up smoking.

Breakfast gives you enery for the morning.

Drink enough water every day.

It will keep you active during the day.

Be careful not to eat too much salt or sugar.

She said it might cause illness.

They must give up smoking as soon as possible.

Topic 3 Must we exercise to prevent the flu?


说吧___________ 增强体质 ______________一直______________

远离_________________ 给某人打电话_______________ 留口信________ 演讲____________ 按时_____________ 忘记去做某事_____________ 独自_____________ 急救____________ 另一方面______________

拒绝做某事___________ 为了。。。__________ 代替___________


保证安全________ 停止做某事______________


May I ask you some questions? Sure, go ahead.

What should we do to prevent it?

Must we go to see the doctor at once when we have the flu? Yes,we must. We’ll take your advice.

Must we exercise to prevent the flu? Yes,we must./No, we needn’t./we don’t have to. I am afraid he is busy right now.

Ok, I’ll ring him up later.

Please tell my father not to forgot the talk tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll give him the message myself.

It’s necessary to learn about first aid.

Happiness is important for your health.

You should say no to smoking and drinking.

In order to keep healthy,we should...

The more exercise,the better.

We should stop exercising when we are hurt.

Exercising in a gym is not a good idea.

If you hurt yourself while you are exercising,rest until you feel better.

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