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新目标英语九年级第九单元第一课时课件 2

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Go for it ! Grade 9

Unit 9 When was it invented?
period one mikhray

Four great inventions of China

gun powder


paper making printing

paper making





Cai Lun invented the paper making in 105 .

The paper making was


Task 1: Guess: Which one was invented earlier and which one was invented later. A: I think the … was invented before the …
B: Well, I think the … was invented after the … calculator

Task 2: Listen and find out the dates of the inventions. The … was invented in …
b a 1885 1976 e 1927 d 1876

c 1971

Do you remember?

A: When was the … invented?
B: It was invented in …


paper making

The paper making was invented by Cai Lun in 105.

-Who was the paper making invented by (in 105)?
-It was invented by Cai Lun.

Task 3: Let’s guess who invented it . A: Who was the … invented by?
B: I think it was invented by … car computer telephone
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Edison Karl Benz Bell

light bulb

Task 4: Do you know what they are used for? Let’s match them to the uses! The … is/are used for –ing.
1.talking with the person who isn’t near


4.eating food
5.keeping away from the rain 6.waking us up

Task 5: Work in pairs to talk about the uses of the things around us. You can talk about the things below if you want.

-What is/are the … used for?

-It is /They are used for –ing.

Task 6: Let’s know more inventions. was/were the … invented? A: When
B: It was/They were invented in … A: Who was/were the … invented by?

B: It was/They were invented by …
A: What is/are the … used for?

B: It is /They are used for –ing.

Task 7: 4 students a group to report: introduce an invention – including its inventor/date and uses.

SUMMARY: Ⅰ.被动语态的构成:
1.be+过去分词+by+(动作执行者). 2.被动语态句子的时态由be的时态 决定,be后的过去分词不随之改变. 3.否定句:在be后加not. 4.疑问句:把be提前.

SUMMARY: Ⅱ.主动语态变被动语态: 被动语态的主语. be+该动词的过去分词 (作被动语态的谓语). be按人称变化,但时态不变. 1.主动语态的宾语 2.主动语态的动词 3.主动语态的主语 by+该主语(放在被动 语态的句尾,可以省略). 若原主语是代词放在be后要变为其宾格形式.

被动语态专项练习 Ⅰ.据划线部分提问
1.Glasses were invented in1450. When were glasses invented? 2.The bottle machine was invented by Michael Owens . Who was the bottle machine invented by? 3.Dictionaries are used for looking up words. What are dictionaries used for ?

1._____ a new library _____ in our school last year? Was built (build) 2.They were taken to school. (take) ______ 3.-When werethese computers used this school? ___ ____in -Last year. (use) 4.The Great Wall was known all over the world. ____ 5.I was born in summer. (bear) ____ (know) 6.Who _____ this book written by? (write)

_____ was 7.Older people must be looked after well. ____ (must, look after)


1.We can finish the work in two days. can be The work _____ _____finished in two days. _____ 2. The children will sing an English song. An English song will be sung by the children. ___ ___ ___ 3.They use knives for cutting things. Knives are used for cutting things. ___ ___ 4.Lucy sent me a New Year Card last week. was sent to A New Year Card ___ ____ ____ her by me last week. 5.We clean the classroom every day. The classroom was cleaned every day. ____ ____


The … invention
2.适当使用被动 语态

Let’s remember forever :
Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninetynine per cent perspiration.(天才=1%灵感+99%汗水) --Thomas Edison

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