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Ⅰ卷听力:(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分) (A)根据所听句子,选出相应图画。(听两遍)

(B)根据所听内容,选择正确答案。(听两遍) 6. A. Yes, she is. 7. A. Sandy. 8. A. Kate. 9. A. Skiing. 10.A. David.

B. No, she isn’t. B. Peter. B. Peter. B. Sandy.

C. Yes, she does. C. Daniel. C. Simon. C. Cycling. C. Simon.

B. Swimming.

(C)根据所听短文,判断下列句子的正误。正确的写―T‖,错误的写―F‖。(听两遍) 11. There are few differences between American lessons and Chinese lessons. 12. At the beginning of Lucy’s stay in China, she found it hard to learn all lessons. 13. Lucy is good at all the lessons except Chinese now because she is a foreigner. 14. Students in America and China spend different time in studying.

15. Lucy decides to teach her classmates football because none of them can play football. Ⅱ卷 笔试 (105分) 一、单项选择题。(25分) 16. Could you come _______ Sunday morning? A. in

B. at

C. on

D. from

17. I didn’t catch the bus_____ I got up late this morning. A. when

B. because

C. after

D. before

18. --------- Must I finish my homework before 6? --------- No, you _________. A. mustn’t

B. don’t

C. can’t

D. needn’t

19.------My pet dog is 0.7m tall, what about__________? ------It’s about 0.8m tall. A. you A. so old as

B. your

C. yours

D. you’re D. as oldest as

20.Peter is 14. Lucy is 14, too. So Peter is _____Lucy.

B. as older as

C. as old as


21.What _____ the word ―comic‖ _____?

A. is, mean

A. not go B. does, mean C. of need C. to not go D. on need D. go not 22. It’s raining hard now. You’d better ______now. B. not to go

23. On her way home, Sandy lost________.

A. important something B. something important

C. important anything D. anything important

24. He can’t go with us. He has to _____ his parents at home.

A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping

25. She ________ stomachache. I think she eats too much.

A. have a B. have C. has a D. is

26. When are you _______ home?

A. drinking B. leaving C. leave D. stay

27. ---______ are you staying in Shanghai?

A. How long B. How far C. How often D. How

28. He is _______than me. I am heavier than him.

A. heavy B. thin C. thinner D. thiner

29. Pete is so ________! He makes everyone laugh.

A. calm B. athletic C. intellectual D. funny

30. ---Can Sue and Lisa go to the party? ---Yes, ______.

A. she can B. they can C. she can’t D. they can’t

31. She _____sightseeing tomorrow.

A. go B. going C. is going D. to go

32. She likes _____ the same things as I do..

A. do B. does C. doing D. is doing

33. ------How long does it take you to do your homework every day?

------It _____ me two hours.

A. take B. takes C. is D. are

34. ---What is your mother doing on weekend?

---_____ my little sister.

A. I’m babysit B. I’m babysitting

C. She’s babysit D. She’s babysitting

35. He often eats _____, so he is very heavy.

A. vegetables B. fruit C. junk food D. a balanced diet

36. –Can you go shopping with me? ---Sure. _____.

A. I’d love B. I’d love to C. I don’ t love D. I can’t


Many years ago, there an old woman. She didn’t like children, she loved cats. More and more came to the old house. There were too cats. The old woman take good care of all the cats. Then, she had idea. She thought the children loved cats. So she gave every child cat. Then the children were happy, she felt happy, too. And the cats also felt happy. Every cat had a new now.

36. A. is B. are C. was

2 D. were

37. A. or B. and

C. then

D. but

38. A. cat’s 40. A. many 41. A. doesn’t 42. A. a 44. A. a

43. A. him

B. cats B. much B. an

C. child C. child C. a little

C. the C. her C. an

D. children D. man’s

D. a few

D. couldn’t

39. A. woman’s B. his

B. wasn’t C. would

D. 不填 D. hers D. all

B. she’s B. the

45. A. study B. father C. family D. room 三、阅读理解。(15分)


R=Receptionist(接待员)C=Colin R:OK.Now,what's your name? C:It's Colin Wallis. R:How old are you?

C:I'm eighteen.

R:What's your address?

C:It's 14 Rosemary Road,


R:I'm sorry.Is that 14or 40? C:14.One four.

R:Thank you.And what's your telephone number? C:It's 01225638147.

R:Is it 637184? C:No.638147. R:OK.Thank you.

(B) 根据短文内容,判断正误,正确的写―T‖,错误的写―F‖。


Judy works in a sports shop. She loves all kinds of sports. She can swim and skate very well. She often plays basketball and volleyball. These days, she is taking her tennis lessons at a tennis club. She goes to the club at weekends. There she meets Kate and Joan. The three of them become good friends. Kate and Joan started their tennis lessons earlier than Judy, but Judy learns the fastest. Now she plays the best of the three. ―You must take part in (参加) the tennis match in our town next year.‖ Kate says to Judy. ―But I have sports only for exercise and fun, you know.‖ Judy answers.

51.Judy is learning to play tennis at a tennis club.

52.Kate and Joan are Judy’s new friends.

53. Judy starts her tennis lessons earliest of the three.

54. Judy can play tennis better than Kate and Joan.

55. Judy is going to take part in the tennis match next year.

(C) 阅读短文,根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

―Which meal do we all need most, breakfast, lunch or dinner?‖ Miss Baker asks. Boys and girls wave their hands in the air. They know the answer.

―What do you think, Jim?‖ Miss Baker asks.

―Dinner, ‖ Jim answers.

―Dinner is the big meal of the day,‖ says Miss Baker. ―But I don’t think we need it most.‖

Tom puts up his hands. ― Do we need lunch most?‖

―No,‖ says Miss Baker. ―We need breakfast most.‖ ―Why is this so?‖

―From night to morning is a long time to go without food,‖ says Ann.

―That’s right,‖ says Miss Baker. ―We need food every morning. What may happen to us if we have no breakfast?‖

The students have many answers to give.

We may feel hungry.‖

―We may not feel like working.‖

―We may feel sick.‖

―Yes, you are right,‖ says Miss Baker. ―Now let’s talk about what makes a good breakfast. Give me your answers. I will write them on the blackboard.

10. ____ are discussing (讨论) eating.

A. The mother and children B. Some of the boys and girls

C. The teacher and her students D. A group of friends

11. Miss Baker thinks ______ is a big meal of the day.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. picnic

12. Why is breakfast the most important meal? Because_____.

A. it is the last meal

B. there are usually a lot of nice things to eat at breakfast.

C. people like to enjoy food before going to work.

D. form night to morning is a long time to go without food.

13. We may feel hungry. This means that ________

A. we want to eat some food. B. we want to play outside.

C. we want to have a rest. D. we want to sleep

14. Miss Baker teaches by ________

A. writing words on the blackboard


B. asking the children to eat apples

C. telling the children stories.

D. asking questions and discussing them.


1. I t________ the bus to school every day.

2. I’m t_________, I think I should drink some water.

3. My sister is going to Japan for v__________ with her family next year.

4. I s__________ nine hours every night.

5. —This weekend I have to do a lot of homework and can’t go out.

——Oh, My God! That sounds b__________!

6. I hope you _________ better soon.

7. ---How f_______ is it from Beijing to Shanghai?

---It’s about 1,000 kilometers.

8. Tom can’t come to my party this evening, he has to study for a math t_________.

9. Do you want to go to a m__________ with me? The actor in this film is Cheng Long.

10. Although they’re twins, they are very different. Tom is calm, but Jim is w__________.

2. We are ___________________in the countryside next week.

3. The beautiful beach helps me ___________ all my problems.

4. I live next to my school. So I always _____________ to school.

5. She is tired. She should go to bed ______..

6. My mother enjoys _________at home..

7. Please __________ me your photos. Oh, they are pretty good.

8. Good learning habits are good for me to _________ more and better.

9. It is easy and _______________ to stay healthy.

10. The twin sisters look ________________ in some ways.


( )1. How often do you read English books?

( )2. How does Mr. Li go to school every day?

( )3. Maybe you should go home early.

( )4. We are going to Hong Kong for a week.

( )5. What do you like about your good friend?

A. It will help me keep healthy.

B. That sounds really interesting.

C. We both like doing the same things

D. He usually rides his bike, but sometimes he walks.

E. .Every day.

F. I have to go to a piano lesson.


G. That’s a good idea. I think I should.


1.have to, time, I, friends, tomorrow, spend, my, with


2.the Internet, brother, twice, surfs, a week, Jim’s


3. than, am, my, I, brother, more, outgoing


4. the, what, after, doing, day, they, tomorrow, are (?)


5. usually, by, work, mother, to, subway, goes, my



阅读你的笔友发来的邀请信,根据你下周 的活动安排,给笔友回复一封E---mail,婉言拒绝邀请,说明原因。(5---8句话,开头已给出)

Hi Allen,

Thanks for your invitation next week.















1. My friend Tom is tall and thin. He has poor eyesight. His round glasses make him smart.

2. My mother is short and fat. She has short hair.

3. A: Who’s that woman?

B: Which one?

A: The one with a pair of glasses. She has straight, shoulder---length hair.

B: Oh, that’s our new teacher, Mrs., Lu.

4. Peter has a square face. He looks very strong.

5. The short man is our principal, he is very thin. He doesn’t wear glasses.


B)根据所听内容, 选择正确答案.。(听两遍)

Hello, everyone. Kate is new in our class. Let’s tell her something about my classmates. This is Sandy, she is the tallest of all the girls in our class, but she isn’t as tall as Peter. Peter is tall and thin. He is as thin as Simon. Who is Simon? He is thin, he has short hair. His hair is the shortest in our class. Simon likes swimming. He thinks swimming is more interesting than cycling. But Daniel doesn’t think swimming is the most interesting and exciting. He likes skiing best.

6. Is Sandy the tallest in her class?

7. Who is as thin as Simon?

8. Who thinks swimming is more interesting than cycling?

9. What does Daniel like best?

10. Whose hair is the shortest in our class?



Lucy is a girl from America. She now studies in China. She finds the lessons in China


are very different from the ones in America. When she came to China, she found it a little difficult to learn all the lessons except English because they were in Chinese and she couldn’t understand it well. But now she is good at all the lessons. She studies hard. After class she talks with students in Chinese and the students help her with her Chinese. She is happy to study in China.

But she also finds students in China spending a longer time at school than the students in America do. Students like football better than American football. She likes playing American football, but no body plays with her because they can’t. So she decides to teach her classmates. She is sure they can play with her soon.



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