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unit 10 if you go to the party,you will have a great time Section B

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!
Section B Period 1 (1a-2e)

be happy

Zheng Kaixin is happy.

go to college

I want to go to college.

be famous

Cheng long is famous..

travel around the world

I will travel the world in 30yeays.

make money make a lot of money

I want to make a lot of money..

get an education

Everyone should get an education..

1a Which of the things below are the most important to you? Circle three things.
_____ be happy
_____ be famous

______ travel around the world
______ get an education

_____ go to college ______ make a lot of money

Group work:
Work in groups, and discuss what the most important thing to each other. …….is the most important to …….

Be happy is the most important to me.

1b Listen. Look at the list in 1a. Write “A” before each thing the soccer agent talks about and a “p” before each thing Michael’s parents talk about.
_____ be happy P _____ be famous A ______ travel around the world A ______ get an education P

_____ go to college ______ make a lot of money P P

1c Listen again. Complete the sentences.
1. If you join the Lions, ____ c 2. If you become a Lion, ____ e a 3. And if you work really hard, ____ d 4. If you become a soccer player, ____ b 5. But if I don’t do this now, ____ a. you’ll be famous. b. I’ll never do it. c. you’ll become a great soccer player. d. you’ll never go to college. e. you’ll travel around the world.

I think I’m going to work until night. (be tired)

If you do, you’ll be tired.

If you do, you’ll be happy.

I think I’m going to the party.

I think I’m going to exercise every day. If you do, …

Do you have worries?

If you have, what are they? Which one do you worry the most?

Who do you usually go to for help?

Say Yes or No.
Yes 1. Problems and worries are normal in life. No 2. Today, students don’t have worries. No 3. Laura thinks we shouldn’t talk to others.

Yes 1. Laura lost her wallet; in the end, she told her parents.
No 2. Laura’s parents were angry with her. Yes 3. Laura’s parents buy her a new wallet.

No 1. We must ask expert for help when we have worries.
No 2.Students have more experience. Yes 3. Sharing is good way to solve our problems.

2c Read the passage again and answer the questions. Discuss your answers with a partner.
1. What is the worst thing to do if you have a problem? The worst thing to do if you have a problem ______________________________________ is to do nothing. ______________________________________ 2. Why didn’t Laura want to tell her parents about her lost wallet? She was afraid they would be angry. ______________________________________

3. What is the first thing you should do when you want to solve a problem? The first step is to find someone we trust to ________________________________________ talk to. ________________________________________ 4. Why can our parents give us good advice about our problems? Our parents can give us go

od advice about _______________________________________ our problems because they have more _______________________________________ experience than us, and are always there ___________________________________ help us. ___________________________________

1. keep … to oneself 保守秘密 Don’t keep the news to yourself. Let’s all share it. 不要只管自己知道这消息,让我们也知道吧。 I’ll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself. 你答应保守秘密,我才告诉你。

英语中共有八个反身代词,在使用时应注意和它所指的相 应的对象在人称、性别、数上保持一致。其基本形式如下 表所示:

第一人称 单数 复数 myself

第二人称 yourself

第三人称 himself herself itself themselves

ourselves yourselves


1. My classmate, Li Ming, made a card for _________ just now. 2. Bad luck! I cut _________ with a knife yesterday. 3. They tell us they can look after_________ very well. 4. My cat can find food by_________ . 5. Help __________to some beef, boys.

2. unless conj. 除非;如果不 She will keep on singing unless she is told to stop. 她会一直唱下去,除非有人叫她停止。 unless 引导的条件句表示在特定条件下, 才决定做或不做一件事。

如:除非刮台风,否则演唱会将如期进行。 在英语中,我们可以用unless表达这个意思, 相当于if … not。以这个句子为例: The concert will be held as schedule unless there is a typhoon. = The concert will be held as schedule if there is not a typhoon.

用 if 或 unless 填空:
1. _______ he wants to see me, you can tell If him to wait. 2. _______ it snows tomorrow, we’ll have a If day or two off. unless 3. We won’t go to his party _______ he invites us. 4. She is sure to pass the examination _______ she is ill. unless

【2011?山东青岛】You will achieve nothing ______ you work hard. A. if B. unless C. when D. that 答案:B 【解析】考查连词的用法。根据You will achieve nothing“你什么都做不成”和you work hard.“你努力工作”, 可知二者是表条 件的假设关系,故答案选B,意为“除非”, 与if … not同义。

【2011浙江衢州】 You may easily lose your way in Shanghai _____ you don’t have a map or a guide. A. until B. unless C. though D. if 答案:D 【解析】连词。until 直到,unless 除非, though 虽然,if 如果。根据题意:如果你没 有图或向导,在上海很容易迷路。选“如 果”。

【2012山东济宁】I won't take part in Julie's birthday party ________ I am invited. A. unless B. after C. because D. if 答案: A 【解析】考查连词辨析。unless “除非;如果 不…”。句意为“我不会参加茱莉亚的生日晚 会除非我被邀请。”

3. be afraid to do sth. 害怕干某事 I’m afraid to speak in front

of other people. 我害怕在其他人面前发言。 be afraid 的相关用法: be afraid of sth. 害怕某事 He told me not to be afraid of difficulties. 他告诉我不要怕困难。 be afraid +that 从句 I’m afraid that I can’t finish on time. 我恐怕我不能按时完成它。

1. 她不害怕在公共场合说英语。(be afraid, in public) She isn’t afraid to speak English in public. _______________________________________

2. 恐怕我现在不能走,因为我还没做完作业。
I’m afraid __________________ I cannot leave now because I haven’t finished my project.

He is ______ dogs, so he never keeps any of them at home. (2006青海省) A. interested in B. afraid of C. worried about 【解析】 B。be afraid of一般表示害怕某事 的发生,内心带有某种程度的恐惧,从心理 上极不愿意或担心某事的发生。分析比较4 个选项,故正确答案为B。

4. angry adj. 发怒的;生气的 We were angry with him for keeping us waiting. 我们对他让我们久等而生气。 be angry with 后只能接表示人的名词或代 词,表示“生(某人的)气”,其后还可以带 一个for 构成的短语来说明生气的原因。例如: He was angry with himself for breaking the glass. 他因为打破了玻璃而生自己的气。

be angry at 则表示“因??而恼怒、生 气”,at 后只能接表示事物的名词或从句。 He is angry at your answer. 他对你的回答感到生气。 I was very angry at what he said. 我对他的话感到很愤怒。 be angry about 的用法大致与be angry at 相 同,两者可替换。 Your father is angry about / at your staying out so late. 你父亲对你在外逗留这么晚很生气。

根据句意,用angry的适当短语填空。 1. Mother____________________ your words was angry at / about last night. is angry with 2. Your father______________ you for failing in the exam. is angry at / about 3. Your mother________________ your staying out so late. 4. Mr. Smith, the old maths teacher, _______________ me because I talked so was angry with much in the class.

Don't be angry ________ your little C brother. He is only four years old. A. to B. in C. with D. about

妈妈因她说的话而生气。 Mom was angry at what she said.

5. in the end 最后;终于 He married the nice girl in the end / at last / finally. 他最后娶了这位美丽的姑娘。 in the end 的同义词有at last还有finally。 In the end, he decided to send the sick child to hospital. (对划线部分进行同义替换) A. At once B. At last C. At first √

by the end of 到……结束时;到……时为 止 We must complete the task by the end of the year. 年底之前我们必须完成此项任务。 at the end of 在 ... 末端; 到 ... 尽头 The school is at the end of the street. 该校位于这条街的尽头。 We'll have an English exam at the end of January. 一月底我们有个英语


6. careless adj. 粗心的;不小心的 The boy is very careless. 这个男孩很粗心。 It was careless of you to leave the door unlocked. 你没锁门,太粗心了。 careless 的反义词为careful, 意为“认真 的;小心的”。 He is more careful than me. 他比我认真。

He always makes a lot of mistakes, so he is a ________ boy. 答案:careless 点拨:根据句意“他总是犯很多错误,所以他 是一个粗心的男孩”,可知应为careless。

(2011 江苏宿迁) Paul isn’t as ______ as Sandy. He often makes mistakes in his homework. A. careless B. more careful C. more careless D. careful 【解析】as ... as 意为“和……一样”,表 示同级的比较。A项与题意不符,应排除, 正确答案是:D

7. advise v. 劝告;建议 I advise waiting till the right time. 我建议等到适当的时候。 I advise him not to sleep late every day. 我建议他不要每天睡懒觉。 My English teacher advises me to speak English as often as possible. 我英语老师建议我要尽可能地经常说英语。 They advised her against marrying quickly. 他们劝她不要太快结婚。

advise 的用法: 1.表示“建议”通常为及物动词,若其后的宾 语是动词,通常应是动名词,而不能是不 定式。 2. advise 之后不能直接跟不定式,但可接不 定式的复合结构。 3. advise sb. against doing sth. 劝某人不要做 某事。

Give me some advice about how to learn English well. 给我一些有关如何学好英语的建议。 advise的名词是advice, 是不可数名词。

Linda often advises Alan _______ (watch) CCTV news every day. 答案:to watch 点拨:advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人干某事。

2d Fill in the blanks with the phrases in the box.
Students often have a lot of problems and worries. Laura Mills thinks the worst thing is to do nothing ___________. She thinks you’ll feel worse if you don’t talk to someone ____________ about your problems. Laura remembers that she once lost her wallet and was tell her parents afraid to ________________
an expert like tell her parents unless you talk run away from talk to someone share her problems to do nothing

about it. Now she believes you cannot feel better ______________ to someone. She says unless you talk share her problems she will always ___________________ in the future. Robert Hunt agrees with Laura. He run away from thinks you should not ______________ your problems, but you should try to solve them. If discuss your problems you cannot talk to ____________________ Robert, you can discuss your problems with your parents because they have a lot of experience.

2e Ask three students the following questions. Take notes of their answers.
1. What problems do you have with schoolwork? 2. Who do you talk to about these problems and why? 3. Who else can you get advice from? 4. Do you always tell your parents about yo

ur problems? Why or why not? 5. Do you ever give advice to your friends about their problems? What advice do you give?

Tell your partner why you think your choice is the most important, and your partner can give reasons to deny (否定) you. You should try your best to make him / her agree with you.

A: I think traveling around the world is the most important. B: Why? Why do you think so? A: Because I think traveling is very happy. B: But you won’t be happy if you have no money during the traveling. You can’t buy anything.

A: I can travel without money. I can help
people, and they give me water, food and clothes. B: … A: …

If you win a large amount of money, what will you do?

Name I S1 S2 S3

Plans I will buy a big house for my parents. … … …

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