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9A unit 1 integrated skills

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9A Unit 1 Star Signs
Integrated skills

Make a prediction for you!

Good luck?
Bad luck?

Mr Zhang’s predictions

Millie was born in the year of goat.I’ll make some predictions for her.

Read Part A1 and answer the questions
1.Will Millie meet an old friend this month?
No, she will make a new friend..

2.What will she have around the middle of the month?
She will have success at school or work.

3.What will she be given?
She will be given some money.

4.What should you do if you want to know more details? We can call Mr Zhang on 5556 0678. —have fun

Listen to Part A 2 and fill in the blanks

good luck This month, I will have both ____________and bad luck friend _________.I will meet a new _______,and we will success fun have lots of _____ together. I will have________ at school around the middle of the month. I will also money wisely be given some________but I must spend it _______.I party will also go to a ________. wise--wisely However , I may have problems with my_______. health I will need to get lots of rest and eat ________ healthy food if I am feeling weak. Otherwise, I might get_________. sick

Mr Zhang’s prediction
1.Both good and bad luck friend. 2.Will meet a new___________ school or work 3.Will have success at _____________ 4.Will ___________ some money. be given spend it wisely 5.Remember to _______________ party 6.Will go to a __________ 7.Problems with my____________. health

Listen to Part A 3 and fill in the blanks

Amy’s predictions

1.Mainly bad luck bicycle. 2.Will get a new___________ cooking 3.Will have fun in_____________ 4.Will ________ some money. find 5.Remember to give it to the police __________ cinema 6.Will go to a __________ 7.Problems with my______. seat

Discussion: Who would be suitable for the new chairperson?

A:Do you think Suzy would be a good chairperson? B:I think so. She is hard-working.she_________ and she doesn’t _________________. A:True,but she is _________. B:I’m not sure. Who else would be suitable?

A:Do you think David would be a good chairperson? B:I think so. He is_________ , _________ and ,_________. A:Yes, I agree. He ___________________________ B: Oh, I think he is the most suitable person.

Thank you ! Goodbye!

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