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Rainy days makes me sad

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Rainy days makes me sad. SectionA 3a---4

How do you feel about these pictures?

Which pictures do you like best? Why?


1.What color makes people hungry? 2.Why don’t restaurant owners want customers stay long? Is it fair ?

Scanning Task1

1.What does the color red make most people feel? 2.Why do so many fast food restaurants paint their walls red, play loud music and have hard seats? 3.Do you think it’s fair that some restaurants are designed to be uncomfortable?

Task 2 Fill in the chart
red colors soft colors soft lighting loud music hard seats

hungry makes people ____, Eat fast makes customers___ ___ relaxed make people____

make people ___ ___ look ___ but makes food___ bad want to makes people___ ___ leave ___
eat make customers want to__ leave quickly and ____

look good

Reading up
Read 3a again and find out key points and difficulties. Then try to deal with them by discussing.

Groupwork Make a conversation just like 3b

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