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3课时Unit 10 Unit 10 If you go to the party

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

第三课时: Section B 1a—1d

学习目标 :


1. If you become a Lion, you’ll travel around the world.

2. A: I think you should go to college.

B: But if I go to college, I’ll never become a great soccer player.

熟练掌握并能正确运用以下词汇:agent, travel around the world.


情感态度: 就对待某一事的看法上鼓励学生畅所欲言,形成健康向上的人生观。

预 习 案

Ⅰ. 你能写出下面这些活动的英语吗?



5.著名_________________________6.工作努力_____________________ 7成为一名专业足球运动员_______________



II.. 在以上的这些活动中,你认为最重要的是什么?请说出理由。参考句型: __________is the most important to me. If I _____________, I’ll_____________________.

探 究 案

一. 听两遍录音,补全下面的对话。

Conversation 1 1. If you join the Lions,________ __________ a great soccer player.

2. If you become a Lion, _________ __________around the world.

3. If you __________really hard, you’ll be famous.

Conversation 2

4. If you become a professional soccer player,_______ ________ ________to college.

5. But if I ________do this now, I’ll ________ do it.


Conversation 1中含有的if从句,主句和从句都是肯定形式。Conversation 2中的if从句,主句和从句中用到了否定形式。 If引导的条件状语从句,若主句是否定含义,我们常用“主语+_________+动词原形+其他”来表达,若从句是否定含义,我们常用“if+主语+______+动词原形+其他”来表达。

练习:(1)If he __________(not do )his homework, he’ll be late.

(2)If she wears jeans, the teacher__________(not let)her in.

(3)If you ________(not study) hard, you_________(not pass)the exam.

达 标 案

Ⅰ. 单项选择。

( )1. Zhou Jielun is famous __________ singing.


A. as B. to C. for D. in

( )2. If you are late for class, the teacher ________ angry.

A. is B. was C. will D. will be

( )3. If he _________harder, he will catch up with us soon.

A. study B. studies C. will study D. studied

( )4. If I have a lot of money, I’ll travel _________ the world.

A. at B. around C. for D. to

( )5. If the rain __________, we’ll go for a drive.

A. stopped B. stop C. stops D. will stop

( )6. __________ run at the party, Jim.

They asked you __________ any noise now.

A. Don’t, not to make B. Don’t, don’t make

C. No, not to make D. No, don’t make

( )7. I __________ to bed until I finished my homework.

A. went B. didn’t go

C. don’t go D. go

( )8. We have friends all __________ the world.

A. in B. of C. over D. around

Ⅱ. 发挥想象,补全句子。

1. If you play computer games all day, you ____________________ .

your eyes______________________ .

Your parents ___________________+.

2. If I make a lot of money, I_____________________________.

3. If ______________________, he will stay at home.

4. If______________________, we won’t do well in our subjects.


1. 如果我有时间,我会周游世界。

If I have time , I will ________ _________ ________ ________.

2.我的梦想是上大学My dream is to ____________ __________ __________


We should help the poor child ________ _________ _________

4.这本书太难了,我读不懂The book is ______ _________ for me _______ read.


I’m__________ and don’t ________ ________ _________.


I _________ go the park if it __________ tomorrow.


This problem is _________ difficult _________ him ________ ________ it ________

8. 如果他在街上踢足球,那 会很危险的

.If he _______ _________ in the street, it ________ ________ _____


Did you ________ _______ ________ ________ at the party last night ?


I _________ ________ ________ wear __________ to the party.


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