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Lesson plan

Background information

Student: 50 primary school students ,Grade 5 Class 3 Lesson duration: 7 minutes


Teaching objective:

By the end of the lesson ,students should be able to :

1、Read the new words

2、Spell the new words

3、Express about their favourite animal

Teaching content :

1、eight words about animals

2、A dialogue about their favourite animal

What is your favourite animal ? My favourite animal is dog . Teaching method : The Direct Method

Teaching aids :PPT、blackboard、chalk

Type of the lesson : speaking

Teaching focus :

1、Spell the new words

2、Express about their favourite animal.

Teaching procedure :

Step 1 . Revision ( 1 min )

a) recall the express about feeling

b) review the dialogue about feeling

T:How do you feel today / How are you feeling today?

S:I am happy / I feel happy , I am sad / I feel sad

Step 2 .Presentation ( 4 min )

a) learn the eight new words about animals

these words are sheep 、dog 、wolf 、cat 、giraffe、monkey、panda 、rabbit student should read and spell all of the words.

b) learn the dialogue about how to express their favourite animal

e.g :What is your favourite animal ?

My favourite animal is dog.

Step 3 . Dill ( 1 min )

make some dialogue about their favourite animal ?

ask two students to make up a dialogue about their favourite animal .

Step 4 . Practice ( 1 min )

Following the PPT ,answering the teacherˊs questions

e.g T: What is you favourite animal ?

S: My favourite animal is dog .

T: How to spell it ?

S: D-I-G dog .

Consolidation and homework (1 min )

1、 review the new words and dialogue quickly

read the eight new words twice and spell them .

2、 Homework : take some animals photos and write down its English words on the back ; copy the eight new words ,every word copy ten times ; use the new words and sentences to make up five dialogues.(choose two of them to do )

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