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(3)话语组织(discourse management)是否合理;




如“It's + ad. + for sb. +to do sth.”对某人来说做某事?

例句:It’s difficult for them to get along well with each other.

“too ?to”句型

例句:It is too hot to fall asleep in summer.

“be bad for”

例句:Reading in the sun is bad for your eyes.

“be famous for”

例句:Luxun is famous for his works(著作).



“Hey Tom, what do you want to do this weekend?"

"I have no idea John. What do you think?" "Let's go watch a movie? How does that sound to you?"




“Baby what do you want for your birthday?”

"I'm not sure yet."

"You have to make a birthday wish pretty soon."

"Ok, I want a paddle(踏板) on something with two wheels(轮子)."

"Sure thing! By the way, that is called a bike."



"Hey I was down there listening to your speech, you know."

"Oh really? What do you think of it?"

"I thought it was great! You did an amazing job!"

"Haha thanks! I have prepared for a long time."

"Yes I can tell. Well once again, you did a great job on your speech!"


问:找出其中表扬和鼓励的短语(it was great; amazing job; great job)


“I don't know why you would want to do that, I mean... You can't just do this to people" "I am sorry, boss. I will never do it again."

"Ok, that's alright. Just make sure this doesn't happen again."



朗读文章 Not so many years ago, you hardly ever saw computers. Now they seem to be everywhere. There are also many hidden “computers” in your home, but you might be unaware of them. For example, there may be one inside your TV set,telephone or washing machine. You are more dependent on computers than you know.

Computers are probably the best calculators in the world. They are faster at calculating than people, and they rarely give wrong answers. They can also type, print and draw things like diagrams and graphs. They can teach you many things and also play games with you. More importantly, they can operate railways and fly planes and spaceships. For these reasons, we sometimes call them “electronic brains”。

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