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unit2 How often do you exercise sectionB period3

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Talk about your good habits.

I read English books every day.
I always exercise.

I usually help with the housework.

I drink milk every day.

I never stay up late.

Talk about your bad habits.

I watch TV for over two hours every day.
I use the Internet every day.

I often eat hamburgers.

I hardly ever go to the dentist (看牙医).

I don’t like vegetables.

1. however 副词,意为“然而,可是”, 表示转折关系,可放在句首、句中、句 末。 e.g. I was hungry, however, she gave me some water. 我很饿,但她却给了我一些水。 My father, however, didn’t drive there. 可是我父亲没有开车去那里。

2. more than,意为“多于”,相当于 over; 其反义词为less than ,意为“少 于” e.g. It never takes more than/over half an hour to get to school. 到达学校用时从未超过半小时。 They’ll stay there for less than three days. 他们会在那里呆不到三天。


Look at the information in the chart and complete the report.
Activities Days a year

Exercise Read books Watch TV for over 2 hours Drink juice

365 365 320 210

Eat hamburgers Help with housework Stay up late Go to the dentist

95 20 15 0

Jane is a 16-year-old high school student in the United States. American Teenager magazine asked her about her habits. Jane has a lot of good habits. She always exercises and she reads books every day ________. Also, she _______ drinks juice and she usually __________ stays up late. hardly ever

However, she has some bad habits, too. always She _______ watches TV for more than two hours a day, and she __________ eats sometimes hamburgers. Her parents are not very happy because she hardly ever helps with __________ housework and she ______ goes to the never dentist for teeth cleaning. She says she is afraid!


Complete the chart with your own information. In the last column, use expressions like always, every day, twice a week and never.



How often? every day always every day twice a week never

Exercise Read books Good Eat fruit habits Drink milk Stay up late



How often

Watch TV for over 2 hours Use the Internet Bad Eat hamburgers habits Help with housework Go to the dentist

twice a week often
hardly ever


Write a report about your good 3c and bad habits. Say how often you do things. Use the report in 3a as an example.
________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________


fruit every day. I drink milk twice a week. I never stay up late. But I have some bad habits, too. I always watch TV for two hours a day. I use the Internet twice a week. I hardly ever help with housework. I never go to the dentist.

Now, it’s your turn. Try your best.


Take the health quiz. Compare your results with your partner’s. Who’s healthier?

How often do you eat breakfast?

Almost every day.

How often do you eat fast food?

A few times a week.

How often do you eat vegetables and fruit?

A few times a week.

How often do you exercise?

A few times a month.

How many hours do you watch TV every week?

Five or more.

How many hours do you usually sleep at night?

Less than six.

Now. Look at the charts in Page 16 and check the points:
题号 得分 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 总分








Look at the first chart. It says: 4-8 points: You’re smart about health most of the time.
Well. Now do it with your partners.

1. Complete the chart with activities you do and don’t do. What about your mother/father?

I always usually often sometimes hardly ever never

My mother/father

play basketball
read books

play chess
read newspapers eat chicken drink tea

eat hamburgers
drink juice watch TV stay up late

use the Internet
get up early

2. Write five sentences using the information above.

1. I always play basketball after school. 2. My father always plays chess on weekends. 3. I usually read books on weekends.

4. My father sometimes drinks tea.
5. I hardly ever watch TV. 6. My father never gets up early.

3. Fill in the blanks in the conversation. usually A: What do Tom and Mike __________ do on weekends? B: They sometimes go to the museum. A: _________ do they go to the shopping How often center? B: Hardly ever. Maybe about twice a ______ month.

A: _________ do they watch TV? How often B: Mike never watches TV, but Tom watches TV _______________ a day. over two hours A: Oh, I’m just like Tom. I ______ watch never TV, too.

1. Do a survey in your family, using
the questions and charts in Part 4. 2. Do Ex. 1 in the workbook.

记住好好锻 炼身体哟!

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