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1课时Unit 10 If you go to the party

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

第一课时 Section A (1a___2c)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌握以下单词: meeting, video, organize, potato chips, chocolate, upset, taxi, advice


① ─I think I’ll go to the party with Karen and Anna. ─If you do, you’ll have a great time!

② ─What will happen if they have the party today? ─Half the class won’t come.

2.技能目标: 熟练运用“will+动词原形”和一般现在时表示将来动作的语言结构。



预 习 案

一. 自主预习:划与写:在课本中划出词组和句子,并写在下列横线上。

穿牛仔裤____________ 呆在家里_________乘公共汽车___________ 去聚会_______ 明天晚上____________ 谈论某事__________

做一些食物_______ 在聚会上___________星期六的晚上____________

和Tom一起去参加聚会_____________ 玩得开心_________允许某人进入__________ 开一次班会________________ 谈论______________举办一次生日聚会_____________



探 究 案

练与思:观察1a中含有if的句子,你发现主句和从句的特点吗?if引导的是一个条件句,主句用__________(时态),从句用__________(时态)。注意:在与if条件句连用的主句中我们一般用will 表示将来时,而不用be going to 表示将来时。


(1) If he ___________(go) to the party, he ________(have) a great time.

(2) If the rain______________(stop) tonight, we ______( go )to the cinema.

(3) I_____(buy) a computer if I ______________(have) enough money.

(4) You ______________(not get) unhealthy if you __________(do) enough exercise.

(5) If she ______________(be) kind to me, I______________(not argue) with her.

达 标 案


A:I think I’m going to ride my bike. (be late)

A: I think I’m going to work until night. (be tired) B: ____________________

A: I think I’m going to exercise every day.(be healthy) B: ______________________

A: I think I’m going to work hard. (get good grades) B:_____________________


( )1.If you ______hard, you _______a good grade.

A. won’t work, don’t get B. don’t work, won’t get C. work, get D. will work, get

( )2. All the students in Class 5 will climb the mountain if it ____rain tomorrow.

A. won’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. doesn’t

( )3. Why not __your teacher for help when you can’t finish ___ it by yourself?

A. ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask; writing D. asking; write

( )4.Nobody ________me if he doesn’t. A. will help B. help C. helps D. helped 1

( )5.If you wear jeans _________the party, the teacher will let you______

A. at, in B. to, out C. to go to, in D. Go to ,out

( )6.If it rains tomorrow, we _____ visit the museum.

A. don’t do B .won’t go C .aren’t go D. didn’t go.

( )7. Will you go to the park if it ____ fine?

A. will be B. was C. is D /

( )8. If you __to school late, your teacher _____ angry with you.

A. come; are B. come, will be C. will come; are D. will come; will be ( )9. If you _____ hard, you will ___ successful.

A. work, are B. works, is C. to work, be D. work, be

( )10. If I ____ too much TV, my mother will _______.

A .watch, angry B .watched, be angry C .watch, be angry D .will watch, be angry III.用所给词的正确形式填空。

1. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it (not rain)

2 If he (walk) to school, he’ll be late.

3. If she likes it, she (read) it soon

4. If you play computer games on weekdays, you 5. If you (work) hard, your dream will come true.

6. 7. (rainy) tomorrow, I will play the piano.

8 If I (have) some money, I (buy) a new house.


1Get up early,or you will be late for the meeting.(改为同义句)

you _____get up early, you will be late for the meeting.

’(就划线部分提问) _____ ______ _______if we have the party today?

3. I will watch TV every day. My mother will be angry.(合并为一句)

If I ________TV this weekend, my mother _____ _____angry.

4. He will have a strange haircut. The teachers won’t agree. (合并为一句) If he _____ a strange haircut, the teachers______ _______.

5.Why don’t you bring some snacks?(改为同义句)___________________



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