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use to do练习

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A. 选用适当的词组填空:

1. Life here is much easier than it ____________ be.

2. He ______________ hard work.

3. I’ve lived in Paris for six years now, so I’m quite _________ the traffic.

4. It’s difficult to understand Scottish people if you______________ their accent.

5. It was a bit of a shock: I___________________ paying so much for a sandwich and a glass of beer.

6. I don’t play tennis much these days, but I ____________.

7. The wood ______________ make desks and chairs.

B. 动词填空:

1. You’ll soon get used to ___________(live) in the country.

2. I never used to ___________(eat) cakes, but I eat a lot now.

3. I’m not used to _____________(treat) like this.

4. When I was younger I was used to ____________(walk) long distances.

5. I used to ___________(go) swimming on Saturdays.

6. Didn’t she use to ____________(live) in Germany?

C. 翻译句子:









D. 中考链接

( )1. There ________ a lot of red-crowned cranes in this area.

A.was used to B.was used to be C.used to D.used to be

( )2. She used to ______ with her parents, but now she is used to ______ with her classmates at school. (泰州)

A. live; living B.live; live C.living; living D.living; live

( )3. He used to ____ in a small village, but now he has been used to ___ in the big city. (镇江)

A. live; living B.live; live C.living;livingD.living; live

( )4. Mrs Green _______ go to hospital, but now she is in good health.

A. has to B.need to C.used to D.ought to

1. My cousin is used to ________(study) with his new friends in Australia. (南京)

2. My mother is used to ________(get) up early to cook breakfast for us. (一模)

3. Mr Bush is used to __________(get) up early in the morning. (一模)

4. Jim has lived in Australia for two years. He is used to _________(驾驶) on the left.



1. used to 2. is used to 3. used to 4. are not used to 5. was not used to 6. used to 7. is used to


1. living 2. eat 3. being treated(该题为动名词的被动形式,初中不作要求) 4. walking 5. go 6. live


1. He was used to living alone several month later.

2. I used to live in London.

3. The knife is used to cut things.

4. People used to think that the earth was flat.


1. D 2. A 3.A 4. C

1. studying 2. getting 3. getting 4. driving

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