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Unit 3 A day out

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Unit 3 A day out
Reading Ⅰ
Su Xiaohua

Activity: Picture-talking
Enjoy some famous places of interest from all over the world, then try to guess which places they are.

Ready? Go!

The Great Wall China

The Eiffel Tower

Sydney Opera House

The Pyramids

The White House

The Golden Gate Bridge USA

The Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy

famous places of interest in the world the Great Wall the Eiffel Tower the Golden Gate Bridge the White House the Pyramids, Egypt Sydney Opera House the Leaning Tower of Pisa The Statue of Liberty Big Ben in London …

Let’s go !

the World Park Beijing

1.coach e
2.boring f 3.traffic d

Mini dictionary:
a. a line of people who are walking together
for a special reason, while other people watch them

b. a main road between cities
c. not well, uncomfortable

4.highway b


d. cars, buses, and trucks on roads
e. a bus for taking people on long trips

6.pyramids g
7.parade a

f. not interesting
g. old stone buildings in Egypt

Task 1

Listen & answer

From : Linda

To: Linda’s Mom

1. Who met Kitty and Linda at the school gate? Mr. Wu and the other students. 2. Which was the best part of the day?

The song and dance parade.

Task 2

Put the pictures in the right order







l e 1

Task 3 Read and Fill in the form:
Place the things Linda saw

Linda’s feeling

at the Mr. Wu, the students, school gate a coach on the way a lot of traffic on the bored; sick to the park city roads, it got better on the highway at the excited; didn’t blue sky, gate of the feel sick any the model Eiffel World Park more Tower
inside the park
over 100 places of interest, the model pyramids, the model Golden Gate Bridge, the song and dance parade

Couldn’t believe her eyes; wonderful; amazed

Task 4

Question time

Mr. Wu, Linda and Kitty have been invited here today. They went to the World Park last Sunday. If you have any questions about the trip, you can ask them. By the way, let’s see which group can ask the best questions.

Task 5 True or False

Will you help me to find out the ten mistakes in my retelling the letter? Listen carefully, then ask me to “Stop” when you see or hear something wrong.

coach 1.We went to the World Park by bus from Sunshine Town. 2. It took us about an hour to get to the half two hours World Park from school. 3.There was too much traffic on the high way. city raods Kitty 4.Mr Wu and I felt sick for most of the way. 5.We became very excited when we bored saw the model Eiffel Tower from the coach.

6.The model Eiffel Tower is very tall and it is made of stone. metal 7.There are over a thousand places hundred of interest there. 8.The model pyramids looked just Egypt like the real ones in the USA. 9.It was an amazing day but the best part was the song and dance parade music parade. 10.Daniel has put the photos on his computer. home page

Task 6 Retelling

inside the park

at the gate of the World Park on the highway on the city road


Hi! I’m Linda
at the school gate

At the school gate, Kitty and I (Linda) met Mr. Wu, and other students. Then we got on a coach. On the city roads, I/we saw / felt…… On the highway, the traffic got……/felt……

At the gate of the World Park, I/we saw / became / wanted……
Inside the park, I/we saw……/couldn’t believe……/the best part ……

Homework ? Finish the rest of the exercises in the handout. ? Write an article about one of your wonderful trips.

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