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冀教版英语九年级下Lesson 14

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Lesson 14.

The knowledge points :

I. I think it would be fun to have a clone –a secret clone .

Eg : It is easy to pick up BBC programmer on the radio is easy .

II. secret

(n,adj) eg : I’ll tell you a secret .

Eg : Please keep it secret .

III. copy 复制品,副本,一本(份/张/?)

1.(n) a copy of

Eg : It’s only a copy of real painting .

I will send you a copy of the letter .

2.(v) 复制,拷贝,抄写

Eg : He is busy copying the letter .

IV mean

What does /do sb mean by ??

What do you mean by ??=What’s the meaning of ??=What do /does? mean ?


doubt +n/pron /that 或if 或whether 引导的宾语从句

eg : They doubt the truth of it .

We don’t doubt that you are right .

I doubt if /whether he will come earlier this time . VI. too much too many much too

Exx ;


I__________ ___________ this subject _______ ________ __________ ________ in such a hurry .


The teacher asked us __________ _________ the text ________ .


Please don’t__________ the original sentence.



When the book comes out , please send me _________ __________ . 5“Make a phone call “means “call sb ”.

What ___________“make a phone call ”_________?

6.I mean to go to Beijing tomorrow .

_________ do you _________ _________ __________?

7.I never d____________ you . I was sure you would bring me the money .

8.-Do you enjoy traveling by air ?

-No , it’s __________ expensive.

A. too much B. more much C. too many D. many too

9.Watching TV ___________ is bad for your eyes .

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

10.I know nothing ________ the news .

11. My clothes are __________ my closet .

12. The clone of Kathy will be __________ her very much .

13. Dolly 8is cloned ________ a sheep which is six years old .

14. “Good morning , my brother , likes playing ________(模仿)his father’s voice .

15. I ____________ (怀疑)whether Tom has taken my watch.

16. Japanese industry is making increasing use of _____________(机器人).

17. Can you play __________ flute ?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

18. You ______________ better _________ TV tonight .

A. had , not watch B. would , not watch

C. had not , to watch D. would , not to watch

19. He walked slowly ____________ his bad leg .

A. because B. so C. but D. because of


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