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2013 新仁爱版八年级上册topic1重点词汇及句型总结

Unit 1

Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball?


在.....期间 _________ 为…加油 _________ 练习, 实践 ____+_____

更喜欢,宁愿(选择) _________参加 _________ 打网球 _____________

打乒乓球 _________当然可以 ______________ 长大成人 _________

效力于 _________将来 _____________花费(过去式spent)时间或金钱做某事 ____________ 一周两次 _________使某人强壮_____________到达_________________

擅长于... _________下周末 ______________参加,加入 _________________

对…有益 _________ 全世界 _________ 后天 _________

保持健康 _________动身去往某地 ______________看见某人做某事_____________________ 看见某人正在做某事____________________希望做某事___________________________ 重点句型

What are you going to do? I’m going to play basketball.

I often saw you play basketball during the summer holidays.

We are going to have a basketball game against Class Three on Sunday. I hope our team will win. Which sport do you prefer,swimming or rowing? I prefer rowing.

Do you row much? Yes,quite a lot./ No,seldom.

What are you going to be when you grow up? I’m going to be a scientist.

She spends half an hour exercising in the gym every day.

There is going to be a school sports meet next weekend.

Because it makes him strong and it’s popular all over the world.

They are leaving for Japan the day after tomorrow for a game with Japan’s national team.

Topic 2 Would you mind teaching me?


在操场_________传球、传递 _________继续努力_________

帮某人一个忙 _________乐意做某事_____________把某物踢给某人__________

在某方面做得好 _________________对某人大声喊叫 _________尽最大努力 _________ 对...生气 _________________ 谈论、讨论 _______对某人说对不起_________

玩的开心________________ 形成,产生 ________遵守规则__________

例如,举例 ________生病___________首先___________彼此,互相__________ 和某人争论__________在某人的帮助下_______________阻止做某事______________ 大量的_______________


Will you join us? I’d be gold to.

Would you mind teaching me? Not at all.

I kick the ball to you.And you pass me the ball like this.

Would you mind if I try it again? Certainly not.

What do you mean?

What about saying sorry to Mike?

I’m sorry for what I said.

You are sure to have more fun.

Basketball is both an indoor and outdoor game.

It is more important for you and the other players to play as a team.

Topic 3 Which sport will you take part in?


男子800米____________接力赛 _______交朋友________ 准备做某事_________一双跑鞋 _________六点半 _________ 代表__________象征 _________ 至少;不少于 _________ 每四年 _________轮流 _________ 越来越多 _________ 有机会做某事 _________第一名_______终点线 _________ 能够,有能力的 _________ 打破纪录 _________________ 重点句型

Will you take part in it?

Which sport will you take part in?

I’ll be in the long jump and the high jump.

I believe you will win.

I hope so.

I’m sure the sports meet will be exciting.

It’s my first time to take part in the high jump.

I think I’ll have lots of fun.

I’m preparing for the long jump.

I won’t lose.

I’ll make many friends during the sports meet.

I hear you will take part in...

Shall I take my camera?

When shall we meet? Let’s make it half past six.

What shall we take?

We hope that China will win more gold medals in the future. Everyone in our class felt very excited because we won. We’re sure we will do better next time.

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