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A. for you to believe him B. of you to believe him

C. for you believing him D. of your believing him

the problem will be discussed at the meeting.

A. being solved B.solving C. to solve D. to be solved

3.All you have to do is .

A. study B. to study C. studying D. have to study

A. solving B. solve C. to solve D. to be solved

5.I need some paper A. to write B. to write on C. for writing Dl to write with

6.The captain was the last the sinking ship.

A. to leave B. to write on C. for writing D. to write with

7.The house next year will be used as a hospital.

A. built B. to build C. being built D. to be built

8.We all agree Chicago.

A. him to move to B. his moving in c. in breaking D. to raining

the world record.

A. breaking B. to break C. in breaking D. to have record.

A. to rain B. to be raining C. raining D. to raining

11.she pretended me when I passed by.

A. not to see B. not seeing

C. not having seen D. having not seen

12.I would rather the guitar than the violin.

A. to play B. play C. playing D. played

13.I was about when the telephone rang.

A. leaving B. having left C. to be leaving D. to leave

14.She had no choice but the rules.

A. wait B. to wait C. obeying D. obeyed

15.I had nothing to do but at the station.

A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. to be waiting

A. to go B. going C. go D. to be going

you that she refused your invitation.

A. telling B. to tell C. to have told D. to be told

the letter to your parenes after school.

A. bringing B. to bring C. to take D. taking

19.The light in the office is still on. Oh, I forgot A. turning it off B. to turn it off

C. having turned it off D. to have turned it off.

20.His little brother is too yourng dress himself.

A. that he can’t B. not to C. to D. unable to

21.He spoke to me kindly me.

A. so as not to frighten B. in order to not frighten

C.for not frightening D. don’t be frighten

him to change his mind.

A. to tell B. that told C. as to tell D. for him to tell

trying to persuade him to change his mind.

A. That’s no use B. This is useless C. It’s no use D. It’s no useful

made the teacher very angry.

A. Peter being late B. Peter’s being late

C. Peter was late D. As Peter was late

25. “ What made you so upset?”

“two tickets to the pop music concert.”

A. Lost B. Since losing C. Losing D. Because of losing

26.My favorite sports are .

A. swimming and skating B. to swim and skate

C. to swim and skating D. swimming and to skate

27.This book can be used in A. English-spoken B. English-speaking

C. spoken English D. speaking English

28.I wouldn’ alone at home.

A. leaving B. to leave C. to be left D. being left

across the Atlantic Ocean in five days.

A. sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed

some sugar.

A. to add B. adding C. to add to D. adding to

the novel to Kate, but she asked me for it this morning.

A. to return B. to be returned C. returning D. being returned

in all kinds of weather.

A. to drive B. to driving C. for driving D. to have driven

33.The present situation is .

A. encouraged B. encouragement

C. an encourage D. encouraging

34.The hero’s speech was so that we were all .

A. moving…moving B. moved…moved

C. moving…moved D. moved…moving 35.When he got home, he found the door .

A. locked B. locking C. to be locked D. to lock 36.Professor Hu is by his students.

A. very respected B. much respected

C. very respecting D. much respecting 37.The lady an expensive expensive necklace looked .

A. with…worrying B. worn…worried

C. wearing…worried D. wore…worrying 38.The dictionary on the desk belongs to Li Tan.

A. lay B. laying C. lying D. laid 39.The path with leaves leads to the mountain village.

A. covered…fallen B. covering…falling

C. covered…falling D. having covered…having fallen 40.Most of the scientists to the party were from South Africa.

A. to invite B. invited

C. being invited D. bad been invited 41.He received a letter are for our teachers.

A. giving B. to give C. given D. gave 42.The buildings are for our teachers.

A. built B. to be building C. being built D. to build

43.Though it was very late, he went on the experiment in the chemistry lab.

A. to do B. doing C. with doing D. to be doing

by the end of this week.

A. to do B. did C. done D. to be doing

45.Did you see toward us?

A. she running B. she run C. her ran D. her running

46. “There is something wrong with the chair.”

“Yes, I can .”

A. feel it to move B. feel it moving

C. feel it that it’s moving D. find it moved

47.My shoes are worn out. I must

A. get it mended B. have them mended

C. have it mending D. get them to mend

48.Before I came into the room I found him on the bench.

A. seated B. sat C. seating D. to seat

49. He was noticed to that man who was a thief.

A. be talking B. talking C. talking D. talk

50.Look around when the street.

A. you crossing B. to cross C. crossing D. crossed

51.I walked as fast as I could, to catch the first bus.

A. hoped B. hoping C. to hope D. being hoped

from the hill, the city is more beautiful.

A. Seen B. Seeing C. To see D. Having seen

what to do ,he asked his teacher for help.

A. Having not known B. Not knowing

C. Being not known D. Not to know

54.The old man was lying on the ground, his eyes A. closing …trembling B. closed…trembled

C. closed…trembling D. closing …trembled 55.Weather we’ll go to the Great Wall tomorrow.

A. permitted B. Permitting C. being permitted D. to permit

he went to bed.

A. finished B. finishing C. to be finished D. having finished

57.Greatly the students made up their minds to work hared at English.

A. inspiring B. having inspired C. inspired D. to inspire

with his English.

A. understand…breaking B. understood…breaking

B. understand…broken D. understood… broken 59.It heavily, the outing had to be put off.

A. being rained B. being raining C. raining D. rains 60. the concert began.

A. The listeners having taken their seats

B. having taken their seats

C. having taken their places

D. Taking their seats 61.He rushed into the room, .

A. with sweat dripping B. sweat dripped

C. dripped sweat D. sweated 62.Why do you have the water all the time ?

A. ran B. to de running C. running D. being run 63. with name and date, they are easier to remember.

A. To mark B. Marking C. Marked D. To have marked 64.The teacher came into the classroom, by a group of students.

A. being followed B. followed C. following D. to follow 65. more time, we can finish the work today.

A. Giving B. To give C. Having given D. Given 66.It is better than to stay.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

67.It’s important to switch off the electricity.

A. remember B. remembering

C. to remember D. to have remembered

68.There is no what he is going to do.

A. tell B. telling C. told D. to tell

69.It is no use that you didn’t know the rules.

A. pretend B. to be pretend C. pretending D. pretended

70.It’s no good them again.

A. to talk B. to say C. quarreling with D. speaking

71.When hasn’t been decided yet.

A. starting B. started C. start D. to start

72.To see is A. to believe B. believed C. believing D. believe

73.He got on his way to the office.

A. hurt B. being hurt C. having hurt D. hurting

that he failed to pass the exam.

A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised D. to surprise

75.My idea is the mountain from the north.

A. climbing to climb B. about C. about to climb D. climbed

76. Climbing mountains was , so we all felt A. tiring…tired B. tired…tiring

C. tiring…tiring D. tired…tired 77.Have you settled ?

A. where to go B. to go where C. where going D. going where 78.I suggest the meeting to the end.

A. to bring B. bringing C. we will bring D. brought 79.I want her again.

A. avoiding meeting B. to avoid meeting

C. avoiding to meet D. to avoid to meet

80.They shouldn’t allow in this street, it is too narrow.

A. park B. parking C. to park D. to be parked 81. He narrowly escaped if not killed.

A. hurting seriously B. to be seriously hurt

C. being seriously hurt D. being hurt seriously 82.We appreciate the problem with you again.

A. to discuss B. to be discussing

C. discussing D. being hurt discussed

83.It’s starting .

A. snow B. to snow C. snowing D. being snow 84. The water is beginning .

A. boil B. to be boiled C. to boil D. boiling 85.The old man needs .

A. to look after B. looking after

C. being looked after D. to be looking after

86. His letter required immediately.

A. to answer B. answered C. being answered D. to be answered

87.The boy needs all about it.

A. to know B. to be known C. know D. knowing

88.These toung trees want at once.

A. to water B. watering C. for water D. waters

89.I can’t remember there.

A. how getting B. how to get C. how to have got D. how having got

90.Do you remember ever a car accident?

A. seeing B. to see C. you saw D. seen

91.He was tired, so he set down a rest.

A. having B. to have C. had D. and have

maps properly, you need a special pen.

A. Drown B. Drawing C. To draw D. Be drawing


A. to see B. seeing C. having seen D. to have seem

94.”Why was the class meeting called?

A. Elect B. Because elect C. Electing D. To elect

front her son for a long time, the mother worried a great deal.

A. Not to have heard B. No heard

C. Having not heard D. Not having heard

A. to you learning B. you to learn c. of you to learn D. for you to learn

97. It was nice you the money.

A. of John to lend B. for John to lend C. John lending D. John’s lending

98.I can’t excuse to be ill.

A. her to pretend B. her pretending C. she pretending D. for her to pretend

going there won’t do harm.

A. He B. Him C. His D. The boy

100.My watch has stopped, I forgot it in the train last night.

A. to wind B. to have wound C. winding D. wound

101.He forgot manager his business card already so he handed him another one.

A. to hard B. to have wound C. winding D. wound

102.I regret that we won’t come tomorrow.

A. saying B. to say C. having D. not to say

at the back door if nobody hears you at the front door.

A. Try knocking B. Try to knock C. Trying to knock D. to try knocking 104.He always meaning for another two hours.

A. waiting B . to be waited C. to wait D. to have got

105.Missing the bus means for another two hours.

A. waiting B. to be waited C. to wait D. having waited

106. I am busy now, so I can’ the machine.

A. repair B. to have repaired C. repairing D. fixing

107. The snow can help the cold out.

A. kept B. keeping C. to keep D. and keep

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