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山东省肥城市石横镇初级中学九年级英语全册 Unit 9练习题1(无答案) 人教新目标版

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九年级英语全册 Unit 9练习题1(无答案)


二.选择 1. He wasn’t ______ to carry the box.

A.. too strong B. enough strong C. strong enough D. so strong

3. The compass(指南针 )______ in China.

A. was discovered B. invented C. discovered D. was invented

4. Only a few hundred of these animals __ today.

A. stay B. remain C. keep D. have

5. _______ he isn’t tall enough , he is good at basketball。

A. Because B. After C. Although D. Since

6. Lucy is very excited today because it is her _____ birthday.

A .fourteenth B. the fourteenth’s C. fourteen D. the fourteenth

7. They sprinkled some sugar ______ the cake. A.in B.at C. with D. on

8. The police save a young girl _____ Sara.

A. call B. calling C.called D. to call

9. I will be away for ____. A. sometimes B. some time C.some times D. sometime

11. What _______ will happen in the future?

A. do you think B. are you thinking C.you think D. did you think 12. This kind of machine _______ cutting paper.

A. used for B. is using for C. is used to D. is used for

13. This is a _____ map and it didn’t take me much time to come here from the station. A. help B. helpness C. helpful D. helping

14. James didn’t come _____ the bell rang. A.until B. at C. when D. before

15. This kind of TV set ______ Shanghai . A. are made in B. are made of C. is made in D. is made of

16. A cook can’t cook well if he doesn’t_______ food. A. Taste B. look C. feel D. sound 17. I met a friend of mine _____- in the street yesterday.

A. by accident B. by the end C. by mistake D. by car

18.Take these plates away to the kitchen and _____ some clean ones.

A. take B. bring C. fetch D. buy

19.Ceorge Crum _______ a mistake and invented potato chips. A. make B. made C. to make D. has made


We drink tea every day ,but more than three hundred years ago ___ in the west countries knew nothing 1

about tea. Some people had heard about it,______ very few of them knew what ______ with it.

There is a story about an English sailor. He went to many foreign ____ in the east. One day he came home with some ___ as a present for his mother. She told her friends about the present and ___ them to a “tea party”.,the old woman brought out some tea leaves. Of course, everybody “_______”the tea leaves.

At that time the sailor came in. he____ the table and asked, “Mother, what have you done with the tea?

” “I boiled it as you told me.”

“And what have you done with the _______-?”

“I throw it away ,of course,”answered the old woman .

“Now you have to throw away the leaves,too.”said the son.








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