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10.21新七上u5 grammar focus--3c

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section A (grammar focus—3c)
Tao Juping from Jianhu Middle School

Enjoy the song

Let’s play!
/ plei /

Do you want to play?

Let’s play.
Let’s have fun today.

sports things (体育用品)


soccer ball football


baseball tennis ball
baseball bat

ping-pong ball

ping-pong bat

Boys PK Girls

Let’s play again(再).
Great!= Very good!


Boys PK Girls

play sports (做运动)

Who is healthier (更健康)?

Let’s play sports.

That sounds good.

you have a…?


they have a…? we have a…?
I do. I don't.
No, they don’t we don’t.

B: Yes,

they do.

we do.
A: B:

Let’s play… . ping-pong. don’t=do not That sounds good.

pair work Pairwork


A: Do you have a……? B: No, I don’t. A: Do they have a……? B: No, they don’t A: Do we have a …? B: Yes, we do. A: Let’s play … B: That sounds good.

he have a…?
A: Does she have a ….? Bob(人名) have a …. ?

B: Yes, he does.
或者 No,

He has a … .
But she has a ….

she doesn’t.

doesn’t=does not

have Does A:_____Yao Ming _____ a soccer ball?
B: No, he doesn’t. But he has two basketballs.



A: …(人名), does … (人名) have a …? B: Yes, he/she does. He/She has a … C: Let’s play … A and B: Great!

A: … (人名), does … (人名) have a …?

B: No, he/she doesn’t. But he/She has a …
C: Let’s play …

A and B: Great!

A saying(谚语):
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! (只学习不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻)

Let’s play a game. 让我们来做游戏吧。

Guess: Does he/she have a …?

Guess: Does he/she have a …?

Guess: Does he/she have a …?

Guess: Does he/she have a …?

Grammar focus

don’t= do not
Questions (问题) Do you have a baseball?

doesn’t= does not

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t. I have a volleyball.

Do you have a ping-pong bat? Does she have a tennis ball? Does he have a soccer ball? Do they have a basketball?

Yes, I do. Yes, she does.

No, I don’t. I have a ping-pong ball. No, she doesn’t. She has a baseball.

Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t. He has two ping-pong bats Yes, they do. No,they don’t. They have a volleyball.

How to remember (记住) “do” and “does”

Let’s chant!

我(I)用do来,你(you)用do 我们 你们 他们 do 她他它 用does


Find friends for “do” and “does”!
(为do 和 does找朋友)

I she you(你/你们) he

they it



Tom and Alice

your friends


Find friends for “do” and “does”!
Eric we
Tom and Alice

I she

he they


you (你们)


your friends

第一人称 单数 复数 第二人称 单数 复数 第三人称 复数

第三人称 单数


Fill in the blanks with do or does. Then practice the conversations with your partner.

1. A: ____ you have a baseball? Do B: Yes, I ____. do A: Great! I have a bat. Let’s play. 第一(I)、 二 (you)人 称用do


2. A: _____ John have a soccer ball? Does doesn’t B: No, he ________. A: _____ he have a ping-pong bat? Does B: Yes, he ______. I think he has a does ping-pong ball, too. A: Hmm … Let’s ask.


第三人称单数(John, he)用does

3. A: ____ your friends have a basketball? Do do B: Yes, they ____. They have two basketballs. A: Well, let’s play basketball. PK B: That sounds good.

第三人称复数(your friends, they)用do。

Who has the best memory(最好的记忆力)?
3c ask and answer questions with a partner. 记住房间里的物品,然后其中一位合上书与同伴问答

Bob’s room
A: Does he have a soccer ball? B: Yes, he does. A: Does he have a ping-pong bat? B: No, he doesn’t.

Who has the best memory(最好的记忆力)?


A: Does he have a…? B: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t

1. Does Bob love sports? Why?
(sports things体育用品)

2. Do you think Bob is healthy(健康的)?

Bob’s room

Let’s love sports!

Let’s play sports to keep healthy!


The supermarket of homework (作业超市).

★: Read the chant we have learnt in class.

★★: Make up a similar chant by yourself.

★★★:Read the conversations in 3b.
(熟读3b的对话。) ★★★★: Act the the conversations in 3b out. (表演3b的对话。)

Let’s chant !
我(I)用____来,你(you)用____。 do do

do 我们(we)你们(you)他们(they)___。
她(she)他(he)它(it) 用____。 does

does 单数名词用_____。
复数名词都用____。 do

① have 在he, she, it 和其他第三人称单数 后面要变成has。其他人称have不变 has 如: He ______ a basketball. has Frank ______ two baseballs. ②若是在助动词后面,动词要用原形 --Does he _______a basketball? have --Yes, he_____. does

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