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Module 9 Population 新

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Module 9 Population

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1.谈论 2.人口增长 3.记笔记 4.中国的人口

5.五分之一 6.我简直无法相信!

7.七十亿 8.稍等

9.超过 10.靠近

11.不再 当地的学校

13. (永久)关闭,关停 14.事实上

15.全世界 16.太多的垃圾

17.例如 18.公共服务



1.It’s hard for us to s________the problem.

2.The factory has produced a lot of r______,so the environment is very dirty around


3.Many p______are playing basketball with their PE teacher on the playground now.

4.A b______is one thousand million.

5.It’s q________and dark in the midnight there.


6.Which city has the______(large)population,Shanghai,Beijing or Qingdao?

7.Two______(five)of the students are girls in Class 6,Grade 8.

8.Countryside’s population______(not grow)so fast in the future.


10.The government needs______(build)more homes.

11. _______(not) take photos in the museum.

12. China has the ________(large) population in the world.


13. Last year, the Greens _________(move) to England.

14. What about __________(find) a part-time job during the summer holiday?

15. _________(million) of visitors come to the Great Wall.


1.This is_____interesting movie and it’s also____most interesting one I’ve ever seen.

A.an;a B.an;the C.a;the

2.______trees will be planted on that mountain next spring.

A.Thousands of B.Two thousands C.Two thousand of

3.Many countries are making laws to______pollution.

A.protect B.fight C.save D.try D.Thousand of

4.There______many changes in my home town in ten years’time.

A.will have B.will has C.will be D.is having

5.To live a green life,we should try to save______water and produce______ pollution.

A.more;less B.less;more C.more;fewer D.most;least

6.Mo Yan is one of the______writers in China.

A.largest B.greatest C.biggest D.hugest

7.She is a quiet girl,so she doesn’t like too______people or too______noise.

A.many;many B.much;much C.many;much D.much;many

8.Business is too bad.They will have to______soon.

A.pick up B.close to C.pay for D.close down

9.—Can you finish the work in an hour? —______.

A.Good idea B.That’s all right C.No problem D.I don’t believe it

10.______the population of China by the year 2060?

A.How many will be


What is the population of China?There are more than 1.37 billion people in China. It is__1__one fifth of the world’s population. How to control the population growth is a big problem. Some people think it’s__2__to control the population growth. But I don’t quite agree__3__them because where there is a will,there is a way. 2 B.How much will be C.What will beD.What will

The question is how we could__4__it known to everyone how serious the population problems are. Our farmland is becoming less and less to everyone. We have already got too many mouths to feed.__5__we control the population growth,many people will die__6__hunger. Too fast population growth will be bad for our nation. Though laws have been passed to control the population growth,in some places__7__is done to carry out(贯彻)the laws. We should make people__8__that it is foolish of them to give birth to too many children.They should no longer do what they have been doing for many years.

We are fighting__9__too fast population growth. Yet the fighting won’t end__10__everyone knows its importance and does something for it.


B.almost C.highly D.hardly 2.A.possible 3.A.to 4.A.let 5.A.If not 6.A.of 7.A.many B.necessary C.impossible B.for C.with C.ask D.unnecessary D.on D.bring D.If B.make B.Unless B.about B.little C.Until C.in D.out of D.much D.learning C.a lot 8.A.to know 9.A.for B.to learn C.know B.against B.after C.to D.about D.as 10.A.until C.when


Most new people were born in developing countries. These countries are found in much of Africa,South America and some parts of Asia. In the developed countries of Europe and North America,the population is growing very slowly. This is because women in these countries have,on average(平均),only one or two children. In the developing countries,many women have five or more children. In 1950,around__________①(百分之二十五)of the world’s population lived in the developed countries. By 2050,these countries will be home to only around one tenth of the world’s population.

②In the developing countries,more than one billion people are still living below the 3

poverty(贫困)line.These people do not have enough food to eat and they live in poor housing. Children get little time at school and people suffer(遭受痛苦)from many kinds of diseases.

③At the beginning of the 21st century,the world’s population was around six billion.The U.N. has said that the world’s population will level off(平稳下降)at 12.5 billion by the year 2100. Other groups think the world’s population will continue to grow,reaching 14 billion before it becomes stable(稳定的),or even falls.


1.In what areas of the world can developing countries be found?







At the beginning of the 21st century,the world______ ______ ______ ______about six billion.

5. Will there be twelve and a half billion people on the earth in 2100?



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