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should we help strangers 我们应不应该帮助陌生人

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Should We Help Strangers?

Nowadays,people get more and more confused about whether they should help strangers out of the consideration that helping them may bring us trouble in turn.Some of us decide to ignore them and walk away.However,I still insist that we should help strangers.

On the one hand,helping others is always a traditional virtue that can’t be abandoned.Back to thousands of years ago,Confucius,the greatest educator and ideologist,advocates us treating others with love in his well-known masterpiece---The Analects.Helping others is absolutely an important reflection of his theory.His students and himself have already set good examples for us.How can we leave it alone?

On the other hand,the reverse examples are in the minority.As an old saying goes,“Can’t let a bad mouse droppings gruel a whole pot of porridge.”It’s unfair to close your eyes in front of others in need just because of several terrible experiences.What’s more,if you decline to help others,what if you are encountered with similar trouble in the future?Helping others is equal to helping yourself.

All in all,we should succeed to our good traditional virtues and continue to give a hand to others who are in

trouble.Meanwhile ,don’t let us be affected by some exceptions.Helping each other contributes to a harmony society which we are all looking forward to live in.

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