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7A U6 Reading 1

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Unit 6 Food and lifestyle Reading (I)

What does Gus eat?

soup banana corn chicken

chocolate cake



sweet snacks
too much sugar

un healthy



What we eat

How we live

diet and lifestyle

Skimming : ( individual work )

Who has a healthier diet and lifestyle? Kitty does.

Scanning: Part 1 ( pair work )
Questions for Paragraph 1, 2 & 3
1. How long does Kitty dance every day ?

She dances for half an hour every day.
2. Why does Kitty seldom eat sweet snacks or drink Coke between meals ? 3. What does she often have for breakfast ?

Because they have too much sugar and are bad for her teeth She often has some milk and bread for breakfast .

Scanning: Part 2 (group work )
Read Paragraph 4 and 5 play computer games


Old diet and lifestyle New diet and lifestyle

Cola and hamburgers seldom exercise have more fruit and vegetables some fish plan to go swimming every week

Skimming : ( individual work )

F 1. Kitty wants to be a teacher. T 2. Kitty is careful with her diet because she

wants to be healthy. F 3. Sweet snacks are healthy because they give people energy. T 4. Daniel likes playing computer games. T 5. Daniel thinks Cola and hamburgers are healthy. F6. Kitty and Daniel have healthy diets and

Fill in the blanks : (individual work )
Kitty wants to be a __________. She dances dancer for ____________ every day . She thinks half an hour a healthy diet _______________ is very important for her. seldom She ________eats cakes or sweets ______________between meals because there is ______________in too much sugar fruit them. She usually has _________________. For breakfast, she always drinks some _________and eats some _____. milk bread

Daniel is a student . He likes playing computer games _______________. He likes hamburgers ________ and cola exercises __________. He seldom _________. He wants to change his lifestyle now. He ______ fruit and vegetables plans to eat more ___________.He also fish needs to eat some ______. He plans to go swimming ________ every week.

Make an


A: What food do you usually eat? B:… …


lifestyle future plans

My Health Card
breakfast . . . lunch . . .

dinner . . .


healthy eating
healthy lifestyle happy every day



1. Review today’s lesson and recite. 2. Talk about your diet and lifestyle with classmates.

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