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一, 一般现在时:用所给单词的适当形式填空

1.I______(be) a student. My name_____(be) Tom.

2. Where _____(be) my shoes? They___(be) here.

3.Who ____(be) the girl with long straight hair? I think she ___(be) Kate.

4. You and I ___(not be) in Class Six.

5.___(be) there a supermarket on the Fifth Avenue? Yes, there_____(be).

6. ____ her parent tall? No, he____.


二. 现在进行时:用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. Jim __________________(take) photos in the park now.

2. Jim_________(not take) in the park now.

3. _______________Jim____________(take) photos in the park now?

Yes, he _____. No, he _______.

4. Where _________Jim ____________ photos now? In the park.


1. like+ to do不定式/doing动名词 2.want to do sth. 3. love to do

4. would like to do sth.5. enjoy doing sth. 6. thanks for doing

7. stop doing sth 8. let sb. do sth.

1.She wants _____(have) a party.

2. Does he like _______(swim)?

3.Thanks for _______(enjoy) CCTV show.

4. She never stops ____(talk).


1.Mr Green _____(be) a worker. Now he ____(work) in the field.

2.Listen! Who_______(sing)?

3.What time ____ your brother usually _____(do) his homework?

4.You can_______(come) here by bus.

5. Who ____(have) a ruler?

6.Are they_____(clean) the room?

7.-____ you____(eat) dinner? – Yes, we are.

8.Jack ____(have) a soccer ball, but he ____(not have) a basketball.

9._______Jim _______(like)______(run)?

10.They _____(be) from Canada. They______(not speak) Chinese.

11. He wants _________________(be) tall.


:1.________(我) am a worker. _________(你) are a doctor. ______(她) is a teacher.

2.This is (他的 )shirt.

3. This is __________(我的)pen.

4._________(他们的) trousers are there.

5. I like this picture. Please give ________(它) to ________(我).

6. People get ________(他们的) money from _________(我).

7._____(他们) are new students. _____(他们的) names are Lucy and Lily.

8. These are _____(我们的) shoes. Can ____(我们) wear ______(它

9.Thank _______ for _______(你的) help.

10. _______(他) loves _______(她), and _______(她) loves _______(他),too.

_______(我) love _________(你), and ________(你) love _______(我),too.

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